Google Addon for Agencies and Multiple Seller Account Companies

“I no longer log into every Amazon Account, pull reports and paste data.”

Import, manage & analyze data of multiple Amazon Seller Accounts with a single Google addon

gorilla roi agency addon

Agency Addon vs Regular Addon

What’s the difference?

Who Is This For?

Main Differences

Feature Differences

Agency Addon

Agency, consultant or company managing two or more Amazon seller accounts and needing granular data on seller level.

  • Flat pricing based on number of seller accounts used per month.
  • Unlimited orders for all accounts.
  • Can separate data by seller ID, SKU and marketplace.
  • Can support multiple seller accounts from each marketplace region.

  • Everything included
  • Includes future updates

Usually a single seller or company with max one seller account from the same marketplace.

  • Pricing based on number of orders per month.
  • Overage charges depending on plan.
  • Can separate data by SKU and marketplace only. Not by seller ID.
  • Supports only max 1 account per marketplace region.

  • Everything included
  • Includes future updates

Gorilla ROI Agency Addon is Best For…

  • Agency addon is for Amazon agencies, consultants, and companies that manage multiple seller accounts and need data for each account without the hassle of manually retrieving data from each account manually.
  • The agency addon supports unlimited number of Amazon seller accounts from the same marketplace. E.g. it will work if you manage 5 different USA sellers, 3 UK sellers, 2 Germany sellers etc.
  • The regular Gorilla Sheets Addon supports max 2 seller accounts from each marketplace.
  • Agency plans start with a flat base rate and includes 3 unlimited seller accounts. Each additional seller account is a flat price and can be added/removed from your account at any time.
  • Regular Gorilla Sheets Addon plans are priced based on the number of orders per month with overage charges if orders exceed the plan value.

Quick and Easy to Install and Use 

Get set up in minutes. Connect and start importing your Amazon data to your spreadsheets and forget about the weekly CSV exports.

How Gorilla Sheets Functions Work

Just like any Google Sheet or Excel function, Gorilla Sheets work the same way.


We have a large list of functions and variables that you can use to get pinpoint accurate data straight from your seller account.


No bloat.


If you know how to use spreadsheet functions, you already know 90% of how to use the Gorilla Sheets Add-on. 

gorilla sheets addon formula
GORILLA_ASINLIST( ) – Get list of ASIN’s from your marketplace


Return a list of active and inactive ASIN’s from your marketplace(s). 



GORILLA_ASINLIST([marketplace], [filter_sku])




If no attributes are entered, it will list all your current active and inactive ASIN from all marketplaces.



Lists all ASIN’s from US marketplace only where the ASIN starts with “B43”.  

Convenient and Hassle Free


No need to ask for logins or report exports. Quickly assess each client performance by pulling it directly into Sheets.

Data Driven Owners

Reduce employee cost by eliminating low value hours and human errors. Focus on running the business and improving efficiency. 

Data Driven Owners

Gain insight across your entire business. See how one account is doing compared to another and where to improve.

Warehouse Managers

Quickly know what needs to be sent out. Get the latest instock, inbound and FC processing numbers without manual checking.

Get everyone focused on growing the Amazon business.

If you value your time, easily save 10 hours a week.

Pays for itself within the first week.

Who is this for?

Type of User/Business

Technical Requirements

Feature Requirements

Resource Requirements

Good Fit Users

Any company, agency, consultant that manages more than 2 Amazon accounts.

  • Currently uses Google Sheets
  • Knows how to use spreadsheet functions
  • Need to auto import data with ease

  • FBA only
  • Multiple seller accounts & marketplaces
  • Looking to pull internal data for analysis

  • Looking to improve efficiency, automate processes and replace error prone manual work.

Bad Fit Users

Small Amazon sellers with one account. e.g. no more than 1 account in US, FR etc

  • Does not use Google sheets
  • No time to learn spreadsheet functions
  • Ok with getting data manually

  • Mainly FBM
  • Looking for accounting software
  • Looking for research tools

  • Looking for free or cheap

What to Expect with Gorilla Sheets Addon

Start With 2 Years of Data

We provide you with 2 years of historical data. Other software services don’t pull past data and force you to start and wait a few months before you have any useful data. 

Send Auto PDF Reports

Set how often you want to receive a PDF version of your spreadsheet and it will be sent to your email automatically. Helps to automate and simplify your decision making.

Detailed Preset Time Periods

Quickly see the big picture of your sales with our preset time periods. Get data for periods like yesterday, 1 week ago, last 60 days, year to date and more.

Easy Access to Your Data

You will benefit from having quick and easy access to all your product data without entering each item and date period one at a time. Stay on top of your business with ease. 

Secure Data and Privacy 

We keep your data secure and private. Data is only collected at a machine level so that you are the only person that has access to your data.

Control Who Sees Your Data

Rather than creating accounts and giving access to your Amazon account, you can pull only required data into Sheets and share it with employees without revealing everything.

Here Are Better Things You Can Do Than Manually Dig for Data from Amazon


Stop Losing Money with Stock Out

Import real time inventory levels using our =GORILLA_INVENTORY( ) 

One of the biggest momentum killers in business is inventory stock out. Use Gorilla Sheets to know when to restock and stop leaking money.


Know Your Best and Worst Sellers

Identify products worth investing and which ones to improve or discontinue

Create this dashboard using excel functions like SUM( ) and our custom =GORILLA_SKUASIN( ), =GORILLA_SALESCOUNT( ), =GORILLA_PRODUCT( )


Compare Your Business Growth

Track your sales performance over different time periods to see how you are growing

Our custom and flexible formulas help you quickly look up sales figures over various time periods so you can compare your growth. Use functions like =GORILLA_SALESTOTAL & =GORILLA_SALESCOUNT


Get Pinpoint Data Without the Mess

No more multiple csv files and doing the same thing over and over again

Get the Amazon data you need without the mess. Set it once and forget it. The data is imported and loaded automatically to your spreadsheet.

Time Saving Convenience in Action

Save the hassle and procrastination.

With Gorilla Sheets, integrate Amazon Seller Central and Google Sheets so you don’t manually update data and spreadsheets. Feel the difference of the hassle you save yourself and others.

Free Templates Included with Gorilla Sheets

These basic versions of the advanced PRO SPREADSHEET PACKAGE are included for free to help you get started.

amazon inventory replenish template spreadsheet


Get a clear, accurate and easy to understand dashboard of what to send and how many to send based on sales velocity.

amazon sales performance spreadsheet


See top sellers, rank, how much sales has been generated per product and how many units have been sold over various time periods with ease. 

amazon product details spreadsheet


Keep an eye on product stats like title, rank, review count, review rating and more. Quickly identify if something was changed without your permission. 


A simple step by step tutorial to the basics of using Gorilla Sheets. Custom function examples and more. Reduce your learning curve if you are learning spreadsheets. 

Some More Things You Can Do


=GORILLA_RANKING( ) shows Best Seller Rank of your product. Keep track of your BSR history during your subscription.


=GORILLA_SALESCOUNT( ) identifies sales trends. Compare units sold today vs same day last year, this quarter, and any custom period.


=GORILLA_PRODUCT( ) can display product info so that you can catch it quickly if something changes without permission.


=GORILLA_SKUASIN( ) can take a list of SKU’s or ASIN’s and convert it from one to another.



=GORILLA_INVENTORY( ) gives you latest instock, transfer, inbound numbers so you can plan inventory and stay in stock.


=GORILLA_REVIEW( ) gives you fine control over your reviews. Stay on top of customer satisfaction.

Are You Ready to Let Gorilla Sheets Work For You?


Gorilla ROI provides tools for Amazon sellers to increase ROI, efficiency and save time. Focus on the important things – like growing the business.