Wow clients with deeper insights and speedy reports

Reporting is a huge time-suck for agencies. Free up more time by automating what you can with Gorilla ROI. Focus on analyzing products, making recommendations, and getting better results for your clients.

Amaze clients with faster & better reporting

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Improve client satisfaction, increase retention and ROI


The OLD Way

  • Clients ask for unexpected updates
  • Takes 3 hours to re-create a report
  • Clients catch mistakes which makes you look bad
  • Not enough time to think and offer suggestions and recommendations
  • Time and resources wasted


The NEW Way

  • Automate the data retrieval
  • Use templates to generate client reports in 30min, not 3 hours
  • Provide recommendations and expert advice
  • Send deeply insightful client reports and stats
  • Increase client satisfaction and makes your team work easier

We sync $313M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Differentiate from your competitors

  • Do you want to attract more clients but your agency is maxed out?
  • Are you wanting to land bigger clients, but unsure whether you can meet their expectations?
  • Are you a growing agency and need to get more done with less?

Making data accessible to your team and your clients can be a serious advantage when you’re competing for business with other agencies.

  • Deliver deeply insightful reports such as a list of the best trending products this month vs last year
  • Provide valuable feedback like creating a promotion for slow-moving inventory that is eating up 10% of resources but generating 1% of sales
  • Show a detailed profit loss report over various periods to show how your agency has helped improve performance since being onboarded
  • Come up with more insightful reports like this because you have more time to think and strategize by automating the low-value part of your business like data gathering

Better reporting and data analysis that retains and upsells clients

Manual data entry is slow, error-prone and expensive. Finding someone for $15/hr to copy and paste all day adds up to $2000 a month!

You are paying your kick-ass account managers and data analysts to analyze, think and make recommendations based on the findings. They don’t want to waste their day with wasteful tasks even more than you.

Empower your team with the ability to access fresh data at any time to make the best business decisions for your business, improve your client sales and crush the competition.

Key improvements to your business

We sync $313M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Wow your clients with deeper insights and speedy reports. Start today.

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