Standard vs Frustration Free Packaging – Which is better?

Standard vs frustration free packaging (FFP) has been a hot subject of discussion ever since Amazon introduced it in 2008. Before frustration free packaging, standard packaging generated “wrap rage,” as Amazon customers complained about not being able to open the product. Amazon introduced FFP to curb waste and offer buyers an easy way to open product packages.

This article will explain everything you need to know about FFP – what it is, how it works, how to get started, and how it measures up with standard packaging. You will also learn whether or not frustration-free packaging is worth it.

Standard vs Frustration Free Packaging

What is frustration Free packaging vs standard packaging?

What does frustration free packaging mean? What’s Amazon frustration free packaging?

Amazon’s standard package is traditional packaging like plastic wrapping, clamshells, unforgiving wire ties, and extra shipping boxes. 

Amazon’s frustration-free packaging is a cheaper alternative because it uses fewer materials and the materials are environmentally friendly. There is no massive box or styrofoam. This packaging method frees consumers of the stress of using a hacksaw to tear through their ordered product. Additionally, FFP lets the manufacturers, sellers, and buyers help the environment become greener. From being available to 19 products initially, frustration-free packaging now covers over 250,000 products. Unlike the standard packaging method, frustration-free packaging makes the size of products smaller and much lighter as there is no protection. It’s just the barest packaging.

Benefits for sellers

Sellers who ship their products using frustration free packaging FFP “may” get a boost in their sales and bottom line. The biggest benefit of frustration-free packaging is the lack of packaging used, which means less money is spent on packaging material. Although it will save on cost, it can reduce the perceived value if a high-end product is shipped in a plastic bag.

Benefits for customers

Frustration-free packaging is an optimized packaging experience. Designed to make it easy for customers to open products without using a box cutter or knife and eliminate the problem of “wrap rage” problem common with excess packaging materials. 

Through seller feedback, we can ensure customer satisfaction.

Thanks to simplified packaging material, FFP leaves customers with fewer packaging materials to dispose of.

Benefits for the environment 

Aside from making it easy for Amazon customers to unwrap product packages, FFP induces a greener environment as the materials required are much lesser than normal packaging. The materials used to design frustration-free packaging are all recyclable, making the environment better to live in and more sustainable. 

Getting started with frustration-free packaging

As a seller, the first step to take when looking to convert to frustration-free packaging program is to understand the packaging requirements vs existing packaging design.

The following requirements apply to a frustration-free packaging program during the design:

  • The products you want to ship must be 100% recyclable.
  • The product must be well-protected during shipping. 
  • Your product must be properly labeled. 
  • There’s no need for retail packaging.
  • The products you want to ship must be in prep-free packaging. 
  • The products must be free from sharp edges and safe for children. 
  • You must use tamper-resistant packaging and include all the relevant documentation.
  • Your products must be prepped to ship in a single package. 
  • The packaging must be easy to open. 

You also need to complete the frustration-free packaging application form for Amazon to certify your package. They call it “certified frustration free packaging” if you pass the application.

How to qualify as a seller

To qualify for frustration-free packaging, you must submit the following:

  • Authorized reseller documentation like a website URL.
  • Images showing frustration-free packaging products. One picture should show the front or top of the package. Another image should show the product’s identifier barcode and also show the product seal. 
  • An authorized dealer letter will help Amazon identify your products at a glance.

Summing up

Amazon introduced frustration-free packaging in 2008 in response to consumers’ complaints that goods or products were becoming too difficult to unravel and the growing concern the standard packaging materials have on the environment. Frustration-free packaging protects the goods or products you intend to ship and makes it easier for customers to open or access your products. 

Compared to the standard packing method, it has helped in the reduction of packaging waste as a result of product packaging. The packing materials are recyclable, meaning customers can recycle them after unveiling to see the product they purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is frustration-free packaging good?

Amazon frustration-free packaging is best for customers and the environment in which we operate. FFP is certified and ships without retail packaging compared to traditional or standard packaging. 

Why is FFP cheaper?

Frustration-free packaging is much cheaper than standard packing because, in terms of packaging fillers, there’s less material waste, and it requires fewer packaging materials.


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