TOP 1000

Biggest Amazon Sellers

Top 1000 in the USA marketplace. Updated monthly.


How to Make Use of the Biggest Amazon Sellers List

If you are a new seller, this list of the 1000 top Amazon sellers will help you identify the types of categories and niches that the biggest sellers are involved in.

You can use this information to reverse analyze their strategies based on the products you want to sell.

Knowing what works for the big sellers and how they are creating listings, images can help improve your chances of success.

To increase your chances of success, it is best to dig deep into one category and create products lines around it, rather than a mish-mash of random products with no synergies to your existing products.

Outside of the big resellers with tens of thousands of listings, you will notice that the big Amazon sellers focus on a specific category and niche.

By doing so, sellers can cross-promote their products, create unique bundles that can’t be copied, and reduce the chance of their products being copied.

This is not the exact step-by-step process. It is a rough guide to help you get started. The giant Amazon sellers all do something similar.

  1. Find a category you want to be involved in
  2. Use the storefront link and analyze the highest selling items of the seller. Instructions on how we do it.
  3. Check whether they are selling FBA or FBM
  4. Check the number of reviews on the product
  5. Brainstorm if you can improve on the product
  6. Understand the Amazon fees associated with the product and selling on the platform
  7. Find a manufacturer of the product
  8. Get an NNN or manufacturing agreement signed with the factory
  9. Request to make modifications to the product
  10. Get pricing details. Learn how using a break-even calculator.
  11. Use the Amazon Fee Calculator to verify whether you’ll make money
  12. Get samples
  13. Double confirm the bill of materials involved with the product
  14. Proceed with the manufacturing process
  15. Get samples
  16. Get a 3rd party inspector
  17. Inspect all the products
  18. Create your listing on Amazon and fill in all the details
  19. Have it shipped to you. You can ship directly to Amazon or a 3PL, but then you can’t control the quality.
  20. Run PPC ads
  21. Run promotions
  22. Get and track reviews
  23. Monitor sales velocity and Amazon inventory management
  24. Monitor your lead times. Free lead time calculator available.
  25. Track your Amazon sales and reinvest your profits
  26. Forecast the Amazon sales so you don’t go out of stock and lose out on money
  27. Repeat the steps for the next product