PRO Spreadsheets to Help You Grow

Your Amazon FBA Business

Pro Amazon Spreadsheets to help you manage and run your business

Access a Suite of Amazon and Business Spreadsheets to Make it Easier to Run Your Business

Get access to a library of Amazon and business analysis spreadsheets from inventory check-in/out to product pricing calculators and other spreadsheets to help with your day-to-day business.


Rather than spend hours building your own Amazon spreadsheets, save time and energy with our library of spreadsheet templates.


Gorilla Sheets Add-on not included in this purchase. Gorilla Sheets sold separately. Gorilla Sheets not needed, but highly recommended.

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What’s The Difference Between The Add-On and Pro Spreadsheets?

The Google Sheets Add-on and the Pro Spreadsheet package are two different products.

Gorilla Sheets is the add-on that connects your Seller Central Account to Google Sheets and is a monthly service.

The PRO Spreadsheets is a suite of ready made, off-the-shelf advanced spreadsheets. They help you better understand the status of your business and run it efficiently. Suited for people who don’t have the time or skills to create such spreadsheets.

Lifetime Access to a Suite of Growing FBA Spreadsheets

seasonally adjusted sales forecast calculator for amazon seller


This calculator seasonally adjusts and forecasts how many units and sales to expect. Much better than any basic linear forecasting calculator.

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

product pricing calculator spreadsheet


The most accurate pricing calculator. Shows your true profitability after operating expenses.

Only calculator that factors in total expenses. 

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

inventory count with check in check out


A simple spreadsheet that tracks what is going in and out.


Best for businesses that receive and ship to their own location.

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

amazon product cost analysis database


Keep track of your products in one spreadsheet. Use for current products or to save while researching product ideas. Most accurate margin calculations.

Works without Gorilla Sheets Add-on.

amazon best seller sales performance


See how your business is growing. Track sales performance and best sellers from the last 7 days, 30 days, month ago, year ago, this year and so on.

Gorilla Sheets Add-on Required.

Free upgrades and updates included for life

Gorilla Sheets Add-on Not Included in Package. Sold Separately.

PRO Spreadsheets


As more spreadsheets are added, the price will be updated to reflect the vale. Grab this lifetime deal during the early stages to get access to all future spreadsheets and updates.

Enjoy for life! 

Your Lifetime Deal



Pay once, no recurring fees

ALL PRO sheets included for life

New releases included for life 

Lifetime Updates

Free Support  

Gorilla Sheets Add-on sold separately. Not included in package. 

Frequent Questions

What is the difference between PRO Spreadsheets and Gorilla Sheets?

The PRO Package is a one time payment to access our suite of advanced spreadsheets. The PRO Package does not include the Gorilla Sheets Add-on. The add-on is not required to use the PRO spreadsheets. Add-on sold separately.

Is the PRO Spreadsheets also a monthly subscription?

No. The PRO Spreadsheet template suite is a single fixed price. As the suite of spreadsheets continue to grow and become more valuable, the price will be raised to reflect the value. We create spreadsheets that solve problems and makes it easier and more efficient to run your business.

What is the refund policy on the PRO spreadsheets?

We offer refunds on PRO Spreadsheets only if our product is not working on your system or account, even after contacting our support staff. Due to the nature of these products, we only provide refunds if the spreadsheet doesn’t work as advertised or if our support team isn’t able to solve the issues.

Can I share the spreadsheet with others?

We discourage sharing as we have committed a lot of time, energy and resources into the design and creation of these spreadsheets. When you open the spreadsheets, you will see the quality of the work involved and the way you can have an edge in your business. Sharing is discouraged and any accounts found abusing the products will be banned from our system.

What PRO Spreadsheets are available?

The following are currently available with more spreadsheets expected to be included in the PRO Spreadsheet package. 

  • Inventory check in, check out
  • Amazon inventory status
  • Product pricing calculator
  • Product cost analysis database
  • Best seller dashboards
  • Sales performance dashboards 
  • More coming soon! 

How can I get help for the PRO Spreadsheets?

We’ve tried to make each spreadsheet as simple and intuitive as possible with lots of notes on how to use each spreadsheet in the package.


If you need more assistance, contact us.


Email or submitting a ticket is the quickest way to get a response.


Gorilla ROI provides tools for Amazon sellers to increase ROI, efficiency and save time. Focus on the important things – like growing the business.