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Understanding Sales Discrepancies between Gorilla ROI and Amazon

Why Our Sales Figures Differ from Amazon’s

At Gorilla ROI, we understand that you may have noticed a discrepancy in the sales figures displayed on our platform compared to the numbers reported by Amazon. We want to shed light on this difference and explain why it occurs.

Our Sales function calculates the total sales based on the “Purchase Date.” This means that we track and report the actual sales quantity for each day when an order was made on our platform. However, Amazon uses a different reference date – the date when payments are settled in their financial system. This date is often related to our “Last Update Date” but is not always the same.

Here is an example:

Sales per DayGorilla ROIAmazon
Monday3 (SKU-ABC1)0
Tuesday2 (SKU-DEF2)1 (SKU-ABC1)
Wednesday03 (SKU-ABC1)+(SKU-DEF2)
Friday01 (SKU-DEF2)

Let’s take this example to highlight the difference of sales between Gorilla ROI and Amazon.

(SKU-ABC1) = sold 3 of them on Monday, 1 paid and got settled on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday.
(SKU-DEF2) = sold 2 of them on Tuesday, 1 paid and got settled on Wednesday, and 1 on Friday.

When tracking daily sales and payments, you might see differences because settlements/payments often lag behind sales. However, when you look at a week’s total, these discrepancies tend to balance out, resulting in the same overall sales for that week. The speed of payment processing can affect the daily variations, but the weekly totals remain consistent.

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