Automate your data and business analytics

Manual data updates and reporting is a huge time killer. Free up more time to think, analyze and offer insights to your company.

Why data analysts rave about us

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Free up more time to analyze and interpret data


The OLD Way

  • Generate and wait for 5 different reports
  • Takes 1.5 hours daily to update the report
  • Unable to spend time to interpret the data
  • Unable to use expertise to offer insights and recommendations
  • Repeat daily…


The NEW Way

  • Automate data pulls
  • Use our templates to generate reports in 30mins
  • Amaze your manager with expert insight and interpretation
  • Get more done with less effort and time

We sync $250M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Kiss goodbye to copy/paste

  • Do you spend more time copy/pasting than analyzing and interpreting data?
  • Are your talents not being fully utilized because you are working to get data, instead of making data work for you?
  • Is the amount of data and reports you have to process getting larger?

Start saving 20+ hours a month by automating your data pulls into Google Sheets. You work with spreadsheets already. Centralize the data and cut out all the manual work so you can focus on what you do best.

Better reporting and data analysis to show off your expertise

  • Increase your productivity by supercharging your existing sheets to be automated
  • Set up automatic data refreshes so the data is always fresh when you need it
  • Create jaw-dropping dashboards and reports that provide deep insights into the business

Key improvements to your workflow

We sync $250M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Automate your data and business analytics. Start today.

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