Gorilla ROI helps Amazon sellers and agencies easily load Amazon data inside Google Sheets

Google addon for Amazon sellers and agencies managing multiple seller accounts

“Amazon data updates that used to take hours is now automatic and requires almost no time and effort.”

Load seller central data inside Google sheets without manually accessing accounts and exporting Amazon reports multiple times a day.

gorilla roi agency addon

The bottleneck of managing multiple Amazon seller accounts

As you started managing multiple accounts, you likely noticed how little things add up and take away your productivity.

  • logging in to Amazon seller central
  • downloading reports
  • cleaning up files
  • creating reports
  • repeat for each account you manage

It used to take 15 minutes, but now eats up one hour before you even get to analyzing the data.

Delegating the manual process works for a while, but then your assistant quickly becomes overloaded. Whether you hire internally or outsource the process, it quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars a month.

The tediousness, slowness of manual updates and lack of visibility into the data starts to amplify.

gorilla agency amazon software tools

Inefficiency is draining your profits and growth

Amazon forces you to keep all your accounts separated .

You waste time collecting and cleaning up information from multiple accounts.

Hiring an assistant costs hundreds a month, errors still exist, and extra overhead costs.

You have to review it because manual entry still has errors.

Harder to see and provide expert insights in a timely manner.

The main problem is not being able to see the big picture of each account and giving insightful recommendations to your clients or team.

This severely limits your scaling and growth potential as you are handcuffed with the number of accounts you have.

How Gorilla helps your business manage multiple Amazon seller accounts

We created the Google Sheets addon called Gorilla ROI and Gorilla Agency to leverage time. As we grew our Amazon sales to over 7 figures, the number of brands and SKUs increased with it. We were falling behind the business and too busy putting out fires instead of staying ahead and steering it in the right direction.

If you are an agency or seller with multiple accounts, managing accounts efficiently with flexibility is important.

How much easier would it be if you could update the latest data across all accounts to come up with ideas and suggestions like:

How many units of each SKU are being sold between any period

Which SKUs are gaining traction and should be shipped out before it goes out of stock

How the account is doing compared to the same period from last year

Which products have potential and should be optimized further

See what’s working on one account and apply the same strategy to other accounts

gorilla agency google addon

All within Google Sheets and no coding knowledge required.

If you already use Google Sheets to analyze your data and share information within your teams and clients, Gorilla ROI will load your spreadsheets and models with data to eliminate the manual process.

It is plug and play.

How Gorilla ROI works

Gorilla ROI is a Google Sheets addon. Once enabled, it works just like any Google Sheet or Excel formula.

Gorilla ROI offers a large set of functions that will retrieve the data from your seller account. Automate your current spreadsheets and models. Or use our included templates.

No bloat. 100% flexibility.

Your current knowledge of Google Sheets will be enough for you to enjoy all the functionalities of Gorilla ROI.

gorilla roi amazon google sheets add-on install
Gorilla Agency 1

A look at one of the Gorilla ROI Functions

=GORILLA_ASINLIST( ) – Get list of ASIN’s in your Amazon account


Return a list of active and inactive ASIN’s from your marketplace(s).


GORILLA_ASINLIST(SellerID, [marketplace], [filter_sku])



If no attributes are entered, it will list all your current active and inactive ASIN’s from all marketplaces.


Lists all ASIN’s for the seller “A7302JHD38”, from US marketplace only where the ASIN starts with “B43”.

Say goodbye to logging into each account and pulling reports multiple times a day.

Pull seller central data for any seller account from within your spreadsheets



  • No more logging in and out
  • No generating reports
  • No cleaning up dirty csv files
  • No copying and pasting needed

100% control and flexibility with your spreadsheets and reports

Total control and flexibility when you automate data into your spreadsheets.

amazon sku inventory stages spreadsheet


  • Works just like a regular spreadsheet formula like =SUM
  • Works with your existing spreadsheets
  • Create your own internal apps
  • Use our templates to get started easily

Other ways Gorilla ROI can be used

Auto feed data into existing spreadsheets

Automatically feed data into your existing spreadsheets and models without any code. If you like your spreadsheets, why not supercharge them with automation?

Create profit and loss statements

Ditch transaction reports and recreating reports in excel. Load your fees and charges automatically by day, month, quarter, year and more.

In-house warehouse management system

Most warehouse and inventory systems are overkill for small to medium businesses. Keep it simple and track your data and products by pulling data into G-Sheets.

Who is Gorilla Agency for?

Businesses that manage multiple Amazon FBA and/or FBM accounts

Agencies who need to keep data separate between clients for easier reporting

Amazon businesses that manage 3 or more seller accounts

Amazon brokers that sell FBA or FBM accounts and listings

Consultants hired to improve conversions and find areas of improvement

Good Fit Users

Agency, consultant or company managing 3 or more Amazon accounts and needing detailed data per account.

You want to scale without extra work

Your clients want detailed data driven recommendations

You are trying to simplify workflow

You already run models and reports through Google Sheets

Bad Fit Users

Manage or own 1-2 seller accounts only (Use Gorilla ROI Single Seller instead)

You manage small volume seller accounts

You don’t use Google Sheets often and don’t have time to learn formulas

You are looking for accounting and product research tools

You want free or cheap

What users say about us

Gorilla ROI is rated 4.7 out of 5 on the Google Marketplace. Good or bad, these are 100% honest and real, just like us.

Create dynamic custom reports that update for each Amazon seller account


Without needing to know any code, you can create dynamic custom reports that update automatically for any seller account you need to report on.

Use basic Google Sheet style formulas to get detailed data on the fly for any seller account.

Anyone in your team can learn the simple functions to pull information and keep your operations running smoothly without having to:

  1. ask you for data
  2. logging in to each account and extracting data

You can keep it as broad or granular as you like.

Add extra parameters to the formula to get in-depth details for any seller like reviews, inventory numbers, sales, units sold, fees, and more.

Use a formula like


to get the last 3 reviews for SKU DJHF-2322-ASKJ from the seller account A8NHSOIUGK23H.

agency formula example

A look at another Gorilla ROI Function

=GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER( ) – Get the lowest offered listing price


Get the lowest offered listing price from any seller that is selling the SKU


GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER(sellerId, sku, [marketplace], [condition], [returnStyle], [priceType])



The simplest version. Returns the current lowest price being advertised on the listing for the SKU. The seller ID is used to identify which seller and SKU to look up. If no other attributes are added, it uses the default conditions.

=GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER(“A00AF234TO“, “SKU12345”, “US”, “New”, “price”, “LandedPrice”)

This full formula looks up the lowest offered price on the listing for seller A00AF234TO and SKU “SKU12345” from the US market, in NEW condition. You can also look up other conditions like Used, Like New and other conditions supported by Amazon.

Better team sharing, data security and permission control

gorilla agency security feature

Want other people in your organization to use the Google Sheets addon, but limit their access to certain seller accounts?

Rather than allowing every member in your team to pull data from all accounts, you can assign the seller accounts a user can import data from.

This is especially helpful if you want to allow clients or junior employees to access data.

A simple case study

Let’s say you manage 4 accounts.

You have access to all accounts but you only want Jim Cortana from operations team to access accounts 2 and 4.

He should not be looking at data from account 1 and 3.

Easy to do with Gorilla Agency.

Select the accounts Jim or any other user should get access as you see in the screenshot below.

gorilla agency permissions

Why you should control access

Only users added to the Gorilla Agency account can access data

Centralize permissions to protect sensitive account data from the wrong people

Clients or partners have piece of mind knowing their data is safe

You can charge extra to clients for them to access their data via Google Sheets

Provide added value and upsells with subaccounts

Want to make your clients even happier and retain them longer?

Add value by creating sub user accounts for them. Provide basic spreadsheet dashboards that update automatically to help them with daily operations.

You could even charge a monthly fee for this added value as an upsell.

Gorilla Agency 9

Gorilla AGENCY vs Single Seller Addon

Gorilla Agency

Suited for large sellers

All functions included

3 unlimited accounts included in base plan

Supports unlimited number of accounts

Flat pricing. No overage charges.

Security and user controls

Express support

Regular Addon

Suited for small to medium sellers

All functions included

Max 2 sellers accounts included and charged based on orders/mo

Pricing based on orders/mo with overage charges

All users access the data

Slower email support

Just imagine how much…

Gorilla Agency 10

clients and teams will love you

Deliver rockstar reports, suggestions and insights before being asked.

Proactively manage accounts instead of responding to questions and requests.

See all your accounts with ease and cement your expertise and authority.

Gorilla Agency 11

you can scale with ease

You can take on more accounts without increasing your workload.

Your team can securely access the data and create reports for your review.

New seller accounts can be quickly integrated with minimal effort.

FREE pre-made templates included

Pre-made Google Sheets are included for free when you sign up.

amazon profit loss spreadsheet template


Calculate your Amazon profit and loss accurately by automatically pulling your transactions into this template. Categorized into income and expenses so you get the true P&L of your SKU and account.

simple amazon profit inventory dashboard template report


A simple way to track your inventory and profit on Amazon. Select a SKU and get a quick overview of your profits and inventory status.

amazon sales performance spreadsheet


See top sellers, BSR rank, how much sales has been generated per product and how many units have been sold over various time periods with ease. 

Gorilla Agency 12


A simple high level sales report overview of your Amazon product. Select a SKU and marketplace and it will load your sales stats and key performance indicators.

amazon finances breakdown spreadsheet template


Pull in your finances related to all sales, charges and fees associated with your account and products.

Contains over 50 preset periods to compare and analyze the performance of your business.

amazon inventory replenish template spreadsheet


Track and manage your inventory based on sales velocity. Get a clear, accurate and timely update on your stock to stay on top of your business and avoid stock out.

amazon google sheets spreadsheet template integration


Keep an eye on product stats like title, rank, review count, review rating and more.

Quickly identify if something was changed without your permission. 

gorilla ROI sheets training spreadsheet


A simple step by step tutorial to the basics of using Gorilla Sheets. Custom function examples and more.

Reduce your learning curve if you are learning spreadsheets. 

Multiple Seller Accounts (AGENCY) Flat Pricing

Best for managing multiple seller accounts and marketplaces




50 accounts included

+ $10 ea


  • Only pay for extra accounts
  • Unlimited everything else




20 accounts included

+ $10 ea


  • Only pay for extra accounts
  • Unlimited everything else




10 accounts included

+ $20 ea


  • Only pay for extra accounts
  • Unlimited everything else




3 accounts included

+ $25 ea


  • Only pay for extra accounts
  • Unlimited everything else

Have complex questions? Need a demo?

Have a unique business model or need to see how Gorilla ROI can fit your needs?

Book a demo time that is convenient to you.

Multiple Seller Plan Upgrades

Reimbursement Data Package
  • Additional flat monthly plan on top of the base plan above.
  • Access to reimbursement data to get money back from Amazon.
  • Alternative to paying agencies 10% of the amount collected.
  • One time payment. Lifetime updates.
  • Pre-made and ready to use dashboards, calculators, Chinese to English agreements and more.
  • Save money and time. Created by spreadsheet masters and nerds that have mastered the art of spreadsheets, design and usability.
1YR Total Support Package
  • Includes set up service, 1 year support and warranty.
  • Blazing fast support over email, chat or video.
  • Mess things up? We’ll get you back on track.
  • Not advanced with sheets? We’ll walk you through.