Profit loss formula to build your P&L statement

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profit loss formula

The new ProfitLoss() formula function is available for you to use.

Here’s the page for a deeper understanding and guide on how to use this Profit Loss formula.

As always, we update documentation consistently and in multiple locations to make it easy to find.

  1. Official page of all the functions we support
  2. Google Docs version
  3. Website documentation for easier navigation
  4. On any Google sheet > menu > addons > Gorilla > 2.See Supported Functions and examples

Profit loss formula to build your P&L statement 1

Spreadsheet formula to get profit loss data

We’ve added another free template for you to create a profit and loss statement spreadsheet, but it’s not as automated as I wanted it to be.

Thus the GORILLA_PROFITLOSS() is born.

gorilla profit loss amazon function

Easiest example:


This simple example will automatically load a consolidated table like the following:

amazon fba profit loss statement table results
amazon fba profit loss statement table results

Rather than looking up all the individual transactions and compiling it yourself, it is done automatically so that you can pull up this data by simply changing the time period you want to look up.





You can see how easy your life becomes when you can verify your profit and loss on the fly.

Try doing this manually – It is a nightmare.

More Profit Loss Examples

You can also build a profit and loss statement per SKU.


Profit loss formula to build your P&L statement 2

When you define a SKU, the profit loss table will not include Amazon Reimbursements, Income-Other and Amazon lending.

This is because certain transactions are NOT applicable to a sku. The transaction is matched to your seller account, not SKU.

Think about storage costs. If you look at your transaction data, storage costs are always associated with your seller account.

Amazon does not charge you per SKU. It is a single dollar amount each month.

You can also see the details of what is rolled up into each of the categories.

  • Sales
  • Discounts/Promotions
  • Amazon Reimbursements
  • Shipping Income
  • Income-Other
  • Amazon Lending
  • COGS
  • Amazon Fees
  • AdvertisingTax

To look up a category, use the expanded formula like:


By entering “AMAZON FEES” and “YES” at the end, it will list all the Amazon seller fees one by one and how much was transacted for each item.

Amazon fees breakdown profit loss
Amazon fees breakdown profit loss

Same thing here where I can drill down on what is rolled up into “COGS” by looking it up in the formula.

Profit loss formula to build your P&L statement 3

There you have it.

To see other functions and examples, visit the functions page for all the features we support.

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