Connect Amazon Seller Central to Google Sheets and Auto Import Your Seller Data

Auto import and load Amazon Seller Data into Google Sheets.

“Your time is worth $1,000/hr. Act accordingly.”

Eliminate the hassles and procrastination of downloading, cleaning up and manually updating spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Automate the non-value adding work and focus on growing your business. 



Who Benefits with Gorilla Sheets?

Data Driven Owners

Know your numbers. Auto import sales from any period, inventory levels and inventory values.

Successful Sellers

Focus on running the business and improve efficiency. Reduce employee cost by eliminating low value hours.

Warehouse Workers

Get the latest instock, inbound and FC processing numbers without errors, lag or manual data entry.

Spreadsheet Users

Create your own flexible repors without having to go through the painful task of cleaning up Amazon reports.

Easy to Install and Integrate with Your Amazon Seller Central Account

Install the Gorilla Sheets Extension and immediately get access to all formulas and features.

Keep it Simple. Load What You Need.

Don’t be overwhelmed with useless data. Import Amazon Data that matters to you.

Get product titles, inventory count, units sold between any two dates like June 3rd and June 26th, or last 60 days, average rating, bulk get ASIN and more. 

Easy to Use Spreadsheet Formulas

Already know how to use spreadsheet formulas like SUM, MAX, IF, VLOOKUP?


Our Gorilla Sheets add-on formulas work the same. Detailed documentation, examples and templates provided.

What Else Can You Do With a Seller Central and Google Sheets Integration?

Track Inventory Levels

Know what to send and how much to send with live inventory numbers.

Analyze Sales Trend

Compare and analyze sales data across  different periods.

Easily See Rankings

Get product BSR numbers without logging into Amazon.

Defend Against Hijackers

If main images or titles change without reason, catch it quickly from you sheets.

Bulk Convert ASIN/SKUs

Enter a list of ASINs or SKUs and get the matching numbers.

See Total Orders Sold

Know how many units and orders you have received with no work.


Gorilla ROI provides tools for Amazon sellers to increase ROI, efficiency and save time. Focus on the important things – like growing the business.