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Do I have to be an excel pro to use this?

You don’t have to be an excel guru, but you do need to know the basics of how to use spreadsheets. If you have never use spreadsheets or formulas in excel, this is not for you.

We provide ready to go templates to make life easier that come free with a subscription to Gorilla Sheets (PRO spreadsheets are separate).

The great thing is, once you have your spreadsheets and templates filled out, there isn’t much more that’s needed.

All the numbers load automatically.

We also have detailed documentation and videos to help you out.

What is Gorilla ROI?

Gorilla ROI automatically pulls Amazon data into Google sheets for you to make sense of the data without the inconvenience of manually downloading, sorting and updating spreadsheets.

Learn how you can centralize your data and use it to increase your ROI.

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