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How does order overage work?

Overage helps you keep your cost down so that you can grow your business without paying excessive payments.

Monthly Plan Example #1

Let’s say you sign up for the monthly Novice Plan (1-3000 orders per month). This plan is your base price.

If you grow to 4,000 orders, each order over 3000 orders is considered overage. In this case, 1000 orders are overage.

At 4,000 orders, your invoice will be an extra 1000 x $0.01 which is $10.

Your monthly bill will be $49 + $10 = $59

  • This is much cheaper than paying the next tiered plan of $89/mo.

Monthly Plan Example #2

You are on the monthly Pro Seller plan (3k-10k orders/mo).

If you stay within the 10k order limit, your invoice will remain at $89/mo.

Let’s say you grow to 13k orders a month. This is an overage of 3,000 orders.

Your invoice will be calculated as 3,000 x $0.01 + $89 = $119

Still cheaper than the Unlimited plan and a way to save money.

Your invoices and calculations can be viewed when you log into your account. Go to billing history and you can see the monthly calculation from your account.

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