Install Instructions

instructions Gorilla ROI

To connect your Amazon accounts

1. Log in and select “Seller Accounts” in the left menu
2. Click on the green “Add New Seller Account” button in the top right corner and add the seller accounts
3. If you are the account owner, select the marketplace and authorize the connection

02.multi seller add new seller Gorilla ROI

4. If you are not the Amazon account owner, copy the link and provide it to the account owner to authorize the connection

02.multi seller copy link Gorilla ROI

5. Select the marketplace and click the authorize button

02.multi seller select marketplace Gorilla ROI

6. Seller Central will open up. Authorize the connection from Seller Central.

01.single seller amazon permissions Gorilla ROI

7. The seller account owner will see a success page, and an email will be sent to the Gorilla ROI user

02.multi seller connect success Gorilla ROI

8. Wait for the connection to finish and you will be redirected to your Gorilla account, and the connection will appear active.

02.multi seller connection active Gorilla ROI

9. Add a nickname to easily identify the seller and to use in the formula

02.multi seller add nickname Gorilla ROI
02.multi seller nickname formula Gorilla ROI

10. Wait for the data to import. Check the status on your account under “download status”.

01.single seller see download status Gorilla ROI

Watch how to install and activate the addon

Use incognito mode to start fresh

  1. Log in to your main Google Sheets (Workspace Account highly recommended)
  2. Install the addon
  3. Once installed
    • Extensions > select the Amazon addon > Use this addon
    • Extensions > select the Amazon addon > Add Subscription ID
    • Enter your ID from your Gorilla Account dashboard
single seller user ID Gorilla ROI
  • If the ID doesn’t save, redo in incognito mode because Google is caching your G Drive.
  • Wait for the data import process. Will take a couple of hours or more based on your account size.

Test in a new blank spreadsheet

Data must be imported first. Do this test a couple of hours after you have connected to Gorilla ROI.

  1. Create a new spreadsheet or use this shortcut link
  2. Extensions > Our Amazon addon > Use this addon
  3. Extensions > Our Amazon addon > Add Subscription ID
  4. Enter your Subscription ID from your Gorilla ROI account
  5. Save (if it doesn’t save, do it in incognito mode)
  6. In any cell type in =GORILLA_SKULIST(“your store nickname”) or =GORILLA_ASINLIST(“your store nickname”). Use the nickname you saved in your seller accounts.
    • This formula will load the full list of SKUs or ASINs.
    • Here are some easy formulas you can use. Copy these into another cell.
    • =GORILLA_SKULIST(“store nickname”)
    • =GORILLA_ASINLIST(“store nickname”)
    • =GORILLA_SALESCOUNT(“store nickname”, “this year”)
    • =GORILLA_SALESTOTAL(“store nickname”, “last month”)
    • =GORILLA_FEETYPE(“store nickname”)
    • =GORILLA_CHARGETYPE(“store nickname”)
  7. For detailed examples, videos and more functions, go to the full list of formulas. More examples & videos.

1. The ID doesn’t save in Google Sheets

Please try again in incognito mode. Google is caching your drive. This can happen if you have Google Drive installed on your local computer, or have Chrome extensions to use drive in offline mode.

2. How do I let a team member access the data

Have each person install the same addon version you are using. Share the User ID or Agency ID with them. Each person must unlock the addon using the same ID.

3. My data isn’t showing up

Data can take a while to download depending on the history and size of the account.

Go to Gorilla Account > Download Status.

You’ll see two % numbers and the dates. Make sure both are at 100% otherwise the import process is still in progress. Transactions take longer as we have to go through each one by one.

We provide the most in-depth set of data than any other Amazon service provider. Because of this, the import process takes more time to gather fully.

4. The data doesn’t match my seller central data

Check the download status. If the data hasn’t fully downloaded, it will be different.

Our data matches up with seller central extremely closely. If you see a discrepancy, contact us. It is usually how we roll up some numbers together as there are over 150 different fees and charges.

5. I get an error about too many requests from Google

Google gives a daily quota for how often you can pull data into spreadsheets. This is so you don’t overload their servers.

Use ranges and array formulas.

If you do single references in the formula such as A1, A2, A3… A1000, you are asking Google to request data 1000 times.

=gorilla_inventory(“TESTSELLER”, A1)
=gorilla_inventory(“TESTSELLER”, A2)
=gorilla_inventory(“TESTSELLER”, A3)

=gorilla_inventory(“TESTSELLER”, A1000)

If you use formulas like this in your spreadsheet and try to refresh your data, Google will think you are a bot as the spreadsheet is requesting hundreds of requests too quickly in a short period.

If you do A1:A1000, you get the same data, but it is only requesting 1 time.


To get around this, please transfer ownership of the spreadsheet to a different Google user account to use a fresh Google quota limit.

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