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Lower ACOS and Boost Revenue with Smarter Data 📈

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Identify Wasted Ad Spend

Find where your ads are leaking money.

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Reduce ACOS, Boost Sales

Act faster with better insights

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Bulk Analysis Made Easy

See everything in bulk. Not in 10 different spreadsheets.

How MOST Sellers Manage Ads

Ads Data is Messy

  • Generate piles of reports
  • Daily Copy Pasting
  • Data becomes old every day
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After USING Gorilla ROI

Automate Data Extraction

  • Data is updated automatically and ready to be analyzed
  • Eliminate painful manual data collecting
  • Accurate data matching seller central

Getting Started is Easy


Install the Google Sheets addon

Over 12k downloads and rated 4.7 stars, our tool is the top choice.


Connect to Amazon Ads Account

Connect your ad accounts to Gorilla ROI. Works for all marketplaces.


That’s it! Start the import process

No commitment necessary. 30 days money back guarantee.

Time to Transform Your Amazon Ad Management

Free up valuable time you can use towards optimizing ad campaigns and driving sales. Eliminate errors from manual entry.

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Get latest data updated directly within Google Sheets. Ensure your reporting provides a clear overview of your advertising efforts over time.

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See data in bulk to quickly identify underperforming ads, reducing wasteful spending and focusing your budget on strategies that drive results.

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Identify trends, patterns, and opportunities to optimize your ad campaigns and maximize ROI. Make decisions for effective ad spend allocation and growth.

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Dominate Advertising with Smarter Data

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Sponsored Products

Detailed pinpoint data from campaigns, ad groups, keywords, product as well as historical

  • Spend data
  • Sales, Orders data
  • Conversions, CTR
  • Impressions and more
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Sponsored Brands

All the Sponsored Brands breakdowns with clear visibility

  • Video views
  • Impressions
  • Sessions
  • Spend, Sales and more
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Dominate with Better Insights 🠮

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  • Seamless integration into Google Sheets. No code necessary.
  • Pinpoint data when and where you need it
  • Organized bulk data for easier analysis
  • Spot trends, patterns, and chances to boost ad campaigns and ROI
  • Reclaim and stay on top of waste spend

Google Marketplace Reviews

Advertising Data Plans


starts from $77/mo

discount at checkout for first time users

  • Ads Starter (up to $1,000 spend/mo) – $77/mo
  • Ads Pro (up to $10k spend/mo) – $97/mo
  • Ads Mega (up to $30k spend/mo) – $147/mo
  • Ads 50K (up to $50k spend/mo) – $297/mo
  • Ads 70K (up to $70k spend/mo) – $397/mo
  • Ads 100K (up to $100k spend/mo) – $497/mo
  • Ads 150K (up to $150k spend/mo) – $697/mo
  • Ads 300K (up to $300k spend/mo) – $997/mo

Optional Upgrades at Checkout
Amazon Seller Data Plan
Reimbursement Data Plan

Spreadsheet Package

White-Glove Onboarding Setup

Amazon Advertising FAQ

We have multiple data products. This data plan gives you access to Amazon advertising data which is not included in the seller central data plan.

The advertising data plan is an additional data plan on top of the regular seller central data plan.

Due to the sheer size of the data for both seller central and Amazon ads, it is separated out.

There is no service outside of Amazon themselves that offers everything as the data and cost to operate both sides is too big. To keep the costs down for the user and because not everyone needs advertising data, we offer data separately.

No. You would need to use our API and developer your own connector or use Google sheets to load the data.

Ads data plan is based on the total monthly advertising spend of the account.

e.g. If you spend $8000/month and you sign up to the Ads Pro plan which includes up to $10k in ad spend, your pricing is a flat $97/mo.

If you grow to $15k spend per month, you are over your limit by $5000.

Each $1000 above the limit is $7 extra.

Hence at $15k/mo you will be paying $97+(5000/1000 x 7) = $97+$35=$132.

Please refer to the full refund policy.

TL;DR version is that we offer 100% refunds for the monthly data subscription to Gorilla ROI. Cancel within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the data or for any reason. No questions asked money-back guarantee.

Spreadsheet Packages, Support Packages, and Custom Work Packages are non-refundable.

All marketplaces are automatically activated based on your account. If you add an EU seller account, all Europe-related accounts will be automatically imported. UK, DE, FR, ES, etc.

See the full list of marketplaces we support.

A trial is not offered because you can test the add-on for free using our self-demo.

All Gorilla ROI data plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are advertising FBM products, then yes it will display your FBM products too.

Yes, you can connect multiple accounts. Our service is based on the combined monthly ad spend on your account. If you have one ad account that does $10k/mo in ad spend and another account that does $50k/mo in ad spend, your account will be charged based on $60k/mo ad spend.

No. We do not make bid adjustments, create campaigns, day part or other PPC automation.

Our tool is an alternative to Ads API access. No code required. No developers needed to get data from your Amazon ads account into Google Sheet.

The ads data plan is not part of the standard seller central data plan.

This is a separate data plan that can be subscribed to independently without the seller central data plan.

No we are a connector between Amazon and Google Sheets. Think of Zapier on steroids for Amazon data. Using regular Google Sheet formulas, you can load data directly into your spreadsheets. Not to change campaigns and bids on Amazon.

Using a spreadsheet to update ad accounts can be dangerous because one mistake can affect all campaigns and it will be difficult to undo. It is best to use the feedfile for bulk updates.

Head over to our full list of functions along with documentation.

Amazon only offers 3 months of data from your ads account.

If you check your ads account, you will see the same when trying to go back further.


At checkout, select “no marketplace data plan” and proceed to just the ads data plan.

Yes an advertising spreadsheet is included.

It also includes instructions and links to videos to help you through the process.

From your account, go to “basic spreadsheets” in the menu and click the button to copy the spreadsheet to your Google drive.

A formula in USA uses comma such as =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“TOY STORE”, “SKU12345”, “sku2asin”).

If you are in EU a comma may not be used on your system. You may have to use semicolon =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“TOY STORE”; “SKU12345”; “sku2asin”).

Use the correct format that matches your local language settings.

All major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept bitcoin or foreign currency. Prices in USD.

We do not accept PayPal.

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