Ready-to-Go Business Spreadsheets to Improve Your Amazon FBA Operations

Increase your ROI with our pre-made Business PRO Spreadsheet package

Sales forecaster, accurate price calculator, sales dashboard and more coming

The difficulties of running a FBA business

what it feels like to run an amazon fba business

what it feels like to run an Amazon FBA business

If you are like most people, you prefer to spend your time understanding your business numbers and getting insight from your data.

But a lot of the time, you find yourself wasting time and effort on creating spreadsheets only you understand and getting lost in the jungle of spreadsheet files.

Or if you are the FBA account manager and in the position of having to make recommendations and analysis findings to the owners, you want to look good.

It’s hard enough trying to create advanced spreadsheets to wow the owners when you are trying to relearn spreadsheet formulas you last used 10 years ago.

Managing a FBA business is not easy as some might think. Having the right tool helps, but gets very expensive when you realize you must subscribe to multiple software tools where you don’t need 90% of the features.

But there’s something else you are most likely looking for…

This is the biggest downside with current software tools…

amazon seller software tools

Software tools are definitely needed to manage your FBA business, but the marketplace for Amazon software tools is already crowded and most do the same thing.

  • look up product information
  • send follow up emails
  • keep track of reviews
  • calculate fees
  • get inventory numbers

The tools you come across mainly focus on automating a part of your business.

But the biggest overlooked aspect is to provide a flexible solution that helps you make operational and business decisions like:

What price range should your product be for max profit considering discounts, returns?

How much you can afford to spend on ads?

How to run proper seasonal forecasting to prepare for your busiest months?

What is going in and out of your current physical location?

Knowing your best and worst sellers and seeing where to invest your time and profit?

Helping you understand what your FBA business is worth should you decide to sell a brand or exit entirely

Introducing Business PRO Spreadsheets

by Gorilla ROI

pro spreadsheets fba pricing

Business PRO Spreadsheets is a flexible, simple and cost effective solution to help you make better operational and business decisions.

These are pre-made, ready-to-go business spreadsheet templates, created using advanced techniques, design and functionality that our team uses daily to make decisions and run operations smoothly.

Rather than paying hundreds to thousands in software costs, expect PRO Spreadsheets to yield a mammoth ROI from day 1 and become tightly integrated into your operations.

Proper seasonally adjusted forecasting saves you from over or under ordering and reduces inventory holding cost.

Our product pricing calculator identifies incorrect pricing assumptions and gaps in your calculation.

Keep track of all your products from a single spreadsheet with completely flexibility and control.

With a one time payment, you get full access to our library of business analysis spreadsheets as well as all future spreadsheets, documents and updates.

The Gorilla ROI addon is not included with Business PRO Spreadsheets. Most of the templates can be run independently and shared among team members.


Rather than spending days and weeks building a spreadsheet model that may not work properly – save your time and energy with our library of PRO grade business spreadsheets.


Gorilla ROI Add-on not included in this purchase. Sold separately. Add-on not needed, but highly recommended.

Lifetime access to a suite of growing FBA business spreadsheets and documents

ppc analysis pro spreadsheet targeting customer search


$100 Value

Understand your PPC KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator).

Two spreadsheets are included that analyze your TARGETING report and CUSTOMER SEARCH TERM report. Copy and paste the data and the analysis is done automatically.

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

chinese english nnn agreement template


$200 Value

This is a bilingual NNN Agreement template used to do business with Chinese suppliers.

Works for 90% of Amazon FBA businesses seeking to find and do business with Chinese suppliers.

Word document that can be edited.

chinese english PO package for manufacturing


$200 Value

This is a bilingual agreement that should be signed by both parties before any PO is issued.

The best practice is to attach this PO Package attachment to every PO you submit to your supplier. The goal is to constantly remind them of the conditions, quality and standards you expect.

Word document that can be edited.

seasonally adjusted sales forecast calculator for amazon seller


$100 Value

This calculator seasonally adjusts and forecasts how many units and sales to expect. Much better than any basic linear forecasting calculator.

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

product pricing calculator spreadsheet


$70 Value

The most accurate pricing calculator. Shows your true profitability after operating expenses.

Only calculator that factors in total expenses. 

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

inventory count with check in check out


$50 Value

A simple spreadsheet that tracks what is going in and out.

Best for businesses that receive and ship from their own location.

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

amazon product cost analysis database


$50 Value

Keep track of your products in one spreadsheet.

Use for current products or to save while researching product ideas. Most accurate margin calculations.

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

amazon best seller sales performance


$50 Value

See how your business is growing.

Track sales performance and best sellers from the last 7 days, 30 days, month ago, year ago, this year and so on.

Gorilla Sheets Add-on Required.


More spreadsheets, tools and documents are created based on feedback and requests.

Lock in your lifetime price before it goes up as we continue to add more.

Free upgrades and updates included for life

Gorilla Sheets Add-on Not Included in Package. Sold Separately.

PRO Spreadsheets


As more spreadsheets and valuable business docs are added, the price will be updated to reflect the value.

Grab this lifetime deal during the early stages to get access to all future spreadsheets, documents and updates.

Enjoy for life!

Your Lifetime Deal

$820 value but yours for



Pay once, no recurring fees

ALL PRO sheets included for life

New releases included for life 

Lifetime Updates

First Class Support 

Gorilla Sheets Add-on sold separately. Not included in package. 

Difference between Google Add-On and Business PRO Spreadsheets

The Google Sheets Add-on for Single Sellers and Agencies and the Business Pro Spreadsheet package are different products.

  • The add-on is the product that connects your Seller Central Account to Google Sheets to automatically load your data. This is a monthly service.
  • The Business PRO Spreadsheets is a suite of ready made business analysis spreadsheets and documents. They help you better understand the status of your business, and run it efficiently.

Suited for people who don’t have the time or skills to create such spreadsheets.

Google Addon

Requires monthly subscription

Automatically pulls seller data into Google sheets using simple formulas

Unlimited users

Integrate into your existing models or create new ones

Business PRO Spreadsheets

One time payment

Does not pull data into Google Sheets

Does not include subscription to the addon

For people who don’t have time or skills to learn how to create complex models

All sheets are unlocked and can be edited and shared

Frequent Questions

What is the refund policy on the Business PRO Spreadsheets?

We offer refunds on PRO Spreadsheets only if our product is not working on your system or account, even after contacting our support staff. Due to the nature of these digital products, we only provide refunds if the spreadsheet doesn’t work as advertised or if our support team isn’t able to solve the issues.

What is the difference between Business PRO Spreadsheets and the Google addon?

The BUSINESS PRO SPREADSHEET Package is a one time payment to access our suite of advanced spreadsheets and docs. The PRO Package does not include the Google Sheets Add-on. The add-on is not required to use the PRO spreadsheets but is highly recommended.

Can I share the spreadsheet with others?

You can share with your team, company and use it to impress clients. When you open the spreadsheets, you will see the quality of the work involved and the way you can have an edge in your business. Reselling is not permitted and any accounts found abusing the products will be banned from our system.

Is the Business PRO Spreadsheet also a monthly subscription?

No. The Business PRO Spreadsheet suite is a single fixed price. As the suite of spreadsheets continue to grow and become more valuable, the price will be raised to reflect the value. We create spreadsheets that solve problems and makes it easier and more efficient to run your business.

What PRO Spreadsheets are available?

The following are currently available with more spreadsheets expected to be included in the PRO Spreadsheet package. 

  • Inventory check in, check out
  • Amazon inventory status
  • Product pricing calculator
  • Product cost analysis database
  • Best seller dashboards
  • Sales performance dashboards 
  • More coming soon! 

How can I get help for the PRO Spreadsheets?

We’ve tried to make each spreadsheet as simple and intuitive as possible with lots of notes on how to use each spreadsheet in the package.


If you need more assistance, contact us or email [email protected]


Email or submitting a ticket is the quickest way to get a response.