Google Sheets addon for Amazon FBA sellers

Connect Amazon Seller Central to Google Sheets and auto import your seller data

Free up you and your team from inefficiency, mistakes and wrong decisions due to bad, old or incomplete Amazon data.

Need to streamline your FBA workflow and focus on the important things?

How most Amazon businesses are run today

You’ve got so many things on your plate as an Amazon FBA seller.

From managing listings, researching keywords, analyzing your ad spend, creating better images and trying to stay on top of your inventory planning so your best sellers don’t go out of stock.

Whether you are the operator, partner or manager, you know you should be focusing on tasks that generate a large ROI on your time. But you are bogged down with endless non-value adding tasks.

Are you still logging into accounts to download reports to get basic data?

Are you wasting time cleaning up raw data files, copying over data and creating tables?

Do you have to review your assistant’s work to make sure the data is accurate?

Is your business running reactively instead of proactively?

Is your team able to make decisions without you telling them what to do?

Is your team making wrong decisions because of old, incomplete or incorrect data?

You could delegate this type of work to an assistant, but you still have to go through the trouble of hiring, training and reviewing the data to make sure it is correct.

Worst of all, you think to yourself: “I might as well do it myself .

Inefficiency, errors and waste all resulting in:

  • leaking money
  • decreasing margins
  • missing growth opportunities

What is it worth to be on top of your FBA business?

amazon fba business tools

Your business needs to run efficiently to maximize margins because Amazon takes so much.

If you could save 5 hours of tedious work each week, what is that worth to you and your team?

How much easier would your job be if your team had the latest data with a single click? They could focus on their job and make decisions on their own.

You won’t be worried, distracted or waste time on the little things.

You could focus your time and energy on things like:

forecasting to improve turnover

inventory planning to prevent your best sellers going out of stock so you don’t waste money on emergency air shipments

improving your conversions by optimizing images and keywords

better understanding the seasonality of your products

identifying the winners, losers and ones with potential that need more attention

Gorilla ROI integrates Amazon Seller Central with Google Sheets


Once you start automating and streamlining your workflow to automatically load the latest data into your spreadsheets, it becomes one of those “why didn’t I do this sooner?” moment.

By integrating Amazon Seller Central with Google Sheets, you can automatically import your seller data into Google Sheets and automate multiple aspects of your workflow for you and your team.

“Finally. I can automatically import my seller data from Amazon into Google Sheets without knowing code…”

Why you’ll love using Gorilla ROI



You finally have up to date FBA data whenever you need it

No more hassles of reviewing assistant’s spreadsheet for accuracy

You can foresee and make accurate data driven decisions – proactively

Easier to share and control data points with internal or external people

You can dedicate more time towards growth opportunities

“If you are spending more time managing your business than actually getting work done, check out Gorilla ROI.”

How Gorilla ROI works

gorilla roi amazon google sheets add-on install

Gorilla ROI is a Google Sheets addon. Once enabled, it works just like any Google Sheet or Excel formula.

We have a large list of functions and variables that you can use to get pinpoint data straight from your seller account to your spreadsheet.

No bloat. 100% flexibility.

If you know how to use spreadsheet functions, you already know 90% of how to use the Gorilla ROI Google Sheets Add-on.

A look at one of the Gorilla ROI Functions

=GORILLA_ASINLIST( ) – Get list of ASIN’s in your Amazon account


Return a list of active and inactive ASIN’s from your marketplace(s).


GORILLA_ASINLIST([marketplace], [filter_sku])



If no attributes are entered, it will list all your current active and inactive ASIN’s from all marketplaces.


Lists all ASIN’s from US marketplace only where the ASIN starts with “B43”.

3 easy wins using Gorilla ROI today

amazon best sellers

1. Get to know your best and worst SKU’s up close

Easily identify best and worst products at a glance

Understand which product to invest into

Know which products are gaining traction and prepare

Create this dashboard with a mix of =GORILLA_SKUASIN(), =GORILLA_SALESCOUNT() and =GORILLA_PRODUCT()

amazon inventory planning

2. Stop losing money and rank going out of stock

Import real time inventory levels and improve your inventory planning

Know when to restock and stop your best seller from going out of stock and losing money

Your team knows when inventory needs to be sent in

Import real time inventory data with =GORILLA_INVENTORY() 

gorilla sheets sales growth

3. Understand your sales and growth patterns

Easily identify best and worst products at a glance

Understand which product to invest into

Cold facts reveal which product is losing money


Who is Gorilla ROI for?

Good Fit Users

You need Amazon FBA data

You want to automate workflow

You prioritize convenience & efficiency

You make data driven decisions

You already run calculations and reports through Google Sheets

Bad Fit Users

You mainly sell FBM

You don’t use Google Sheets often or have time to learn formulas

You only sell a few items a day

You are looking for accounting and research tools

You want free or cheap

Are you an agency, consultant or company that manages 3 or more seller accounts?

You qualify for Gorilla Agency.

FREE pre-made templates included

Pre-made Google Sheets are included for free when you sign up.

amazon inventory replenish template spreadsheet


Get a clear, accurate and easy to understand dashboard of what to send and how many to send based on sales velocity.

amazon finances breakdown spreadsheet template


Pull in your finances related to all sales, charges and fees associated with your account or a single SKU.

Combine with our list of over 50 preset periods to quickly compare performance.

amazon sales performance spreadsheet


See top sellers, BSR rank, how much sales has been generated per product and how many units have been sold over various time periods with ease. 

amazon google sheets spreadsheet template integration


Keep an eye on product stats like title, rank, review count, review rating and more.

Quickly identify if something was changed without your permission. 

gorilla ROI sheets training spreadsheet


A simple step by step tutorial to the basics of using Gorilla Sheets. Custom function examples and more.

Reduce your learning curve if you are learning spreadsheets. 

Gorilla ROI pricing

30 day money back guarantee with hassle free refunds




  • Unlimited Orders/mo
  • No overage charges

  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Unlimited Users
  • All features included
  • All marketplaces supported
  • Free templates included
  • Express support




  • 3K – 10K orders/mo
  • Overage of 1c per order

  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Unlimited Users
  • All features included
  • All marketplaces supported
  • Free templates included
  • Priority support




  • 1 – 3K orders/mo
  • Overage of 1c per order

  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Unlimited Users
  • All features included
  • All marketplaces supported
  • Free templates included
  • Email support




  • No sign up required
  • Works for any 3 FBA SKU’s

30 days no questions asked


If Gorilla does not return an ROI, cancel anytime.

What have you got to lose?

Don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what customers said changed for the better after implementing Gorilla ROI.

“I am able to pull data from all my clients and use a template to generate documents weekly.

Wes Beckwith – Amazon Agency

“I have finally found a flexible inventory management system for my FBA business”

J T – FBA Seller

“The tool I developed inexpensively stopped working after 5 months so I was pulling reports manually, which takes longer and doesn’t always have all the complete data I need. Now I can pull product price, shipping price, ratings, and review count data from Amazon, for each of the 3600 ASINs I have.”

Tyler Harris – Amazon, Ebay, Etsy Seller

“I have looked at many inventory apps, but they are costly and heavy to learn. I decided to build my own at zoho creator but I didn’t want to learn their scripting language. Then I found you and I can pull FBA gorilla data into my appsheets business app directly from google sheets.

Pecanshop.com – Amazon, Wholesale, Shopify Seller

“We found Gorilla ROI because we were looking for a way to automate our Amazon sales into a spreadsheet. We want to track our sales to see trends and also better track our profit.

Chase Crawford – FBA Seller

“Now I get my sales data for top sellers nice and concise inside a single spreadsheet.”

Dylan Young – FBA Seller

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gorilla ROI addon?

Gorilla ROI addon is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to connect and import data directly from your Amazon Seller Central account into Google Sheets.

How does overage work?

Let’s say you sign up for the monthly STARTER plan which includes up to 3,000 FBA orders a month.

You grow to 3,500 orders this month. Your overage is 500 orders.

Your monthly bill is an extra 500x$0.01=$5.00

See more examples

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to the refund policy.

The Gorilla ROI addon and Gorilla Agency are valid for a 30 day money back guarantee.

PRO Spreadsheets are non-refundable.

What’s included?

All plans receive access to the full feature set of the Google Sheets Addon as well as Free Spreadsheet templates.

PRO Spreadsheets are sold separately.

Do you offer a trial?

A trial is not offered because you can test the add-on for free.

You may use the addon for free for up to 3 SKU’s.

All Gorilla ROI premium plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Is my seller data safe?

Your seller data is very safe.

Please read how we keep your seller and product data safe and private.

Can I connect multiple MARKETPLACES?

Yes, you can connect multiple marketplaces with a single account.

If you are not on an unlimited or agency plan, the total number of orders across your account is used to calculate any overage charges.

Unlimited plans come with 2 unlimited seller accounts.

Can I connect multiple SELLER accounts?

Yes, you can connect multiple marketplace ID’s with a single account.

If you are not on an unlimited or agency plan, the total number of orders across your seller accounts are used to calculate any overage charges.

Unlimited plans come with 2 unlimited seller accounts.

Which payment is possible?

All major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept bitcoin or foreign currency. Prices in USD.

How do I install the addon?
How do I access the sample spreadsheets?

You must sign up and be signed in to your account at app.gorillaroi.com

From your account, go to the basic spreadsheets and the click the button to copy them to your Google drive.

I signed up. Why is my data not showing?

After sign up, give it at least 24 hours for the data to populate.

Data is never provided instantly by Amazon and it takes some time to backfill – especially if you are a big seller.

Data like reviews and BSR are not provided by Amazon. We use our own algorithms to import the information which takes time once you have connected.

It is not instantaneous.

How come my numbers do not match what I see on Amazon Seller Central exactly?

There are many variables involved.

Amazon operates in different marketplaces, timezones and currencies. Our service is based on USA Pacfic time. Therefore there can be a slight difference due to different cut off times.

Amazon’s API is not an accounting API. If you need accounting accuracy to the nearest cent, manually reconciling is the only way possible.

I am an EU seller and the formula gives errors

A formula in USA uses comma such as =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“SKU12345”, “sku2asin”).

If you are in EU a comma may not be used on your system. You may have to use semicolon =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“SKU12345”; “sku2asin”).

Use the correct format that matches your local language settings.

How many SKU’s can I use?

Unlimited SKU’s for all accounts. The account pricing tier is only based on the number of monthly orders.

Does this work for FBM?

No. Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) is not supported. Only FBA.

How many users can use the addon?

Unlimited for all accounts. We only charge based on total orders per month.

Security and user permission features are only offered with Gorilla Agency.

Where can I see the full list of functions you support?

Head over to our full list of functions along with examples.