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Jae Jun – Founder

Chief Customer Officer 

Built By Sellers.

For Sellers.

G’day. That’s me. Jae (pronounced Jay).

Born in Korea, grew up in Australia, live in Seattle, USA.

My wife first started a wholesale business and I helped out after my day job. In 2013, we listed our products on Amazon as a last resort to liquidate our storage full of non-selling inventory.

Long story short, what the retailers didn’t want, Amazon shoppers couldn’t get enough of. The business started to grow – FAST.

But we kept leaking money everywhere.

Lost sales and dropped rank from stock out, under or over-ordering inventory, air shipping from suppliers, not knowing our real costs and the list went on.

We finally started to automate and streamline everything we could. Gorilla ROI and Gorilla PRO Spreadsheets were internally created tools to manage our business. We are now sharing with Amazon sellers – like you – to win.

Try Gorilla ROI today and see how it can help your business, like it has for us. 

Our Business Principles

Time > Money

Time is greater than money. You can make money, but never time. Reduce wasting time to do what you enjoy.

Easy to Use

Make it easy so as to reduce brainpower on low level tasks. Focus brainpower on making important decisions.

No Bloat

Just good, clean software without the stuff you don’t need. We hate paying for useless things too.

Our Guiding Principles

It’s great to run your own business, but we understand that there’s more.

Treat Others Like Yourself

We believe in treating customers, employees and visitors, how we want to be treated. We do business as relationships, not transactions.

Honest and Transparent

We want to be as clear to you as possible regarding your account and data. If something is not right, we will let you know immediately. 

People > Money

People > Time > Money

That’s the real equation and at the end of the day, we want to live life to the fullest.

Pursue Growth & Learn

Learn and improve our life, lives around us, thinking, relationships, products, customer service and internal culture.


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