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Use Gorilla ROI to see deep, detailed and insightful sales data by SKU, ASIN for any period. Go beyond Amazon’s bare-bones 7, 14, and 30 day sales widget.

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Finally. A custom solution for your unique needs.

Check sales performance on a SKU level for any period. Get the units sold or the total amount sold. Get a detailed look at sales trends and information Amazon doesn’t provide you. Works for FBA and FBM businesses.

Use our SALESCOUNT() formula to instantly load your sales data inside Google Sheets. Load units sold or total value sold for any time period that fits your business needs.

Easily see your best to worst performers by SKU or ASIN level. Your sales and orders data is organized so you can understand trends. See which products drive your business, and which products are the weak points.

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Experience why our average user sells $3M a year on Amazon

You are in good company with fellow sophisticated sellers

Access detailed and insightful sales stats and data to grow and scale

Ready to sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets?

Gorilla ROI is the easiest way to automatically sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets 24/7 to match your business needs. Uncover actionable insights to sell more and beat the competition.