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written by GORILLA ROI - updated November 5, 2019

Weekly curated Amazon related news and information.

Storage fee discounts starting June 1

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amazon storage fee
Amazon storage fee being reduced for special promotion

This is the biggest news for me.

Short version is if you sell more than 60 units the last 30 days, you are likely eligible to get a big discount on storage fees.

Between January – September

  • $0.69 per cubic foot
  • goes down to $0.17 per cubic foot

Between October – December

  • $2.40 per cubic foot
  • goes down to $1.20 per cubic foot

50% or 75% discount on storage fees for popular items. No mention of FBA fees increasing so this is a great deal.

This is due to Amazon wanting to invest in 1 day Prime. They need inventory on hand and this is one of those rare opportunities as a seller.

But double check your status by downloading your restocking report at:

  • Seller Central > Reports > Fulfillment > Restock Inventory

Since we maintain 30 days of inventory anyways, sending an extra week’s worth of stuff and getting the discount is a big win.

Amazon buying into investment stakes

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Weekly Amazon news you may have missed 1

Although Amazon.com makes up the biggest bulk of the company’s revenue, I find it helpful to look into what trends they are getting into and seeing if there’s a way to ride along or capitalize on any opportunities.

Amazon has exceeded the billion dollar mark for acquisitions as shown in their financials, and my take is that it’s only going to increase.

Although we are sellers, having such detailed insight into Amazon can lead to some other great investment opportunities – outside of seller central.

Amazon is the whale and I don’t mind being the whalesucker.

Tagging along and getting and early bird view of most of the stuff going on. I also invest in stocks and other areas so it’s always a great way to diversify income by utilizing our existing Amazon intelligence.

Walmart e-commerce growth is strong

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Weekly Amazon news you may have missed 2

We’ve seen our own sales on Walmart pick up steadily over the past year.

Walmart’s system still sucks and there are a lot of quirks to the platform. But for the minimal amount of time we put into it, it’s generating sales that I welcome.

Our revenue on Walmart is literally 1-1.5% of what we make on Amazon, but it’s slowly ticking up. I’ll be working on getting the rest of our products listed on Walmart and review how it went at the end of the year.

The benefit with Walmart is that it’s still very early. Think of Amazon 10 years ago.

  • SEO is useless
  • No PPC
  • Hard to get things done
  • Constant unpublishing of products
  • Support is super slow
  • Barely any Chinese sellers
  • All sellers are vetted

Because it’s so small relative to Amazon, there aren’t as many toxic fake sellers, manipulators or review groups going around.

Something to look into if you have the capacity.

Stay tuned for next week’s curated links.

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