Amazon Badge: How to Get Them

What you’ll learn

  • What are Amazon seller badges?
  • How to earn Amazon’s Choice badge
  • How to secure the Amazon new release badge

Amazon badge or Amazon Seller Badge is like a little virtual “thumbs-up” sticker that Amazon gives to certain products or Amazon sellers. It’s like a gold star on a student’s homework but for products on Amazon. These badges are like special markers that show Amazon customers that a product or seller has something extra good going on.

There are Amazon badges for a particular category. For example, you might see a “Bestseller” badge on a product. This means more people are loving it and buying it, which is a pretty good sign that it’s worth checking out.

Another example is the “Amazon’s Choice” badge, which is like a personal recommendation from Amazon itself. It means the product is well-priced, well-reviewed, and ready to rock.

Oh, and don’t forget the “Editor’s Choice” badge. This one is like a thumbs-up from Amazon’s own team of experts. They’ve taken a good look at the product and decided it’s top-notch.

There are different badges for specific categories – from “New Release” badges for the latest and greatest to “Sustainable” badges for eco-friendly options.

When you see these badges while shopping on Amazon, it’s like a friendly little nudge saying, “Hey, this product is worth your attention!”

So read on and find out how to earn different Amazon badges, build momentum, and increase sales for your business.

List of Amazon Seller Badges

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An Amazon Best Seller Badge is a recognition given to sellers on the Amazon platform that highlights certain qualities or accomplishments.

The Amazon badges are like a digital ribbon that sellers can proudly display on their product listing page to communicate specific aspects of their business.

These Amazon badges help shoppers quickly understand what makes a particular seller stand out. Let’s take a closer look at some common types of Amazon Seller Badges:

  1. Amazon’s Choice Badge: This badge is like a seal of approval from Amazon itself. It’s given to products that are popular, well-priced, and have good reviews. When a product carries the Amazon’s Choice badge, it’s an indication that Amazon believes it’s a solid choice for customers.
  2. Amazon Best Seller Badge: If a product sells like hotcakes, it earns the Best Seller badge. This badge shows that a product is currently flying off the virtual shelves and is in high demand among customers.
  3. Top Brand: The Top Brand badge is given to products from brands that have demonstrated a strong track record of quality and customer satisfaction. It helps shoppers identify products from well-established and reputable brands.
  4. Amazon Prime Badge: Sellers who are part of the Amazon Prime program can display this badge. It indicates that the product is eligible for Prime’s speedy shipping and other benefits, which can be a big draw for many shoppers.
  5. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA): Sellers who use Amazon’s fulfillment services can earn the FBA badge. It means that Amazon handles the storage, packing, and shipping of the product, ensuring a reliable and consistent experience for customers.
  6. Handmade: The Handmade badge is for artisans and crafters who create unique, handmade products. This badge helps shoppers find and support small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.
  7. Climate Pledge Friendly: This badge indicates that a product meets Amazon’s sustainability standards. It’s given to products that are certified as environmentally friendly or sustainable in some way.
  8. New: When a product is freshly launched or newly added to Amazon’s catalog, it might sport the New badge. It helps shoppers spot the latest items available.
  9. Sponsored: Sellers who use Amazon’s advertising services may have their products tagged with a Sponsored badge. This badge indicates that the product’s visibility has been boosted through advertising.

These badges serve as helpful shortcuts for shoppers to quickly assess key aspects of a product or seller without having to dig through extensive details. They’re designed to make the shopping experience smoother and more informed. So, the next time you’re browsing on Amazon, keep an eye out for these badges – they’ll help you make savvy choices!

How to Earn an Amazon’s Choice Badge

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Earning an Amazon’s Choice seller badge involves a combination of factors, and while the exact algorithm Amazon uses isn’t publicly disclosed, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of earning this badge. Here are some tips:

  1. Positive Customer Reviews: Encourage your customers to leave positive reviews for your products. Products with higher ratings and more positive reviews are more likely to be considered for the Amazon’s Choice badge.
  2. Maintain Competitive Pricing: Keep your product prices competitive within your category. Amazon’s algorithm takes pricing into consideration when selecting products for the badge.
  3. Consistent Sales: Products with consistent and healthy sales volumes are more likely to be recognized for the Amazon’s Choice badge. Focus on promoting your products and ensuring a steady flow of sales.
  4. Stock Availability: Make sure your products are consistently in stock. If your products are frequently out of stock, it might affect your eligibility for the badge.
  5. Product Listings: Optimize your product listings with clear and accurate product titles, descriptions, images, and bullet points. Provide all the necessary information customers need to make an informed decision.
  6. Amazon Prime Eligibility: If your product is eligible for Amazon Prime and offers fast shipping to customers, it can enhance your chances of earning the badge.
  7. Minimal Returns and Customer Issues: Strive to minimize returns, refunds, and customer service issues. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is important.
  8. Quality Product: Deliver a high-quality product that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Products that consistently receive positive feedback are more likely to earn the badge.
  9. Category and Niche: Some categories and niches might have more competition than others. Focus on excelling in your chosen category by offering unique value and standing out from competitors.
  10. Adhere to Amazon Policies: Follow Amazon’s seller guidelines and policies to ensure you’re operating within their rules. This includes accurate product information, proper categorization, and compliance with Amazon’s terms of service.
  11. Avoid Manipulative Tactics: Avoid using manipulative tactics to artificially inflate your reviews or sales. Amazon has sophisticated algorithms that can detect such behavior, which can result in penalties or removal of badges.
  12. Patience: Earning the Amazon’s Choice badge takes time. It’s not an instant process, and the algorithm evaluates products periodically.

Remember, while these tips can increase your chances, there’s no guaranteed formula for obtaining the Amazon’s Choice badge. Focus on delivering exceptional products and customer experiences, and over time, your products might be recognized with this badge as a sign of their quality and popularity.

Amazon Choice Badge

The Amazon Choice seller badge is granted to products that align well with specific keywords customers use for search and not just the best-selling products.

It aims to simplify and enhance the shopping experience, particularly in voice searches. Here are some key points about the Choice Badge:

  1. Criteria:The badge takes into account various factors, including keyword relevance, customer reviews, pricing, and sales performance. It’s designed to guide customers to products that are likely to meet their needs.
  2. Keyword-Specific:The badge is keyword-specific, meaning a product can have the Amazon Choice Badge for multiple keywords if it meets the criteria for each one.
  3. Quality and Relevance: While sales performance is a consideration, the Choice Badge also emphasizes the product’s quality, relevance, and customer satisfaction.
  4. Voice Search Optimization: The Choice Badge was introduced to aid customers using voice search, providing them with a reliable and relevant product recommendation based on their query.

In essence, the Best Seller Badge focuses primarily on sales volume within a category, while the Choice Badge places more emphasis on keyword relevance, customer satisfaction, and overall product quality. Both badges serve as valuable indicators for shoppers, but they reflect different aspects of a product’s performance and suitability for customers’ needs.

How to Secure the Amazon New Release Badge

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The key to achieving the New Release Badge distinction is to truly stand out and capture a significant amount of attention.

Securing a spot on the first page of search results for your primary keyword is crucial.

If you’ve previously attained Best Seller status for a product, take cues from that successful listing and replicate its level of comprehensive detail in your new product listing to get the New Release badge.

For instance, imagine you have two products: Product A with the Best Seller badge and Product B with the New Release badge. It’s vital to equip Product B’s listing with all the pertinent sections found in the successful Product A listing.

Continuously fine-tune your product listing or product details page and aim to bolster organic sales and conversion rate.

Your overarching goal is to outpace your competitors by driving increased sales. Establish momentum through tactics like PPC ads, social media promotion, email campaigns, and other marketing strategies. After your product launch, ensuring your listing maintains its presence on the first page is pivotal for consistently drawing in visitors.

🗣️ Pro Tip: Ranking your keyword to secure a spot on the first page of search results is crucial.

Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

The inception of the Amazon Climate Pledge initiative led to the introduction of a noteworthy marker – the Climate Pledge Friendly badge. True to its name, this badge denotes when a product aligns with specific environmental and sustainability criteria.

It serves as a visual representation of Amazon’s core principles and acts as a bridge connecting businesses that uphold similar values with environmentally conscious customers.

By clicking on the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, customers can access certificates and insights on how their choices contribute to environmental conservation.

These designated products are showcased in a distinct list when filtering for Climate Pledge Friendly Products on Amazon. Moreover, buyers have the option to narrow down their search to products bearing this Climate Friendly badge.

🗣️ Pro Tip: Earth-friendly companies can get this badge as well give customers access to certificates.

Achieving the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

To attain the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge, products need to undergo certification from one or more of Amazon’s 18 sustainability certification partners.

These partners’ certifications serve as the gateway to obtaining this badge. Once these criteria are met, Amazon will automatically display the badge alongside the relevant product, along with the pertinent certifications.

Should the badge be absent, you have the option to request its inclusion by initiating a case on either Seller Central or Vendor Central. Furthermore, products have the potential to secure Amazon’s proprietary “Compact by Design” certification.

This assessment evaluates the concept of “unit efficiency” and promotes environmentally conscious and compact packaging solutions. Notably, this certification can be obtained alongside certifications from Amazon’s partner organizations.

Amazon Prime Badge

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The Prime badge brings notable advantages. Products adorned with the Amazon Prime badge gain prominence in search results over non-Prime items. Holding a Prime badge enhances the likelihood of securing a Buy Box position

The Prime badge provides Prime customers with the perk of free two-day delivery, leading to the potential for increased repeat purchases.

Earning the Amazon Prime Badge

To secure the Amazon Prime Badge, you must qualify for Seller Fulfilled Prime and successfully complete a trial phase. The trial duration allows you to demonstrate your ability to meet the stringent criteria for Prime fulfillment excellence and customer satisfaction.

Upon successful completion of the trial, you’ll automatically become a part of Seller Fulfilled Prime, and your registered ASINs will proudly display the Prime badge to customers.

Badge for Limited-Time Deals or Deal of the Day

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The Limited-Time Deal or Deal of the Day badges serve as indicators of special offers available only for a restricted period. These enticing offers are showcased prominently on Amazon’s frequently visited Today’s Deal page. The Deal of the Day badge presents itself as a vibrant orange emblem positioned above the item’s price.

Between the star rating and the price, you’ll find this badge accompanied by a red banner declaring “Limited Time Deal.” This badge is specifically tailored for deals with limited stock availability that extend over a 7-day period.

Badge for Amazon’s Deal of the Day

How to Qualify for a Limited-Time Deal or Deal of the Day Badge Access them through Amazon Seller Central under the advertising section.

To secure eligibility for a Deals campaign, ensure that your products fulfill the requirements. This includes being Prime eligible, having a minimum of three-star ratings, and being in brand-new condition.

You have the option to create a “7-day deal,” which activates the Limited-Time Deal ribbon, or an “Amazon Lightning Deal,” an offer lasting between four to six hours on the Amazon Deals page. If scheduled for different days, both types of deals can be established for the same product.

🗣️ Pro Tip: The title of Deal of the Day is bestowed upon the offer that Amazon deems most appealing and beneficial to its customers.

Coupon Badge: Additional Savings, Coupons, and Discount Offers

Every discounted product on Amazon showcases distinct badges. When offering a discount, your products will be accompanied by a conspicuous orange ribbon displaying the term “discount.” For Prime members, a corresponding green ribbon is displayed.

Amazon’s Additional Savings, Coupons, and Discount Offers

How to Attain Extra Savings, Coupons, and Discounts Similar to Deals, Coupons, and discounts are managed through Amazon Seller Central. They function as paid advertising units, and with every customer redemption of your coupon, Amazon collects a fee.

When crafting a coupon, you can choose between a percentage-off or money-off discount. While money-off coupons are initially perceived as simpler for customers to grasp, percentage-off coupons occasionally feel like they offer a more appealing value proposition.

To promote the accumulation of savings, you have the option to simultaneously include a Coupon, Additional Savings, and Deals badge in your listing, encouraging customers to maximize their cost-saving potential.

Do you Really Need to Earn Amazon Badges?

Who wouldn’t want to get the Amazon best seller badge when getting these badges are a big boost on your business?

Note that if you want your business to gain sales velocity on Amazon you need to do a lot of advertising, getting into the search results page, and getting a lot of trust by having these best seller badges.

Remember, more visibility means more sales for your business!


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