Make better decisions and grow revenue

As an account manager, you guide the seller account with fast and accurate decisions. Centralize the growing number of scattered reports into your spreadsheets.

Why Amazon managers rave about us

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Gain clarity of thought by streamlining your data into a single place


The OLD Way

  • Need to ask multiple people to update data and provide reports
  • Takes 2 hours daily to get all the data into place
  • Decisions made with incomplete and stale data
  • Lots of moving pieces and scattered data to make clear decisions
  • Repeat daily…


The NEW Way

  • Get fresh data on the fly
  • Update your reports in minutes, not hours
  • Make fast and accurate decisions
  • See the business with more clarity and insight than ever before
  • Deliver reports and recommendations that “wow”

We sync $250M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Better and faster insights and quality decisions to grow revenue

  • Do you feel like you are playing catch up with the constant moving data and metrics from Amazon?
  • Do you feel like you are not on top of the Amazon account no matter how much you work?
  • Are you making decisions this week using last week’s data?

Gorilla ROI can help you save 20+ hours a month by centralizing important decision making data into Google Sheets. Rather than playing catch-up to update the business data, stay ahead of sales surges, product drops, hijackers, inventory that needs to be replenished, products that need promotions, and other ways to grow the business.

Make quality decisions using fresh data to grow the business and show off your expertise

  • Increase your productivity by supercharging your existing sheets to be automated
  • Know exactly when a product needs to be replenished and how many
  • Take control of the growing mass of Amazon reports and scattered data

Key improvements to your work

We sync $250M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Make better decisions and grow revenue. Start today.

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