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Marketplace and Country Codes

We support all global Amazon seller marketplaces.

For each formula, you can define the marketplace you want to pull the data for.

  • ALL – Default option if you don’t specify in the formula.
  • US – USA
  • CA – Canada
  • MX – Mexico
  • BR – Brazil
  • UK – UK
  • DE – Germany
  • FR – France
  • ES – Spain
  • IT – Italy
  • BE – Belgium
  • NL – Netherlands
  • SE – Sweden
  • PL – Poland
  • TR – Turkey
  • AE – Arab Emirates
  • JP – Japan
  • AU – Australia
  • SG – Singapore
  • IN – India
  • SA – Saudi Arabia

Special Country Codes

We have 2 special country codes that are not part of Amazon.

  • EURO
  • EU

EURO: combines all data for countries where the EURO currency is used. DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, BE.

Countries like UK, SE, TR are not included as they may be part of “Europe” but they do not use EURO.

This is to make it easy to find the total value of the EURO sales.

EU: combines data for all European countries regardless of currency. UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, SE, TR, BE.

UK is still included as we did not split it yet after Brexit.

Sample Usage

🚨 Use ranges (e.g.A2:A1000) in your formula wherever possible for quicker results and to prevent Google from blocking your account for 24 hrs due to overloading their resources. 

In the formula syntax, it will say [marketplace].

Anything inside square brackets is optional. It can be left empty to use the default settings.

=GORILLA_BUYBOXWINNER(Seller ID, sku, [marketplace])

This will load the data for the sku BANANA332 in the default seller marketplace. If the seller is US based, it will auto default to US. If the seller’s main marketplace is FR, it will auto default to France.

=GORILLA_SALESTOTAL(Seller ID, period, [marketplace], [sku], [status], [mcf], [start_date], [end_date])
=GORILLA_SALESTOTAL("Card Store", "this year", "EURO")

This will load the total sales for this year for the countries that use the EURO currency.

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