How sellers can benefit with Amazon movers and shakers

What you’ll learn:

  • What is Amazon movers and shakers
  • How sellers can use movers and shakers Amazon for product ideas
  • How to optimize the listing for movers and shakers

Amazon movers and shakers page is similar to the bestseller page but this section is dedicated to showing all the products that have been the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours.

Think of it as an Amazon hot new releases page that can be sorted by department.

What is Movers and Shakers in Amazon?

amazon movers and shakers

Here are the important details Amazon sellers should know.

  • Movers and shakers show products with the biggest improvement in sales in the past 24 hours.
  • Movers and shakers are updated on an hourly basis.
  • Movers and shakers are not Amazon best sellers

These are important distinctions because it’s showing what the current trends are, what people are searching for, what product jumped in sales rank to help you reverse engineer and peek into what your competitors or potential new market requires.

Amazon Movers and Shakers Versus Amazon Best Sellers

The main difference between Amazon movers and shakers and Amazon best sellers is the time period in which they operate.

Both pages are updated hourly. And both pages feature high-performing products site-wide and within their specific categories.

As stated, the Amazon movers and shakers page is updated hourly. And while the Amazon best sellers page is also updated hourly, it is based on product sales performance for the last 30 days. The Amazon movers and shakers only cover the last 24 hours.

In that way, Amazon movers and shakers can be made as a tool to see what products are trending or falling out of favor. It’s a good way to see what buyers like to buy right now.

How to Identify Products on the Rise

If you run a Amazon wholesale or reselling business model, this is the best page to get ideas.

baby movers and shakers 600 Gorilla ROI

On the page, you can check sitewide or choose a department. Clicking on a department will show the best-performing product in that category.

Sellers can monitor this page to see what’s trending. Observe what’s consistently rising in that department. See what products pop up the most.

There are sellers using this page for products ideas. What they do is check the trends then quickly source products to sell based on what’s trending.

Other sellers have product review blogs that they can leverage for this as an affiliate. They look at the trends and use Amazon Associates to link to the products in their articles.

Knowledge of trends is valuable but chasing trends to make money is not a good idea. You might not be fast enough to ride the trend.

Be aware that this is just one of your research tools so you should not rely on this exclusively for product development.

How to Develop Products Using Amazon Movers and Shakers

Once you’ve observed the Amazon movers and shakers page over time it becomes a better tool. You’ll develop a feel or intuition for the trending products.

You can observe that trends sometimes depend on seasonality, major events, film or tv (pop culture), and politics. An example of seasonality is Christmas and Valentine’s day. A good example of pop culture is Marvel movies and Pokemon.

You’ll soon see patterns that may enable you to correctly predict good products to sell in your niche. You’ll notice that small, cheap, and lightweight products tend to go up the page.

Checking out the automotive category, who knew that bling bling steering wheel covers would sell so well with rave reviews. Yes there are many fake reviews from free giveaways, but with over 40k reviews, a lot of sales are surely organic.

chrome EmcUHdQfvw Gorilla ROI

Tradeshows and exhibitions are expensive and difficult to get to. Think of this section like a tradeshow where you have the hottest products all on display.

Once you find an area that you like, see where it can be improved upon and whether it’s an item to consider for your store.

How to Optimize Your Products for Amazon Movers and Shakers

One way is to use Amazon movers and shakers to generate ideas. The other is to use it as benchmarks to learn how other sellers are able to get their product onto this page.

If looking at the top category of “automotive” is too broad, go down several categories to something like Tools & Equipment which may be what you sell. Even if you are looking at a deeper child category, the products you see are all high selling and high-ranking products that you can learn from.

movers shakers automotive Gorilla ROI

Open one on of the private label or seller products to see how the seller has created and optimized their listing.

The most basic 2 big factors that will improve your listing, SEO and hopefully lead to more sales are keywords and images.

We have the most detailed and advanced Amazon listing optimization guide. Check out that monster guide.

It’s always better to make a great listing by following tried and true best practices even if you’re not aiming for the Amazon movers and shakers page.

1. Write a great description using specific keywords.

We usually go for high-traffic keywords using KWfinder, Amazon sponsored products advertised product report and Amazon brand analytics.

We prefer to use the advertised product report because the data comes directly from Amazon so it’s more accurate than the rest. You can locate it in Seller Central by clicking Reports>Advertising Reports. You can download the spreadsheet from there.

click advertising reports Gorilla ROI

You can create a report, wait for it to process, then download the file.

2. Use awesome images

Also, be sure to upload an image with the product in use, and other lifestyle images that will help the shopper visualize and understand how the product is used and what problems it solves.

Hopefully, you get more sales when you optimize your listing for Amazon movers and shakers. There’s really no Amazon algorithm that will detect over-optimization yet so take this opportunity to include high-volume keywords a ton in your description and bullet points.

This way, you’re not chasing trends, but with an optimized listing, you’re the one starting the trend in your niche.

Summary of Amazon Movers and Shakers for sellers

  • Use it for product research
  • Use it to peek at what your competitors are doing
  • Use it to reverse engineer good listings and copy their ideas and structure

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