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In the vast landscape of online shopping, Amazon has solidified its position as the go-to platform for customers worldwide.

As the platform continuously evolves to enhance user experience in terms of search results, customers use standard or voice search to get relevant products, see more reviews for better product choices, learn about similar shopping experiences from other customers, and get the best match as to prevent choice overload, one feature that has garnered both attention and scrutiny is the “Amazon’s Choice” label.

This little badge is awarded to select products, but what exactly is Amazon’s Choice, and why does it matter?

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Amazon’s Choice, exploring its benefits, controversies, selection criteria, how sellers can attain this coveted label, and what are its differences from other Amazon badges.

What does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

amazon's choice

Amazon’s Choice is a digital badge that Amazon bestows upon certain products to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions. The label signifies that the product is highly rated, well-priced, and ready to ship immediately.

Customers frequently choose products that they can trust. So essentially, it’s an endorsement from Amazon, indicating that the products sold are a solid choice for consumers.

Benefits of Amazon’s Choice Badge

1. Trust and Credibility: The Amazon’s Choice badge serves as a seal of approval from the e-commerce giant, boosting the credibility of the product and its seller. Shoppers are more likely to trust products that bear this label, as it suggests a certain level of quality and reliability.

2. Enhanced Visibility: Amazon’s Choice products often receive increased visibility in search results and on product listing pages. This heightened exposure can lead to higher sales and greater brand recognition for sellers.

3. Streamlined Decision-making: With the sheer volume of options available on Amazon, customers can feel overwhelmed. The Amazon’s Choice badge streamlines the decision-making process, making it easier for shoppers to quickly identify products that have been endorsed by the platform.

4. Improved Sales: Due to the increased trust and visibility, products labeled as Amazon’s Choice are likely to experience improved sales, benefiting sellers’ bottom lines.

🗣️ Pro Tip: Amazon badges are like seals of approval. It increases credibility and improves sales.

Controversies Surrounding Amazon’s Choice Badge

While Amazon’s Choice comes with its fair share of advantages, it’s not without its controversies:

1. Lack of Transparency: Amazon doesn’t explicitly disclose the exact criteria for awarding the Amazon Choice badge. This lack of transparency has led to speculation and confusion among sellers, particularly those who feel they meet the unknown criteria but have not been awarded the label.

2. Manipulation Concerns: Some sellers have been accused of manipulating the system to obtain the Amazon’s Choice badge. This has raised concerns about unfair competition and the potential for subpar products to receive the label.

3. Limited Information: The Amazon’s Choice badge provides limited information about why a product has received the label. This can lead to skepticism among customers who are unsure about the basis for the endorsement.

Criteria for Selecting Amazon Choice

The exact criteria for selecting Amazon’s Choice products remain closely guarded by Amazon. However, based on available information and observations, some key factors that likely contribute include:

  • Positive Ratings and Reviews: Products with a high number of positive ratings and reviews are more likely to be considered for the Amazon’s Choice badge.
  • Competitive Pricing: Items that are competitively priced within their category are favored for the label.
  • Prime Eligibility: Products that are eligible for Amazon Prime’s fast shipping service are more likely to receive the Amazon’s Choice badge.
  • Low Return Rates: Products with lower return rates are more appealing to Amazon as they indicate customer satisfaction.

How to Get the Amazon Choice Label

While the precise formula for obtaining the Amazon’s Choice badges remains a mystery, sellers can adopt strategies to enhance their chances:

  • Focus on Quality: Prioritize delivering high-quality products that receive positive feedback from customers.
  • Competitive Pricing: Research and set prices that are competitive within your product category.
  • Fast Shipping: Enroll your products on Amazon Prime to ensure fast delivery and reliable shipping.
  • Manage Returns: Minimize returns by accurately describing your products and addressing customer queries promptly.

Can Amazon Products Have Multiple Badges?

amazon best seller badge wbg Gorilla ROI

Yes, Amazon products can have multiple badges.

Apart from Amazon’s Choice, products can also bear labels such as “Best Seller badge” and “Amazon’s Top Rated badge.”

However, the presence of multiple badges doesn’t necessarily guarantee greater success; quality, pricing, and customer satisfaction remain the ultimate drivers of success. You may have a badge, but comparable products or similar products could eventually take over if you don’t constantly update your listings, product price, or overall SEO.

Amazon’s Choice is more than just a digital badge; it’s a symbol of trust, quality, and convenience for both sellers and buyers.

While controversies persist when it comes to this program of Amazon, the benefits of the badges are undeniable.

Sellers looking to get this recognition should focus on delivering excellent products, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service.

As the e-commerce space continues to evolve, Amazon Choice remains a powerful tool for shaping customer decisions in an increasingly competitive market.

Amazon Choice vs. Amazon Seller’s Badge: Understanding the Distinctions

Man in Red Polo Shirt Thought a Good Idea

Amazon has introduced various features and badges to assist both sellers and buyers in navigating the vast online marketplace.

Two of the prominent badges that often generate confusion are “Amazon’s Choice” and the various badges associated with different types of Amazon sellers.

In this article, we’ll unravel the differences between these two types of badges and clarify their significance.

Amazon Choice Badge

The Amazon Choice badge is awarded to specific products that meet certain criteria set by Amazon. This badge acts as an endorsement from Amazon, indicating that the product is highly rated, competitively priced, and ready to ship promptly.

The main aim of the Amazon Choice badge is to aid shoppers in making informed decisions by highlighting products that are likely to offer a positive experience.

Key Characteristics of Amazon Choice:

  • Quality and Trust: The badge signals to customers that the product has been endorsed by Amazon as a reliable choice.
  • Visibility: Products labeled as Amazon Choice often receive enhanced visibility in search results and on product pages, leading to increased exposure and potentially higher sales.
  • Credibility: The badge serves as an indicator of quality, encouraging customer trust and confidence in the product.

🗣️ Pro Tip: Amazon’s Choice and Amazon Best Seller badges are different.

Amazon Seller’s Badges

Amazon classifies sellers into different categories based on their performance and fulfillment methods. These categories are associated with specific badges that differentiate sellers and provide information to customers about their selling practices. The most common Amazon best seller badges include:

  • Amazon Prime: This best seller badge is given to sellers who use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, offering Prime-eligible products with fast and reliable shipping.
  • Amazon Marketplace Seller: This is a basic best seller badge for sellers who fulfill orders themselves without using FBA. It indicates that the seller manages their own inventory and shipping.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA): Sellers with this badge use Amazon’s fulfillment centers to store, pack, and ship their products. This badge assures customers of consistent and efficient shipping.
  • Amazon Handmade: This badge is specifically for artisans who create handmade products.
  • Amazon Launchpad: This badge is for innovative startups that sell unique and cutting-edge products.

Difference Between Amazon’s Choice and Amazon Seller Badges

The main distinctions between Amazon Choice and Amazon Seller’s Badges are:

  • Purpose: In Amazon’s Choice, the products highlighted meet specific criteria for quality, pricing, and shipping. Seller badges, on the other hand, provide information about the seller’s fulfillment methods and business category.
  • Scope: Amazon’s Choice is centered on product selection, while seller badges relate to the operational practices of the seller, such as fulfillment methods and business model.
  • Endorsement: Amazon Choice is an Amazon-endorsed badge that signifies product quality and suitability. Seller badges convey information about the seller’s fulfillment capabilities.

While both Amazon’s Choice and Amazon Seller’s Badges play important roles in the Amazon ecosystem, they serve different purposes.

Amazon Choice emphasizes product quality and selection, while seller badges offer insights into the seller’s fulfillment methods and business category.

Understanding these distinctions is essential for both sellers and customers to make informed decisions and navigate the ever-expanding world of online shopping.

Tips to get the Amazon’s Choice Badge

amazon's choice

Attaining the Amazon Choice badge is a goal for many Amazon sellers, as it can significantly boost a product’s visibility, credibility, and sales.

While Amazon’s exact criteria for awarding the badge remain undisclosed, there are several strategies and best practices that can improve your chances of obtaining the Amazon Choice badge.

Here are some tips to help you on your journey:

Focus on Product Quality

High-quality products with positive reviews and ratings are more likely to be considered for the Amazon’s Choice badge. Prioritize delivering products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive prices are given a premium in Amazon’s Choice. Research your product and price category and set prices that are competitive without sacrificing quality. A well-priced product can stand out and attract more potential buyers.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

Enroll your products on Amazon Prime or ensure they are eligible for fast and reliable shipping options. Prime eligibility is a significant factor in Amazon’s consideration for the badge. Prime delivery means products are available to ship immediately or they ship quickly. When products are delivered faster, it just simply means more sales for your business.

Maintain Positive Reviews

Encourage customers to leave honest reviews and ratings for your products. Positive reviews not only improve your chances of getting the badge but also build trust among potential buyers.

Accurate Product Descriptions

Clearly and accurately describe your products in your listings. This helps prevent misunderstandings and reduces the likelihood of returns.

Responsive Customer Service

Address customer inquiries, concerns, and issues promptly and professionally. Excellent customer service contributes to positive reviews and repeat business.

Manage Returns

Keep your return rates low by ensuring that your products meet customer expectations. Address any product-related issues promptly to minimize returns.

Optimize Product Listings

Use relevant keywords, compelling images, and detailed product descriptions multiple keywords to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of your product listings.

Maintain Inventory

Keep your products consistently in stock to ensure a steady supply. Running out of stock frequently can negatively impact your chances of getting the badge.

Monitor Competitor Performance

Observe what your competitors with Amazon Choice badges are doing right. While you shouldn’t copy their strategies outright, you can gain insights into industry trends and customer preferences.

Utilize Advertising and Promotions

Amazon offers various advertising options, including sponsored product ads like Sponsored Products and Deals. Utilize these tools strategically to boost your product’s visibility and sales.


Building a track record of consistently meeting the above criteria over time can increase your chances of being considered for the Amazon’s Choice badge. If you want to become a great FBA seller, Amazon opens a lot of opportunities through its advertising programs.

It’s important to note that while these tips can increase your likelihood of receiving the Amazon’s Choice badge, there’s no guaranteed formula. Amazon’s algorithms and selection process are complex, and they may take a variety of factors into account when awarding the badge.

Make Customers Simplify Shopping and Discover Products Easily with Amazon’s Choice Badge

simplify shopping Gorilla ROI

Well-known brands are hard to compete with, especially in the digital space. It’s good to test out different strategies like updating a particular keyword or finding a specific keyword that totally fits your product so it’s easy for people to search them, putting out a competitive price, or even inviting third-party sellers just to boost your conversion rate or click through rates and increase your sales and be at par when it comes to getting attention from customers. High search volume keywords are one of the keys to remain competitive and becoming the best seller on Amazon.

But once you are dominating a search term, don’t forget to focus on providing a great customer experience and continually improving your products and practices. Even if you don’t receive the Amazon Choice badge immediately, the efforts you put in will definitely come to fruition in time.

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