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What’s included if I sign up?

Gorilla ROI offers a host of products for Amazon and ecommerce sellers to increase their ROI.

Gorilla Sheets

Gorilla Sheets is our Amazon to Google Sheets integration add-on available as a subscription.

It will auto pull in data for your products, ranging from:

  1. Sales across various time periods (yesterday, last 3 months, last week a year ago, last 90 days, this year, and any custom time period)
  2. Best seller ranks
  3. Product categories, reviews, ratings
  4. Bulk convert ASIN/SKU
  5. Inventory levels and movements like instock, inbound, FC processing
  6. Total number of units sold within any period
  7. Total sales value of units sold within any period
  8. and more

Subscribers also get access to spreadsheet templates that we offer for free with the add-on.

PRO Amazon FBA Spreadsheets

We also offer PRO Amazon FBA spreadsheet library for a one time purchase. You get access to our current and future spreadsheets to help you run your Amazon business.

These spreadsheets can be used as a standalone. Without a subscription to Gorilla Sheets.

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