Thousands of transactions and 80+ fees organized for you

Automate the time-consuming and tedious process of reconciling reports and financial data for any ASIN or time period. Auto sync the latest financial data from Seller Central.

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Automatically generate an Amazon profit loss statement for any time period

Tired of generating a transactions report from Amazon, then going through the hundreds or thousands of line items to reconcile and check your numbers?

If you try to create a monthly P&L spreadsheet, how long will it take? 1 day? 1 week?

Use our custom spreadsheet formula to load the financial numbers of your ASIN or SKU over any period you want to check – on the fly.

  • Share data with bookkeepers without having to generate and send 50 report files
  • Share data and findings with the company executives
  • Spend time uncovering potential pricing errors, products losing money, overspending on products, and more

Try it for yourself and experience why agencies, large Amazon sellers and Amazon aggregators use Gorilla ROI to speed up their financial analysis and reporting.

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Say goodbye to tedious and manual financial analysis and reporting

Ready to sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets?

Gorilla ROI is the easiest way to automatically sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets 24/7 to match your business needs. Uncover actionable insights to sell more and beat the competition.