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Frequently Asked Questions

Gorilla ROI addon is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to connect and import data directly from your Amazon Seller Central account into Google Sheets.

We are the middle man between Amazon and Google. We get data from Amazon for your account. Then we send it to Google Sheets when you use our Google Sheet formula.

Please refer to the full refund policy.

TL;DR version is that we offer 100% refunds for the monthly data subscription to Gorilla ROI. Cancel w/in 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the data or for any reason. No questions asked money-back guarantee.

PRO Spreadsheet Packages, Support Packages, and Custom Work Packages are non-refundable.

Your seller data is very safe.

Please read how we keep your seller and product data safe and private.

All marketplaces are automatically activated based on your account. If you add an EU seller account, all Europe-related accounts will be automatically imported. UK, DE, FR, ES, etc.

Our service is based on the combined total monthly orders for your Amazon accounts, not the number of marketplaces.

See the full list of marketplaces we support.

A trial is not offered because you can test the add-on for free using our self-demo.

All Gorilla ROI data plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yes, you can connect multiple seller accounts. Our service is based on the combined total monthly orders for your Amazon accounts, not the number of Amazon seller accounts.

Unlimited for all accounts. Our service is based on the combined total monthly orders for your Amazon accounts, not the number of users using the software.

Unlimited SKUs for all accounts. Our service is based on the combined total monthly orders for your Amazon accounts, not the number of SKUs.

Let’s say you sign up for the monthly STARTER plan which includes up to 1000 FBA orders a month.
– You grow to 3,500 orders this month. Your overage is 2500 orders.
– Your monthly bill is an extra 2500x$0.01=$25.00

No we are a connector between Amazon and Google Sheets. Think of Zapier on steroids for Amazon data. Using regular Google Sheet formulas, you can load data directly into your spreadsheets.

Head over to our full list of functions along with examples.

Follow the getting started guide. The quick guide is to

  1. Authenticate our services in the seller account(s)
  2. Add your seller account to your Gorilla account
  3. Install the Google Sheets addon
  4. Activate it using your unique Subscription ID found in your Gorilla account

As we are not Amazon, after signing up, give it at least 24 hours for the data to populate.

Data is never provided instantly by Amazon and it takes some time to backfill – especially if you are a big seller.

Amazon does not provide data like reviews and BSR. We use our algorithms to import the information, which takes time once you have connected.

It is not instantaneous.

There are many variables involved. Check your formulas match the marketplace, SKU, time period as our numbers are very close to your seller central numbers.

Amazon’s API is not an accounting API. If you need accounting accuracy to the nearest cent, manually generating a new report from seller central and reconciling is the only way possible.

Amazon uses a first-come first-served queue system for service providers like us to request seller data. There is a limit to how often we can request the data and also have to wait for other software tools to finish their process before it becomes our turn.

You must sign up and be signed in to your account at

From your account, go to “basic spreadsheets” in the menu and click the button to copy the spreadsheet to your Google drive.

A formula in USA uses comma such as =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“TOY STORE”, “SKU12345”, “sku2asin”).

If you are in EU a comma may not be used on your system. You may have to use semicolon =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“TOY STORE”; “SKU12345”; “sku2asin”).

Use the correct format that matches your local language settings.

All major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept bitcoin or foreign currency. Prices in USD.

We do not accept PayPal.

YES FBM is supported.

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