Getting Started: Gorilla Sheets

Amazon MWS Google Sheets

For single FBA account owners and managers

Not Gorilla Sheets?

Step 1: Authorize Gorilla ROI – (FBM NOT SUPPORTED)

Gorilla needs access to your amazon account to fetch and process your sales. To authorize Gorilla, follow these steps: 


1. Go to the User Permissions page in Seller Central and login as the primary user of your Amazon Seller Account. 

2. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on Authorize a Developer. 

amazon mws

Then click on “Authorize new developer” in the next window.

3. In the Developer name text box, enter Gorilla Sheets. This name is merely for your own reference. 


4. Our GorillaROI Developer ID must be authorized for each marketplace you wish to import data from.

a) For USA/CA/MX/BR sellers, enter Developer ID 054339617981, and authorize.

b) For UK/EU/INDIA/AE sellers, enter Developer ID 642105350512, and authorize.

c) For Japan sellers, enter Developer ID 626257519921 and authorize. 

d) For AUS/SG sellers, enter Developer ID 690386913621 and authorize.

5. Your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token appears.

6. Save or copy the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token to enter into Google Sheets.

Step 2: Enable Gorilla Sheets on Templates and Sheets

To use Gorilla Sheets you must enable the add-on on each Google Sheet. 


To enable the addon, follow these steps:


1. Log into the backend of Gorilla ROI at

2. In the dashboard, click the link that says “Click to install Gorilla Sheets add-on” in the top right corner box. 

3. In the dashboard, click the link that says “Click to install Gorilla Sheets add-on” in the top right corner box to open up Google Store.

4. Click “Free” to install the addon. Only paid accounts can get full functionality.

5. You will see a window by Gorilla Sheets requesting permission to install and run. Click continue and allow the installation.

To see the list of permissions we require and why, view the help page to see the full requirements

6. With the add-on now installed, Gorilla Sheets is now enabled. Next you must enter your Amazon credentials in order for the add-on to import your data.


Go to the next section to connect Amazon to Google Sheets and start importing your data.


Alternate Installation Method 

Another method of installing the add-on is to open up any Google Sheet.

Then go to “Add-ons > Get Add-ons” and search for “Gorilla ROI” from which you can install the add-on immediately.

Step 3: Connect to Amazon Seller Central

To start using Gorilla Sheets, you must provide your Amazon Seller ID and the MWS Auth Token generated at the beginning of this tutorial.

To enter your Seller ID and Auth Token, follow the steps: 


1. In the menu choose Add-ons > Gorilla Sheets > Add Main Amazon Account 

2. Enter your Seller ID and Auth Token you got from STEP 1 after authorizing our developer ID.

Select your default or main marketplace. When a marketplace is not defined in the formulas you enter, it will assume the default marketplace. If you sell on multiple marketplaces, you may enter additional marketplaces by going to “Add-ons > Gorilla Sheets > Add More Amazon Marketplaces”


NOTE: for FREE users you will see in Menu > Add-ons > Gorilla sheets>Add 3 Free SKU’s“. Click that to open the sidebar and then type your 3 SKU’s for free.

add 3 free skus

Once your Amazon account has been connected, the system will start downloading your data.


GorillaROI is the only service that provides you with 2 years of historical data for you to see the data behind your growth.

However, this takes time. 

IMPORTANT: Once your account is connected, the first data download will take between 15min to 2 hours depending on your sales volume.

The initial download process is a big bulk download using the reports that Amazon provides.

This provides the basic and broad overview of your sales figures.


You may start to use the Gorilla Functions at this point.


Once the first data download is finished, Gorilla will then start to import every individual order for the past 2 years.

This second step takes longer as it has to go through every order one by one, clean it up, store it and get it ready for you.

This 2nd re-downloading of data takes 24 to 48 hours depending on volume. If you sell millions, it will take longer to import than a seller who sells a hundred orders a month.

You can now use the provided Gorilla Sheets functions.

Step 4: Quick Test

To check if the add-on has been correctly installed, open a new Google Sheet in INCOGNITO mode.


In any cell, type in =gorilla_asinlist()

If the spreadsheet loads all your ASIN’s like below, the add-on has been properly installed and added. 

To check the progress of your data download, you can view the status by selecting Add-ons > Gorilla Sheets > See Data Status 


This test account signed up on April 1. There was no previous history which is why it shows N/A for History Batch Order Update.


For the History detailed order update, it imported everything up to March 29, and then started downloading the orders fresh starting March 30 to ensure a seamless transition with the new account.


We have detailed documentation available from within the add-on as well as a FAQ and HELP page.

The documentation is your friend as it has explanations and examples. 

I entered the formula but it does not load

Verify the formula has been typed and not pasted. Google Sheets tend to paste text from docs and websites as “text” format instead of formulas. Many times, we have seen users copy and paste the formula which turns into “text” mode. A proper formula will have colors in the variables.


The formulas show an error and is not loading 

In the Gorilla Sheets Functions Documents, we show how GorillaSheets is smart enough to use ranges and dimensional arrays.

Do something like =GORILLA_PRODUCT(A2:A10,”Title”) instead of =GORILLA_PRODUCT(A2,”Title”) and then dragging it down thousands of times.


Google Sheets will lock you out for 24hrs if you overload their servers with thousands of simultaneous requests.

Use ranges, and arrays in your formula to load data in one go without raising alarms at Google. 


For the full list of supported functions and examples, see the Gorilla Sheets Functions Document.


The numbers are not correct

Please make sure your data imports have been completed by selecting Add-ons > Gorilla Sheets > Data Status.

Most of the time, users are comparing data immediately after signing up.


The system requires time to go through every order over the past 2 years. Then it has to match it, clean it up, store it and get it ready for import.

Unfortunately, it is not an instant process after sign up.


As we are the only service that goes back in time to pull in historical data, there is extra processing time required.


My numbers still don’t reconcile 100%

Amazon has two types of clocks.

Their end of day sales data ends at 11:59PM each day.

However, their payment reports and order are processed differently.

Some sellers have cutoff times all over the place like 3am or 11pm.


Amazon does not use a standard 24hr fiscal clock for every seller.

As we reconcile based on end of day (11:59PM) time, there will be slight differences.


GorillaROI also organizes orders and sales based on whether something is pending, shipped, not available to ship, etc.

Therefore, the final numbers may differ due to the status of the order.


For more FAQ’s, please make sure to visit the help and faq page. 

Gorilla Sheet Functions

For the full list of supported functions and examples, see the Gorilla Sheets Functions Document.