Impress clients with detailed analytics and insight

Blow away clients with eye-popping detail into a product and proactive reports. Retain clients longer and carve the way to increase their sales on Amazon.

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Reduce time spent gathering client data and focus on delivering detailed analytical reports that blow them away

Whether you have one or more clients, automate the process of getting data with Gorilla ROI. Feed our flexible data into your existing reports or use our visually pleasing template to wow clients and make sure your deliverables match the quality of your thought leadership.

No more hassles of logging in and out of seller central to copy/paste a piece of information. Get fresh Amazon data into Google Sheets with a click to create reports such as:

  • Weekly sales performance reports by ASIN
  • Recommended replenishment report that factors in seasonality
  • Profit and loss by SKU
  • Business trends of what is working in the seller account
  • Opportunities to sell more of a product
  • and more

Automate the tedious part of the report generation and speed up your workflow. Save 20 hours a month from the low-value work of collecting and entering data.

Key Features

We sync $313M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Impress clients with detailed analytics, insights, and proactive reports

Ready to sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets?

Gorilla ROI is the easiest way to automatically sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets 24/7 to match your business needs. Uncover actionable insights to sell more and beat the competition.