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You might be a small business, but you’re not planning to keep it small forever. As your business grows, so will the amount of ASINs and data. Use Gorilla ROI to sync all your scattered Amazon data into one place and make informed growth-oriented decisions.

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Do more in less time, with less effort, and fewer people


The OLD Way

  • Generating reports and waiting
  • Downloading multiple files
  • Copy and pasting into each other
  • Data becomes stale in a few hours
  • Redo if there is a mistake
  • Repeat daily


The NEW Way

  • Sync latest data with a click
  • 10x the speed of your workflow
  • Accurate data matching seller central
  • Know what to replenish, best sellers and more
  • Focus your limited time and energy on things that grow your business

Kiss goodbye to copy/paste

As a small business, you wear multiple hats – doing everything. Are you sure the best way to spend your time is copy/pasting from the clutter of Amazon reports?

Have you considered the hidden cost of the time and money you are burning away instead of automating these time-consuming tasks?

It’s why smart and big sellers use Gorilla ROI to sync their data into Google sheets. They save 20+ hours a month to focus on selling more and growing.

Discover actionable insights to guide and grow your business

Do you want your limited time to make a big impact? Most small businesses “do” a lot, with little return or results. Sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets using Gorilla ROI and our templates. Gain an understanding of the important factors that make an impact on your business. Discover actionable insights that will improve and grow your business. Insights that will cut through the noise and “busyness”.

Key improvements to your business

Automate the hassles and struggles of your business with Gorilla ROI

We sync $313M+ of Amazon sales

Small and big businesses sync their data to Sheets with less effort and fewer people

Ready to sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets?

Gorilla ROI is the easiest way to automatically sync your Amazon data to Google Sheets 24/7 to match your business needs. Uncover actionable insights to sell more and beat the competition.