Gorilla ROI helps Amazon sellers and agencies easily load Amazon data inside Google Sheets

Amazon Seller Tools for Google Sheets

Spreadsheets remain crucial to any business. With the help of our Gorilla ROI Amazon seller tools, connect your spreadsheets to Amazon seller central and load your data directly into Google sheets.

amazon seller software

Amazon Seller Tools: What to look for

Gorilla Sheets Google Addon Function List for Amazon Seller Central Data

Find the right Amazon seller tools for your business

You are here because you are looking for Amazon FBA tools that:

  • save you time from repetitive tasks
  • increase efficiency of a certain FBA business operation
  • saves you money and maximizes your profits
  • offers flexibility
  • can scale with your business

Here are some hair pulling aspects of running an Amazon business where the right Amazon FBA software can make your life easier.

Having to track inbound inventory manually by going into the manage inventory page and clicking on each product

Not being able to check the sales performance by SKU for different time periods.

Having to sign up to multiple software and still relying on your spreadsheets.

Not being able to have your team access vital data to keep products in stock.

Being stuck in micro-managing all aspects of the FBA business instead of growing it.

At Gorilla ROI, our focus is to create the best and most flexible spreadsheet tool for Amazon sellers.

Rather than throw out your spreadsheets, or manually updating the data each time, you can automatically load FBA data straight into Google Sheets using our Seller Central to Google Sheets Connector.

Supercharge your existing spreadsheets without breaking the workflow that you and your team are accustomed to.

How to use our Amazon Seller Tools

Our FBA to Google Sheets connector offers a direct connection to your Seller Central account.

What this means is that we don’t limit you to our web interface. If you have a need, you can create your own “FBA business apps” within Google sheets, feed it live data and use it within your company.

You don’t have to pay thousands or hire a developer to create a prototype.

Here are some examples of what you can do with our Amazon FBA seller tools.

sku to asin - list all SKUs
Auto feed data into existing spreadsheets

Automatically feed data into your existing spreadsheets and models without any code. If you like your spreadsheets, why not supercharge them with automation?

Create profit and loss statements

Ditch transaction reports and recreating reports in excel. Load your fees and charges automatically by day, month, quarter, year and more.

In-house warehouse management system

Most warehouse and inventory systems are overkill for small to medium businesses. Keep it simple and track your data and products by pulling data into G-Sheets.

Amazon review check

Pull and track your reviews within sheets. Keep an eye on the reviews to maximize your Amazon seller account strength.

Amazon sales tracker

Track and measure your performance for any SKU. Get sales data for any period without having to deal with clicking dates and exporting.

Amazon rank checker

Track your historical sales, BSR, category and more from within a spreadsheet. Easily see which products have sudden spikes or drops and take action.

Access your Amazon data without any code

Gorilla ROI is a Google Sheets addon. Once enabled, it works just like any Google Sheet or Excel formula.

Gorilla ROI offers a large set of functions that will retrieve the data from your seller account. Automate your current spreadsheets and models. Or use our included templates.

No bloat. 100% flexibility.

Your current knowledge of Google Sheets will be enough for you to enjoy all the functionalities of Gorilla ROI.

gorilla roi amazon google sheets add-on install

A look at one of the Gorilla ROI Functions

=GORILLA_INVENTORY( ) – Get quantity and status of inventory


Get inventory movement status of a product such as how many is in stock, transfer or inbound.


GORILLA_INVENTORY(sku, [marketplace], [status])



This formula will bring in the instock numbers of product B002JHD38 for the US market.


Our Amazon addon tool accepts range inputs like A1:A100 so you can get data in bulk.

This formula will pull the inbound inventory for the US marketing for all SKUs or ASINs listed in A1 to A100.

Software to suit each Amazon seller

Every seller on Amazon has different requirements. We offer flexible software solutions for each type of Amazon seller on all marketplaces.

Single seller plans
Best up to 2 seller accounts
Best for low volume sellers
Pay what you use
Multiple account plans
Best for 3 or more accounts
Best for teams
Flat monthly fees

Just some of our Amazon software features

Amazon Seller Software 1

Features offered on all plans

Bulk load (several thousand) ASINs and SKUs

Get your latest Amazon inventory data

Get fee estimates for your product

Pull pricing data for your products

Get detailed units sold and sales totals

Load reviews and ratings

Get historical daily values for inventory and sales

and more

Documentation and tutorials for each Amazon tools feature

Amazon Seller Software 2

How to use as an Amazon Review Checker

Ultimate Amazon seller fees guide with free spreadsheet.

How to import Amazon seller fees into Google Sheets 

How to load FBA inventory data into Google Sheets 

How to pull lowest price and offerings from your Amazon listing

Get historical BSR rank for any custom time period 

Ready to start?

We offer several plans for single account Amazon sellers or multiple account holders and agencies.

Find the plan that best fits you.

Amazon Seller Tools & Templates Included

Pre-made spreadsheets for Amazon sellers included in account

amazon profit loss spreadsheet template


Calculate your Amazon profit and loss accurately by automatically pulling your transactions into this template. Categorized into income and expenses so you get the true P&L of your SKU and account.

amazon sales performance spreadsheet


See top sellers, BSR rank, how much sales has been generated per product and how many units have been sold over various time periods with ease. 

amazon finances breakdown spreadsheet template


Pull in your finances related to all sales, charges and fees associated with your account and products.

Contains over 50 preset periods to compare and analyze the performance of your business.

amazon inventory replenish template spreadsheet


Track and manage your inventory based on sales velocity. Get a clear, accurate and timely update on your stock to stay on top of your business and avoid stock out.

amazon google sheets spreadsheet template integration


Keep an eye on product stats like title, rank, review count, review rating and more.

Quickly identify if something was changed without your permission. 

gorilla ROI sheets training spreadsheet


A simple step by step tutorial to the basics of using Gorilla Sheets. Custom function examples and more.

Reduce your learning curve if you are learning spreadsheets. 

30 days no questions asked


If Gorilla Agency does not return an ROI, cancel anytime.

What have you got to lose?

Amazon Seller Software 3

Nothing to lose, a whole lot to gain

Cancel anytime within 30 days for a full refund.

Takes less than 10 minutes to get started.

Use our templates to it running immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gorilla ROI addon?

Gorilla ROI addon is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to connect and import data directly from your Amazon Seller Central account into Google Sheets.

How does overage work?

Let’s say you sign up for the monthly STARTER plan which includes up to 3,000 FBA orders a month.

You grow to 3,500 orders this month. Your overage is 500 orders.

Your monthly bill is an extra 500x$0.01=$5.00

See more examples

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to the refund policy.

The Gorilla ROI addon and Gorilla Agency are valid for a 30 day money back guarantee.

PRO Spreadsheets are non-refundable.

What’s included?

All plans receive access to the full feature set of the Google Sheets Addon as well as Free Spreadsheet templates.

PRO Spreadsheets are sold separately.

Do you offer a trial?

A trial is not offered because you can test the add-on for free.

You may use the addon for free for up to 3 SKU’s.

All Gorilla ROI premium plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Is my seller data safe?

Your seller data is very safe.

Please read how we keep your seller and product data safe and private.

Can I connect multiple MARKETPLACES?

Yes, you can connect multiple marketplaces with a single account.

If you are not on an unlimited or agency plan, the total number of orders across your account is used to calculate any overage charges.

Unlimited plans come with 2 unlimited seller accounts.

Can I connect multiple SELLER accounts?

Yes, you can connect multiple marketplace ID’s with a single account.

If you are not on an unlimited or agency plan, the total number of orders across your seller accounts are used to calculate any overage charges.

Unlimited plans come with 2 unlimited seller accounts.

Which payment is possible?

All major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept bitcoin or foreign currency. Prices in USD.

How do I install the addon?
How do I access the sample spreadsheets?

You must sign up and be signed in to your account at app.gorillaroi.com

From your account, go to the basic spreadsheets and the click the button to copy them to your Google drive.

I signed up. Why is my data not showing?

After sign up, give it at least 24 hours for the data to populate.

Data is never provided instantly by Amazon and it takes some time to backfill – especially if you are a big seller.

Data like reviews and BSR are not provided by Amazon. We use our own algorithms to import the information which takes time once you have connected.

It is not instantaneous.

How come my numbers do not match what I see on Amazon Seller Central exactly?

There are many variables involved.

Amazon operates in different marketplaces, timezones and currencies. Our service is based on USA Pacfic time. Therefore there can be a slight difference due to different cut off times.

Amazon’s API is not an accounting API. If you need accounting accuracy to the nearest cent, manually reconciling is the only way possible.

I am an EU seller and the formula gives errors

A formula in USA uses comma such as =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“SKU12345”, “sku2asin”).

If you are in EU a comma may not be used on your system. You may have to use semicolon =GORILLA_SKUASIN(“SKU12345”; “sku2asin”).

Use the correct format that matches your local language settings.

How many SKU’s can I use?

Unlimited SKU’s for all accounts. The account pricing tier is only based on the number of monthly orders.

Does this work for FBM?

No. Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) is not supported. Only FBA.

How many users can use the addon?

Unlimited for all accounts. We only charge based on total orders per month.

Security and user permission features are only offered with Gorilla Agency.

Where can I see the full list of functions you support?

Head over to our full list of functions along with examples.

Why choose us?

We specialize in delivering data from seller central straight to your spreadsheets.

The way you want it, when you want it, how you want it.