Amazon Review Checker with Google Sheets

written by GORILLA ROI - updated February 12, 2021

I’ll show you how to create an Amazon review checker using Google Sheets and our free addon.

Keeping track of Amazon reviews is a vital way for sellers to know what buyers think of your product. This way you can see trends or any issues along the way.

Monitoring reviews also helps in improving your product as you can implement changes that your customers are complaining about.

In this article, I’ll show you how to load the average product rating, review details and the total review count for your products using this automated method.

This way, you can use Gorilla ROI as an Amazon review checker or Amazon review tracker.

Note that Gorilla ROI does NOT work as a research tool to track competitor reviews.

How to retrieve your average Amazon Product rating

amazon review checker

Track each product rating to see how your product is performing, which product is in danger of being delisted, and the general trend of how customers are reacting to your product.

Keeping track of your negative reviews is critical as it determines the life of the product on Amazon.

Here’s how to use the formula to get the rating for a single product.


In this one, I picked our sample “ASIN12123” in the USA market. It returns a value of 4.5 which means the product has an average of 4.5 star rating.

gorilla ratings in action 1 sku

The best way to use this is via arrays like the example below.

gorilla ratings array in action

By requesting in bulk, it will load the ratings quicker in Google sheets.

Tracking the ratings of your products is a good way to keep an eye on it. Low ratings will most likely penalize you as a seller or your product might get delisted for being low quality.

Rather than have to go through your listings to get the product rating, you can see it all from a single screen in your spreadsheet.

How to track you Amazon reviews

Amazon Review Checker with Google Sheets 1

This function will load your Amazon reviews, but also provides detailed information about the review.

=GORILLA_REVIEW("ASIN123123","us", 5)

The formula will load the Amazon review for

  • ASIN123123
  • in the US market
  • last 5 reviews on the site

You can’t use arrays with this function because it pulls many data points and automatically loads it in a table format.

If you edit the formula above to be something like below where the 5 is replaced with 30, the function will now pull in your last 30 Amazon reviews.

=GORILLA_REVIEW("ASIN123123","US", 30)

Back to the original formula of 5 reviews. See the screenshot below.

The function returns in a tabular format:

  • ASIN or SKU
  • the review rating (1 to 5)
  • the date of the review
  • review title
  • reviewer name
  • link to the review
  • full text of the review

gorilla reviews in action

This is why ranges such as A1:A100 are not supported because the result comes back as a table. Can’t have a table of results overlapping another table of results and so on.

Get the review count of your product

review count guide

This function is most useful when you want to see the total number of reviews a product has received.

We organize the reviews by the child ASIN, not the parent.

If you have 5 ASINs under a parent, and if one child ASIN is generating 80% of the reviews, it doesn’t make sense to combine and show the total number of reviews for all your child products.

This function opens up many ways you can create your own Amazon review tracker.

If you want to get the total number of review counts use this formula.


review count total in action

You can use a single ASIN/SKU with this function and you can also use array. See the example below.

gorilla review count array in action

Using the array, Gorilla ROI will pull in review count data for the SKU/ASIN from A2 to A5.

Example Amazon Review Tracker Spreadsheet

Here’s an example of the type of custom and flexible dashboard you can build to check and track your reviews.

Google spreadsheet preview

amazon reviews and price checker
amazon reviews and price checker

Here’s another version where we created this review tracker to be proactive with managing our listings and customer support.

pull in amazon reviews
click to enlarge Amazon review spreadsheet

These spreadsheets and more are offered for free to Gorilla ROI members.

Free Amazon FBA spreadsheets

Amazon Review Checker with Google Sheets 2

Looking for other free tools?

Go here for free Amazon FBA spreadsheets that you can use to help run and analyze your FBA operations.

Combine it with Gorilla ROI addon that you can get started with for free and see how powerful it is to automate the data retrieval aspect of your business.


What is Gorilla ROI?

Gorilla ROI automatically pulls Amazon data into Google sheets for you to make sense of the data without the inconvenience of manually downloading, sorting and updating spreadsheets.

Learn how you can centralize your data and use it to increase your ROI.

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