The 5 Best Shopify Sales Tracker Tools for 2024

Are you frustrated of attempting to figure out why the potential of your Shopify store isn’t hitting its full potential?

Imagine being able to use data-driven decision-making to turn sluggish sales into a booming source of income.

It’s time to use Shopify sales tracking tools to find the hidden jewels of e-commerce success.

These tools put in a lot of overtime behind the scenes to give vital information on client behavior and store performance.

But what precisely can you expect to glean from this article?

Prepare to explore the world of Shopify sales tracker tools as we reveal their advantages for sales tracking and product research.

We’ll help you with everything from reviewing the best solutions to advising you on how to use tools effectively.

So come along as we explore the ins and outs of Shopify sales tracking tools and reveal the keys to successful e-commerce.

What Exactly is A Shopify Sales Tracker Tool?

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Shopify sales tracker tools are strong platforms — which are sometimes unseen in the background — play a crucial role in managing profitable online stores.

They provide business owners the ability to make well-informed decisions that have a direct influence on their bottom line by offering critical insights about consumer behavior and product performance.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best ways to use these tools, and we’ll also go over some of the greatest choices out there to support you along the way.

  • Use of Shopify sales tracking tools for product research has advantages.
  • The advantages of tracking sales with Shopify’s sales tracker tools.

The Real Deal Behind Shopify Sales Tracker Tools

A Shopify sales tracker tool examines data from your Shopify business and provides it in a clear and understandable manner.

It can provide you with key information such as your daily sales volume, the most popular products, and the demographics of your clientele.

How Does a Shopify Sales Tracker Tool Work?

A Shopify sales tracker gathers data about your orders, merchandise, and clients by connecting to your business via the Shopify API and compiling it into insightful reports and graphs.

Why Use a Shopify Sales Tracker Tool?

There are numerous advantages to using a sales tracker for your company, such as:

Monitoring Your Development

You can monitor the performance of your store over time with a Shopify store sales tracker.

Comparing your sales from various days or months might help you uncover trends and pinpoint areas that need work.

Recognizing Your Clientele

Sales trackers can reveal information about your clientele’s demographics and purchases.

Based on consumer preferences, you can utilize this data to build new goods or launch focused marketing initiatives.

Finding the Best Products

You can easily observe which products are selling the best by using a sales tracker. You can use this information to inform your judgments on what products to replenish or promote.

Our Top 5 Shopify Sales Tracker Tools

Koala Inspector

Koala Inspector is a Google Chrome add-on.

After downloading Koala Inspector, you can use the extension to visit a Shopify store and inspect it. Views of the store’s current sales, inventory, visitors, advertisements, and much more are available.

The products can also be exported as CSV files and saved to your favorites. You can upload the CSV file to your own Shopify store after downloading it.

To assist you in finding a supplier, there’s an additional tool that searches AliExpress for similar products.


  • Helps users analyze their competitors’ Shopify stores.
  • Reveals information such as the competitor’s best-selling products, pricing, and themes.
  • For continuous competitor monitoring or detailed store information, paid subscriptions are required.


Use PPSPY to monitor the sales and performance of your competitors. You can easily locate your rivals and view an in-depth report on their sales, orders, costs, and other details.

PPSPY is an excellent tool for locating profitable dropshipping products is the one-product store option. You can even locate Shopify stores with just one product listed by using this functionality.


  • Users can learn about competitor’s stores and best selling products, track sales.
  • You can uncover which theme a store is currently implementing.
  • There’s no free plan to tinker with.

Dropship.IO is very simple to use and navigate due to its modern design and intuitive layout.

You can use it to observe the income and sales of your rivals. The Shopify theme, available goods, installed apps, advertisements, and more are also visible.

There are also a number of tools built-in, such as ones for finding competitors, tracking and analyzing them, and conducting product searches.


  • There are a ton of additional useful information and free tools available in addition to the premium tools.
  • Tracks sales data and identifies winning products.
  • Depending on your particular needs, you might find that the free plan could have limited features.


With Shophunter, you can easily monitor the sales of any Shopify store. By identifying top sellers and verifying a store’s revenue, businesses can use it to uncover winning products.

Shophunter is a Shopify sales tracker tool that’s also been used by marketing firms and investors to obtain sales information on customers prior to onboarding or acquisition in order to estimate a store’s revenue.


  • Helps find profitable products to sell online.
  • Saves time and money by finding winning products before you invest in them.
  • Spying on competitors can be viewed as unethical by some, and it’s vital to use the information you gather from Shophunter responsibly.

Shopify Raise

Find Niche developed Shopify Raise, a free tool for analyzing Shopify stores. It’s an add-on for Google Chrome that lets you browse Shopify stores.

You can see product specifications, live sales information, and store information. A product listing can also be downloaded as a CSV file and uploaded to your own store.


  • Analyzes competitor stores and identifies best selling products.
  • Exports product data for easy import to your store.
  • There are some reviews online that claim it doesn’t work correctly all the time.

Optimizing Marketing Strategies with a Shopify Store Sales Tracker

optmization Gorilla ROI

Sales trackers are useful tools for tracking statistics, but they also reveal important details about your clients’ origins.

Therefore, you could develop marketing tactics that regularly yield results by examining data on traffic sources.

Sales trackers can provide information into which campaigns and channels attract the most interested buyers and sales. That’s precisely what they can do.

The following are some strategies for optimizing the data that sales trackers provide:

✅ Customize Ads based on Audience Preferences

You can also determine the kinds of articles that appeal to your audience.

Do they prefer blogs over videos? You can therefore tailor your content strategy to their tastes using sales tracker data.

Determine Channels with High Performance

As a result, you can decide which marketing avenues work best for your company. So, is it sponsored search, email marketing, or social media?

Sales trackers will therefore provide the solution.

✅ Make Ad Spend More Effective

Give up wasting money on pointless advertisements. Instead, allocate your funding to efforts that have a demonstrated return on investment and employ precise data on what’s working.

BONUS: Shopify Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

spy Gorilla ROI

By spying on rival businesses, you can learn more about their effective marketing campaigns, top-selling items, company strategies, and areas of focus for their marketing expenditures.

Spying allows you to manage a successful Shopify store by providing you with data, customer insight, and inspiration straight from competitors.

Shopify App Detector by Fera.AI

This lets you view the theme and installed apps on any Shopify store.

Simply visit the Shopify store after installing Shopify App Detector, and it’ll show you which applications and theme are currently in use. It’s a fantastic method to discover fresh and practical apps for your own app shop.

Tools & Features

  • Discover the apps that are installed in a shop.
  • Find out which theme a Shopify store is currently using.

Shopify Theme Detector

You can use the Shopify Theme Detector website to find out what theme any Shopify store is currently utilizing.

It only needs to know the URL of the Shopify store to identify the theme being used. After that, you can apply this to your own store.

Tools & Features

  • Find out which particular theme a Shopify store is currently implementing.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our journey through the world of Shopify sales tracker tools, it’s clear that these powerful allies can be game-changers for your e-commerce success.

From uncovering hidden gems in your product lineup to fine-tuning your marketing strategies, these tools offer a wealth of insights that can transform your Shopify store from a slow starter to a thriving powerhouse.

Remember, the key to unlocking your store’s full potential lies in leveraging the data these tools provide.

Whether you’re using Koala Inspector to peek into your competitors’ strategies or optimizing your ad spend with the help of PPSPY, each tool offers a unique advantage in your e-commerce arsenal.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tools and strategies. The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving, and staying ahead means adapting and innovating.

Use these Shopify sales tracker tools to stay nimble, make data-driven decisions, and continually refine your approach.


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