Stay in stock while your competitors run out

Use Gorilla ROI to stay on top of your entire inventory situation while competitors rely on Amazon’s inaccurate and bare-bones recommendations.

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Make smart decisions using data that fits your business and product trends

Use our various inventory-related formulas like INVENTORY(), INVENTORYAGE(), INVENTORYRESTOCK(), to know exactly how much stock you have and when you will be running out.

See your entire inventory movement, in-stock levels, and forecast when and how much inventory needs to be shipped. Amazon’s inventory replenishment recommendations use the last 30 days’ sales only. It does not factor holiday or sales spikes, promotions, or other business trends and you will end up with too much or too little inventory in stock.

Track inventory by SKU level, over different time periods, to understand your true sales velocity and know which products need to be sent in or reordered.

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Take control of your inventory and stay in stock for more sales and profit

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Gorilla ROI is the easiest way to automatically sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets 24/7 to match your business needs. Uncover actionable insights to sell more and beat the competition.