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How Most Amazon Businesses Work

The Old Way

  • Generating reports and waiting
  • Logging in and out of multiple accounts
  • Copy pasting what feels like hours
  • Data becomes stale in a few hours
  • Redo, and redo, and redo…
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After Switching to Gorilla ROI

The New Way

  • Data is always updated
  • 10x the speed of your workflow
  • Accurate data matching seller central
  • Generate custom reports as needed
  • Make decisions on up to date data

How does the Amazon Connector work?

Getting Started is Easy


Install the Google Sheets addon

Over 12k downloads and rated 4.7 stars, our tool is the top choice.


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Connect your seller accounts to Gorilla ROI. Works for all marketplaces.


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FREE Customizable Templates Included

Reviews & Price Tracker

Track your pricing to make sure you are winning the buy box.

Charges & Fees Template

Easily reconcile and analyze charges and fees from your transactions.

Details Template

Load product details like ASIN, FNSKU, BSR, buy box info, and more.

Profit & Inventory Dash

Understand your profit and inventory situation with this dashboard.

Profit & Loss Statement

Easily auto-generate the profit and loss numbers based on your Amazon transactions.

Reimbursement Sheet

Load an organized and detailed list of data to claim reimbursements from Amazon.


Get a detailed look at sales trends and information Amazon doesn’t
provide you.


Track your Amazon inventory and know when to replenish to stay in stock.

Google Marketplace Reviews

Key Features & Benefits

sales performance spreadsheet screenshot Gorilla ROI

Sales performance data by ASIN

Track and view your best and worst sellers by SKU over any time period.

Real-Time Updates
Granular Breakdowns

Prevent going out of stock

Identify key drivers of your profitability and analyze trends with customizable reports and charts. Track seasonal fluctuations and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Predict the Unpredictable
Highly Detailed
inventory forecasting screenshot Gorilla ROI
profitandloss Gorilla ROI

Monthly profit loss tracker & finances

Our Amazon connection can sync and track your finances and profit loss numbers inside Google Sheets. No CSV exporting or importing required.

Identify Hidden Leaks
Profit Optimization

How we Compare to other options

Gorilla ROI vs. Competitors

Gorilla ROIDIY or VAWeb-based software
SUITED FOR1. You are advanced & analytical
2. Heavy spreadsheet users
1. You want manual data entry
2. You can delegate to VA
1. You don’t need flexibility
2. Not good with spreadsheets
PROS– Get data inside spreadsheets
– Deepest and flexible data
– Unlimited users and SKUs
– Human solution
– Learn deeply about Amazon
– Custom solution
– Web-based. No spreadsheets.
– Simple. Not much to set up.
– Lots of features
CONS– Technical, detailed, lots of data
– Spreadsheet skills needed
– Google sheets only
– Slow and outdated data
– Missing lots of data
– Time consuming, error-prone
– Not flexible for growing needs
– Jack of all trades, master of none
– Focused on non-technical sellers
PRICINGStarts at $97/mo$600-$2000 per month$20-$399 based on SKU or Orders
SKILL LEVEL❌ 6/10❌ 8/10✔️ 3/10
CUSTOMIZABILITY✔️ 10/10✔️ 10/10❌ 2/10
DATA PROVIDED✔️ 9/10❌ 4/10❌ 7/10 (high level only)
NUMBER OF USERS✔️ Unlimited users✔️ Anyone on the team❌ 1 to 4 users
PLATFORMS❌ Google Sheets only✔️ Copy from anywhere❌ Web browser

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