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gorilla roi addon store Gorilla ROI
  1. Install the Gorilla ROI Google Sheets addon from Google marketplace.
  2. Save a copy of this free sales spreadsheet template to your G Drive.
  3. Keep the spreadsheet open.
  1. Activate it by
    • Extensions -> our Amazon Seller addon -> Use this addon
  2. Add the Subscription ID
    • Extensions -> our Amazon Seller addon -> Add Subscription ID
  3. Enter b1fe496a-3865-5908-ac4c-610a2efe2c49 in the text box.
  4. Save -> The addon is now activated. It shall not take more than a few seconds for the prompt to disappear.
  5. If the save button does not do anything, redo this stage in incognito mode to start fresh because Google is caching your G Drive.
image 26 Gorilla ROI
  1. Now that the addon is activated, test the formulas in the free spreadsheet you copied in Part 1.
  2. Open up the tab “SALES_STATS“.
  3. Extensions -> our Amazon Seller addon -> Refresh Dynamic Formulas -> Refresh Current Sheet
  • Data will start to update and load automatically in the spreadsheet
  • Play around with the formulas to pull in different types of data and time periods.
    • Create a new tab and enter in a blank cell

Option 2: Test in a new blank spreadsheet

  1. Create a new spreadsheet or use this shortcut link
  2. Extensions > Our Amazon addon > Use this addon
  3. Extensions > Our Amazon addon > Add Subscription ID
  4. Enter our Demo Subscription ID mentioned above
  5. Save (if it doesn’t save, do it in incognito mode)
  6. In any cell type in
      For detailed examples, videos and more functions, go to the full list of formulas. More examples & videos.
  1. Save this training spreadsheet to your G Drive.
  2. Follow the instructions from section 1 & 2 to install and activate the addon as needed.
  3. Reload the spreadsheet (press F5) or
    • menu -> Extensions -> our Amazon Seller addon -> Refresh Dynamic Formulas -> Refresh Current Sheet
  4. Follow the training in the spreadsheet to become a superstar.
training spreadsheet screenshot Gorilla ROI

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