Gorilla ROI helps Amazon sellers and agencies easily load Amazon data inside Google Sheets


Our 1YR Total Support Package

A “done-for-you” onboarding service. Sit back and relax.

Our spreadsheet ninjas set up Gorilla ROI for you.

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Want a spreadsheet nerd to set up Gorilla ROI?

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Yes. We love spreadsheets.

If you are looking at this total package plan, check the box that best describes you.

Don’t have time to learn everything and set it up yourself

Not a spreadsheet nerd like us

Have complicated spreadsheets and need guidance on implementation

As a team of self-professed spreadsheet nerds and ninjas, we take care of the entire set up process for you from start to finish when you sign up.

What do I get with the Total Support Plan?


One year of support and warranty of spreadsheets and other templates we offer

100% turn-key set up service

All templates and spreadsheets we offer are set up with your account

Blazing fast support over email, chat or phone

Does not include

Custom development services or building spreadsheets/apps from scratch

Becoming on-demand assistants or contractors to your business

Implementation to your existing spreadsheets that are huge and complex

Consulting your Amazon business

Spreadsheet management and monitoring for your organization

Steps to take after purchasing the support package

gorilla agency google addon

After you purchase the 1Year Total Support Package, you will receive an email with basic instructions on what to do.

  1. Verify your seller account is connected with Gorilla ROI
  2. The spreadsheets/templates we offer are saved to your GDrive account
  3. Share the spreadsheet or folder containing the spreadsheets with our setup team

Add your seller ID to your profile at app.gorillaroi.com.

Agencies must add the seller IDs, auth tokens and user emails into their account.

Save the PRO Spreadsheets from your to a new Gdrive folder and share the access with us. Then we will set up all the templates and make sure it is working.

If you have existing spreadsheets you want to have integrated, share it with our team.

We can tell within 10 mins how complex or straightforward your spreadsheets are.

Don’t take our word for it.

Google marketplace reviews showing what changed for the better with Gorilla ROI

Total Support Package 3

As my FBA is growing I have tried a few other software to get a grip on my numbers but always found their potential too limited… that was until I came across GorillaROI. I can design now the spreadsheets any way I like and this works for me/my business perfectly.

Pierre Noziere – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 4

The add-in makes the updates that used to take hours, automatic, and therefore requires almost no time and effort. The templates that come with the subscription are great time savers for those who do not want or do not have the bandwidth to create their own and need a plug and play solution.

I highly recommend it!

Leszek Lekstan – Amazon Agency

Total Support Package 5

Amazing app. Wish I had this 5 years ago.

Colin – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 3

We were generating/copying/pasting tons of reports from Seller Central to calculate our FBA inventory replenishments. Now all the data is pre-filled with current data the moment we open the sheet.

Eric Eichhorn – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 7

Been looking for something like this for ages to get rid of all the manual work we were doing to update our accounts. We can update reports for clients much quicker and look brilliant for being able to give clients what they want, so quickly.

Margaret Landon – Amazon Agency

Total Support Package 8

This has made analyzing store activity so much easier! There’s no reason to rely on Excel Sheets that are only as current as your latest export.

Trent Guyer – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 3

Great product. I use it to monitor my category ranking. If you have many ASINs it’s the only way to keep track of it.

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 3

Great software which allows you to take control of your sales and inventory in your own hands. You can build your own reports for your specific needs and change/customize them when and as needed. Or you can use provided pre-designed plug-and-play reports. It does require you to be a bit more tech savvy, than users of other apps, but after you learned how it works, the benefits you’ll get will be unmatched by any other software.

Hades Mcr – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 11

Works great. Can load seller central data directly. SO much flexibility with what you can build if you have the data.

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 12

We have used the tools to rewrite pretty much all of our business management sheets – replacing our screen scraping and manual processes with GorillaROI addins. The addins themselves are well documented and are easy to use and the example sheets provided (the free ones it comes with) accelerate understanding and allowed us to get running very quickly.

Gareth Stagemen – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 13

Data automation at it’s finest. I run a 2 million dollar business with 2 employees. Tools like Gorilla allow me to do it.

Cory Stout – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 3

Love using Gorilla – quickened my analysis time and I can easily manage my costs across all my products.

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 15

Gorilla is amazing. I highly recommend it. Especially, if you’re looking for accurate snapshots of how your business is doing.

BUBS Natural – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 16

It saves us so much time and gives us insights on how to quickly modify our Amazon strategy on the fly. I recommend Gorilla ROI to anyone with an amazon FBA business.

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 17

Gorilla ROI has enabled me to build my own dashboard for tracking things that are important to me, and it has significantly cut down on the manual data extraction that I previously needed to track a products performance. Highly recommend!

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 3

Not only a time saver tool that gets my Amazon data ready to use in google sheets, you also get ready-to-use sheets to start working with.

The customization you can do in the reports with no effort is limitless.

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 19

Amazing app. There are a lot of different software out there for Amazon data, but this is the only one I have found that gives you the data directly so you can work with it any way you want instead of pre-programmed reports and charts. It is also very reasonably priced.

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 20

Huge time saver! Got great support from the onboarding team – the app is giving us exactly what we need to better run our business. Would highly recommend!

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 3

Superb product. We use a lot of software to pull in sales/financial data from Amazon. They all lack the flexibility of Gorilla ROI. A great product that allows us to do custom reports on the fly.

John Bond – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 22

I was looking to make my own reports the way I want and filter them the way I want and other software simply did not allow me to have as much flexibility as this does. Also I have multiple investors who invested in their own brands from my account and I can give them limited visibility to sales.

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 3

I am able to pull data from all my clients and use a template to generate documents weekly.

Wes Beckman – Amazon Agency

Total Support Package 3

Now I get my sales data for top sellers nice and concise inside a single spreadsheet.

Dylan Young – FBA Seller

Total Support Package 25

Love this add-on!

I can create my own reports, the way I want.

Google Marketplace Review – Amazon Seller

Total Support Package 3

The tool I developed inexpensively stopped working after 5 months so I was pulling reports manually, which takes longer and doesn’t always have all the complete data I need. Now I can pull product price, shipping price, ratings, and review count data from Amazon, for each of the 3600 ASINs I have.

Tyler Harris – Amazon, Ebay, Etsy Seller

Total Support Package 3

I have looked at many inventory apps, but they are costly and heavy to learn. I decided to build my own at zoho creator but I didn’t want to learn their scripting language. Then I found you and I can pull FBA gorilla data into my appsheets business app directly from google sheets.

Pecanshop.com – Amazon, Wholesale, Shopify Seller

Total Support Package 3

We found Gorilla ROI because we were looking for a way to automate our Amazon sales into a spreadsheet. We want to track our sales to see trends and also better track our profit.

Chase Crawford – FBA Seller

Get your One Year of Total Support

Total Support Package 29
PRO sheets + set up service + 1 year support + warranty
  • Includes PRO spreadsheet package.
  • Blazing fast support over email, chat or phone.
  • We fix any broken Gorilla ROI files, formulas.
  • We help with integrations with our templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Support Package?

Our spreadsheet ninjas will implement all of the templates and spreadsheets we offer so you can hit the road running and not be bogged down trying to figure everything out.

  • Includes PRO spreadsheet package.
  • Includes set up service, 1 year support and warranty.
  • Blazing fast support over email, chat or phone.
  • We fix any GorillaROI broken files, formulas.
  • We help with integrations with our templates.
Is this a lifetime support package?


The support package is for one year only.

If you need to continue getting support, please purchase the package again.

How do I purchase the 1Yr total support package?

There are two ways.

If you are new, go to the check out page and there is a checkbox to select the Total Support Package.

If you are already a subscriber and want the added peace of mind and help, go to your account page and click the button where is says “Get “1YR TOTAL SUPPORT PACKAGE” ”

Total Support Package 30
What is your refund policy?

Please refer to the refund policy.

This Support Pcakge is non-refundable as your account manager will do the actual work on your behalf. We are not satisfied with the work until you are.

PRO Spreadsheets are non-refundable.

The Gorilla ROI addon and Gorilla Agency are valid for a 30 day money back guarantee.

Are you available 24/7 whenever I need you?

We are extremely fast with replying and getting things fixed so your operations are not affected.

However, we do NOT become contractors, employees, servants to your business.

This is a support package, but our reputation is that we go above and beyond.

100% of our customers with the support package are extremely pleased with the level of:

  • service
  • spreadsheet technical prowess
  • communication
  • speed


Why choose us?

We specialize in delivering data from seller central straight to your spreadsheets.

The way you want it, when you want it, how you want it.