Keeping Your Seller Data

Private and Secure

Our pledge to keep your seller data private and secure 


We Are Paranoid About Seller Protection

We don't just protect your data.


We are paranoid about it.


As an Amazon seller, you have a lot to worry about than just operations. Legitimate fears of sellers include:


  1. Amazon banning your account
  2. Having your products knocked off
  3. Your data being stolen and used by other companies 

We can't control #1 if a seller goes against ToS, but we do everything we can to protect you from #2 and #3 when using our services.


Our goal is for you to succeed. We believe that's the only way Gorilla ROI can succeed.


We never share your data or sell it to a 3rd party. We are simply the middle man between your Amazon account and Google Sheets. That's it. 

How We Protect Your Data

Our previous company was, an investment software service in business for over 10 years. Financial data is very sensitive and personal, and we protected it for over a decade. We aren't just an overnight company. We bring all of our expertise from financial security to your Amazon data.


We regularly review and improve our data security to use the best practices suggested by Amazon and Google to access and store your data.


This isn't something we make up. This is recommended by Amazon and we take things further to make it even more secure. 

Encrypted + Hashing

All connections with Amazon is encrypted end to end using TLS plus a hashing algorithm to ensure authenticity.

Secure MySQL and Hosting

Your data is stored in a secure MySQL database which is monitored for attacks, intrusion and regularly updated for security.

Never Ask for Passwords

We never request your Amazon credentials. We access your data using a secure Amazon token that you control from your account.

Delete Upon Request

If you cancel your subscription, you may ask for an immediate cleanup of all your stored data on our server and databases.


How We Are Different to Research Tools


Basic idea of how Amazon research tools collect and provide data


Research and scouting tools share your data with everyone that pays for their service.

Any seller can come across your ASIN and get sales and product information.

In other words, these companies sell your product data so others can use it.


Gorilla ROI Silo connection to prevent outside access


Your data is locked to your company. No one that uses our service can access data outside of their organization.

Everyone is strictly isolated from each other to protect data.

Your Data - Now and Forever

We never share your data or sell your data. Period. 

Will you sell my Amazon API data?


We never sell any of your data.

We do not allow any third party or anyone without authorized access privileges anywhere near your data.

We have also placed multiple barriers and systems in place to encrypt, hash, password protect and block unauthorized access wherever possible.

How do you use my data?

Your data is used by you (or your company) alone.

Although Gorilla ROI and Google Sheets has access to your data, it is a passive usage in order to facilitate the usage. We collect and organize the data for you to use alone.

Many sellers rightly fear that software companies will steal products and compete against sellers. We do NOT analyze your sales and reports on a personal level. Data analysis is simply done on an aggregate level by machines.

Do you offer a self hosted or local stored version?

Unfortunately, that is not possible unless you manually download and store the csv exports and other files on your computer.

In order to pull data from Amazon, some sort of software must be used and there will always be a middle layer.

Can I have my data deleted?


Unlike other sites, we comply with EU GDPR and apply it to all our users.

If you cancel and want to have your data deleted, submit a ticket and we will wipe it out. 

Can I trust you?

You've never seen or heard of us so it's natural to be hesitant.

We aren't new to this. Our parent company is, an investment software company since 2008. We've spent a decade dealing with highly complex and sensitive financial and investment related data. We take data fidelity and integrity seriously.

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