Start profiting from your next acquisition faster

With mountains of data and reports to analyze, speed up due diligence, and increase profits by uncovering which areas to focus on to maximize ROI starting day one.

Identify and profit faster with our solution

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Easier due diligence and deeper insights into acquisitions from day one


The OLD Way

  • Mountains of reports and transactions to go through one by one
  • Amazon sellers taking too long to provide basic information
  • Recreating P&L’s and other reports manually
  • Need to verify and match inventory, sales and units sold
  • Takes time to merge the business into current operations


The NEW Way

  • Pull fresh data as needed to move to along due diligence phase
  • Get data when you need to compare and verify
  • Feed data into your existing reports to focus on analysis
  • Uncover hidden ways to improve or fix the business
  • Increase bottom line by integrating quicker with existing operations

We sync $313M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Quicken due diligence and integration into your portfolio

  • Do you need to be quicker with identifying and integrating the businesses your company is acquiring?
  • Are sellers taking forever to provide basic info about their products and account?
  • Do you need to stand out from the growing number of aggregators competing to buy Amazon businesses?
  • Are you looking to shorten the time to increase the ROI of new acquisitions?

Making data accessible to your team of financial, data, and account analysts can be a serious advantage when you’re competing for business against other aggregators.

  • Show a detailed profit loss report over various periods to forecast better and identify gaps that can be improved
  • Deliver deeply insightful reports such as detailed trend analysis and financial performance based on seller central transactions
  • Clearly identify which products to double down on to deliver quicker profits and maximize ROI
  • Provide valuable feedback on how to boost the profits of a business like creating a promotion for slow-moving inventory that is eating up 10% of resources but generating 1% of sales

Boost profits faster by making data accessible across the team

Whether you need to speed up the due diligence process, find a better way to find the best acquisition targets, or improve the process of integrating new acquisitions into your operations – fast access to deep and detailed data is vital to the solution.

Your team of talented analysts and account managers needs to spend more time analyzing, thinking, and strategizing ways to boost profits and performance of potential or newly acquired businesses. Not wasting time trying to organize the growing mess of Amazon reports that are scattered everywhere.

Empower your team with the ability to access fresh data at any time to make the best business decisions, boost profits and differentiate from the competition.

Key improvements to your business

We sync $313M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Start profiting from your next acquisition faster. Start today.

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