Amazon Spreadsheet Pack

Functional, pre-made reports for a quick solution. A time-saving package for sellers and managers who lack the 40+ hours to build comparable spreadsheets and reports from the ground up.

4.7 Rating, 12k+ Downloads, Trusted by Sellers

What’s Included?

  • One flat lifetime price includes all future spreadsheets and updates.
  • No monthly or hidden fees for the templates.
  • Each template is ready-to-use with Gorilla ROI formulas.

How Does This Package Work?

Make a copy from your Gorilla ROI account to take ownership.

amazon google gorilla roi make copy Gorilla ROI

Open the spreadsheet and activate the Gorilla ROI addon. Refresh the sheet to start autoloading your data into the spreadsheet.

amazon google gorilla roi activate addon Gorilla ROI

Let the spreadsheets handle the workload. Free up your time for tasks that drive business growth.

relaxing coffee 700px Gorilla ROI

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Who is This For?

Manage your Amazon or ecom store effortlessly with pro-ready spreadsheets. Analyze inventory, sales, and forecasts without advanced skills – it’s plug and play.

  • Amazon sellers lacking the time to create organized reports
  • VAs or employees who lack data visualization skills
  • Agencies wanting a professional image to match their top-notch reports.
  • Account managers presenting data and reports to others.

Free Upgrades and Updates to the Package for Life

Spreadsheet Pack Pricing


$199 one time

original $1670 value

  • Data plan not included
  • Pay once
  • Lifetime updates included
  • New releases included
  • First class support

Optional Upgrades at Checkout
Amazon Seller Data Plan
Amazon Advertising Data Plan
Reimbursement Data Plan
White-Glove Onboarding Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

This spreadsheet package is not part of our core data plan software packages. You are purchasing a set of pre-made spreadsheet templates.

This is not the Amazon or ecom data plan.

Please refer to the full refund policy and terms of use.

One time digital download products and services such as this Spreadsheet Package, Support Packages, White Glove services and Custom Work Packages are non-refundable.

We offer 100% refunds for the monthly data subscription to Gorilla ROI if canceled within 30 days.

These are spreadsheet templates you download to your Google Drive. These spreadsheets alone do not contain data. You must fill it up with data.

As this is only for a set of pre-made templates, it is up to you to fill up the data. You can do it automatically by also subscribing to a data plan with us.

Or you can manually fill in the data by getting the reports from Amazon or other platforms and entering it yourself.

A trial is not offered because this is a digital download product of pre-made spreadsheets.

All Gorilla ROI data plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Log in to your Gorilla ROI account, click on Pro Spreadsheets in the left menu. Download the spreadsheet of your choice. Unlimited downloads.

Yes. You can share and use it internally in your business as many times as you want.

No. Copyright laws exist.

It is highly recommended. Think of this spreadsheet package as an extension to the data plan. It makes it better. If you manually enter data into this spreadsheet, it would take you hours as there is so much information needed.

This is for the business that doesn’t have 40 hours to create new spreadsheets. A ready to go solution.

An example is that you can cook and eat everything at hime. Why go to a restaurant to eat? Because in many situations, you don’t have the time or resources to recreate a meal that you are not familiar with.

Unfortunately, we do not create custom templates.

We are a software company and building spreadsheets for others is not our focus.

Yes. It will work for all marketplaces that we support.

For the full list of marketplaces, see the documentation.

A formula in USA uses comma such as =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“TOY STORE”, “SKU12345”, “sku2asin”).

If you are in EU a comma may not be used on your system. You may have to use semicolon =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“TOY STORE”; “SKU12345”; “sku2asin”).

Use the correct format that matches your local language settings.

Yes. All future updates as well as new spreadsheets are included in your purchase.

Yes it works for FBM and FBA.

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