READY-TO-GO spreadsheets for Amazon sellers

The Amazon Spreadsheet Template Package

Visually appealing ready-made reports. A shortcut package for sellers and account managers who lack the 40+ hours to create similar spreadsheets and reports.

Difficulty Level

Easy! Save to your G drive, activate the Gorilla ROI addon, and load the data.


Subscription to the Gorilla ROI data plan and Google Sheets

What You’ll Do

Make quality decisions quickly. Report or share your data with our professionally designed sheets that reflect your thought and business leadership. Only basic spreadsheet skills required. Time is money. Let this suite of ready-made spreadsheets work for you. Connect your Amazon seller data into the sheets and have it update automatically.

Who is this for?

The Amazon spreadsheet template package is for any Amazon business or account manager, who wants to understand their store data in a professional manner to match their thought leadership, but lacks the 40+ hours to put it all together.

This ready-to-go spreadsheet package was made for the busy seller and account manager who needs quick access to high-quality data in a professional design to make good decisions regarding inventory, sales, forecasting, and product details. Only basic spreadsheet skills are required as the spreadsheets are plug and play. All formulas, designs, and formatting have been done for you. We crafted this specifically for:

  • Amazon sellers lacking the time to create organized reports
  • Spreadsheet users who don’t have the data visualization skills
  • Agencies who want to look just as good as their analytical reports to clients
  • Account managers needing to present data and reports to others

How it works

Easy, done-for-you, template Spreadsheets

A look at what’s inside

All future spreadsheets and lifetime updates included. One flat lifetime price for the spreadsheet template package. No monthly fees. No hidden fees.

Each spreadsheet is done-for-you and ready to go. We have added all the Gorilla ROI formulas for automation, formatting, advanced queries, and dashboards. Follow the instructions to connect your account, add your seller information and start analyzing.

Free upgrades and updates to the template package included for life

one time payment, lifetime updates

Template Package Pricing

Spreadsheet Package

One time payment, lifetime updates

As more spreadsheets and valuable business docs are added, the price will be updated to reflect the value.

Grab this lifetime deal and lock it in to get access to all future spreadsheets, documents, and updates.

Enjoy for life!

Your Lifetime Deal


original $1670 value

  • Pay once
  • Lifetime updates included
  • New releases included
  • First class support

Data add-on sold separately. Not included in package.


Why do users rave about us?

Google marketplace reviews showing what changed for the better after using Gorilla ROI’s Amazon connector


Average Rating

There is a lot of different software out there for Amazon data. Gorilla ROI is the only one that gives you the data directly so you can work with it any way you want instead of pre-programmed reports and charts.
Google Review
Amazon Seller
Gorilla ROI has enabled me to build my own dashboard for tracking things that are important to me, and it has significantly cut down on manual data extraction that I needed to track a product’s performance.
Google Review
Amazon Seller
I have tried a few other software to get a grip on my numbers but always found it limited. That was until I came across GorillaROI. I can design spreadsheets any way I like and this works for my business perfectly.
Pierre Noziere
Amazon Seller
We were generating/copying/pasting tons of reports from Seller Central to calculate our FBA inventory replenishments. Now all the data is pre-filled with current data the moment we open the sheet.
Eric Eichhorn
Amazon Seller
Data automation at its finest. I run a 2 million dollar business with 2 employees. Tools like Gorilla allow me to do it.
Amazon Seller
Gorilla is amazing. Highly recommended. Especially if you’re looking for accurate snapshots of how your business is doing.
BUBS Natural
Amazon Seller
The tool I developed inexpensively stopped working after 5 months so I was pulling reports manually, which takes longer and doesn’t always have all the complete data I need. Now I can pull product price, shipping price, ratings, and review count data from Amazon, for each of the 3600 ASINs I have.
Tyler Harris
Amazon, Ebay, Etsy Seller
Great software to take control of your sales and inventory in your own hands. You can build your own reports for your specific needs and change/customize them when and as needed. It does require you to be a bit more tech-savvy. The benefits you’ll get will be unmatched by any other software.
Hades Mcr
Amazon Seller

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question?

We offer refunds on SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE PACKAGE only if our product is not working on your system or account, even after contacting our support staff. Due to the nature of these digital products, we only provide refunds if the spreadsheet doesn’t work as advertised or if our support team isn’t able to solve the issues.

You can share with your team, company and use it to impress clients. When you open the spreadsheets, you will see the quality of the work involved and the way you can have an edge in your business. Reselling is not permitted and any accounts found abusing the products will be banned from our system.

The following are currently available with more spreadsheets expected to be included in the Spreadsheet package. 

  • Inventory check in, check out
  • Amazon inventory status
  • Product pricing calculator
  • Product cost analysis database
  • Best seller dashboards
  • Sales performance dashboards 
  • More coming soon!

The SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE PACKAGE is a one-time payment to access our suite of advanced spreadsheets and docs. The TEMPLATE PACKAGE does not include the Google Sheets Add-on.

No. The Spreadsheet package is a single fixed price. As the suite of spreadsheets continues to grow and become more valuable, the price will be raised to reflect the value. We create spreadsheets that solve problems and make it easier and more efficient to run your business.

We’ve tried to make each spreadsheet as simple and intuitive as possible with lots of notes on how to use each spreadsheet in the package.

If you need more assistance, contact us or email

Email or submitting a ticket is the quickest way to get a response.

Ready to take a shortcut with our templates?

Save 40+ hours it would take to recreate our spreadsheets. Use your time on other things and look like a rockstar by leveraging our spreadsheets.