Amazon Plan of Action & Winning Appeal Letter: Quickly Restore Your Suspended Listing

amazon plan of action

Think Amazon cares about your FBA business?

If you answered yes – we’re on different wavelengths and it’s best to skip this article.

Amazon DOES NOT.

The chart above shows the increased searches people are making related to listing and account suspensions.

Sometimes, buyers will say that your product was sold expired or you’re selling an old product as new – just so they can get free returns.

This is a horrible accusation because your listing likely gets penalized and removed. On the Amazon system, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Wait. Even if you are innocent, you have to admit to being guilty.

I’ll take you through an appeal letter that works for most people so you can get back up and running.

The Short Version

Your listing is suspended. You want to act quickly.

Listings get suspended (as well as accounts) for things like:

  • Inauthentic claims
  • Used as new claims
  • Negative customer experience (NCX) health issues
  • IP infringement claims

Seller central forums have a ton of information. It is the best source because people have their listings (or accounts) suspended left and right and ask for help on the forum.

Go to these links now.

If your account is suspended, find someone who deals with account suspensions ASAP.

There are a lot of people who help with account reactivation appeals. Vet them properly. We’ll have to do a topic on vetting services that help to get you reinstated to see who does it properly or not.

🗣️ Pro Tip: Remember to act quickly when your listing(s) gets suspended!

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Of all random strangers on the internet, why should you bother listening to me on how to create an Amazon plan of action?

Here’s my street cred to show that I’m not a college intern writing about something I know nothing about.

I’m also not a lawyer, which means – take what you think will work for you. But consult your own lawyer as needed.

My info is NOT theory. This is 100% practical experience.

  • I’ve had one three of our best selling products ripped off by Chinese suppliers – products and a category we created
  • I’ve had a Chinese supplier claim our product was their idea
  • One of my suppliers shared our mold with other suppliers
  • I’ve had a supplier refuse to transfer the mold I paid for to my new supplier
  • I personally visit and audit all my Chinese factories and meet the owners
  • I import from all regions in China
  • I sell millions of dollars worth of product

If you want to hear how we deal with listing suspensions and appeals, and get Amazon plan of action appeal template (or Amazon appeal plan of action template), keep reading.

Swallow Your Pride. Admit Fault.


Amazon Plan of Action Rule #1: Read the most important point above.

Amazon Plan of Action Rule #2: Refer to rule #1.

I hate this part because Amazon is at fault 9 out 10 times and their incompetent seller support and algorithms incorrectly flag and shut down listings and accounts.

With so many abusers on Amazon, I get it. It’s a way to automate the process, but it throws the baby out with the bathwater too often.

If you can’t swallow your pride and “admit fault” as part of your Amazon plan of action, you won’t get anywhere.

When crafting your Amazon plan of action appeal, there are basic fundamentals to know.

Amazon will want you to address them in an actionable and proactive manner.

What that means is, drop all the emotional phrases and pleas. Things like:

  • “We are great sellers”
  • “We didn’t do anything wrong”
  • “There must be a mistake”
  • “You’re holding my inventory hostage”
  • “I demand my payout”
  • “I have a family to feed”
  • and so on

Amazon doesn’t care about you or your business, no matter how many times they ask you in their silly widget survey. Now let’s get to the detailed stuff regarding the Amazon plan of action.

Crucial Components of an Effective Amazon Reinstatement Letter

Several essential elements should be included in your appeal letter and/or Amazon plan of action in order to increase the likelihood of success.

You must be very explicit about what you consider to be the problem that led to the suspension. This shows that you have considered everything carefully and that you accept responsibility for any errors that were made.

Tips on How to Write Your Amazon Plan of Action (POA) Appeal Letter

The message you received about your listing being deactivated, suppressed or suspended is important. You have to restate what the listing got deactivated for.


The letter should be written with these points in mind:

  1. Write in sections. This isn’t an essay.
  2. Write in point form and numbered steps.
  3. Stick to the point. Don’t put explanations or reasoning.
  4. Keep it short. This isn’t an essay.
  5. Write the steps you have taken to address the issue
  6. Write the steps you will take to prevent the issue
  7. Speak in past and future tense to say what you have done and what will be  done


Clearly write what ASIN is affected and the reason for the letter.


Amazon will want commercial invoices from the past X number of days. Check how many in the message you get. It used to be an invoice within 1 year, but it can easily change. Check.

Invoices should not be retail store invoices, but actual invoices from the supplier or manufacturer.

If you sell big brand names, this is risky because if you are not an authorized distributor, your listing will be shut down as being inauthentic.

One reason why arbitrage with Amazon is not a viable long term strategy.

If you take a photo of the invoice, NEVER edit the photo or image directly. If you want to hide the price, put a piece of paper over it before taking the photo.

If you edit the image in an image software, or even with your phone app, your listing will likely be suspended forever.


Too many capitals? Images pushing the boundaries? This is a grey area because Amazon goes against ToS themselves. But they don’t care.

If it’s anything related to the listing, state the steps you are going to take to correct whatever Amazon says is bad.

Listing shut down because of bad images?

In bullet points, write something like:

  • We have taken down all images
  • We have verified images with guidelines
  • We have retaken images with professional photographer adhering to guidelines
  • We have edited the listing to verify compliant images are used


If the suspension is related to packaging problems, state how you are will fix the issue.

  • We have recalled all product
  • We have manually check the product
  • We have repacked all products to fix the issues
  • We have issued refund to all customers
  • We will send in new packaging inventory only


Shipping problems like bad boxes, incorrect counts, wrong sizes and so on.

Amazon FC makes countless mistakes, but you have to take the fall if you want to sell.

  • We have recalled the boxes
  • We have checked the weight and dimension of the boxes
  • We have checked the shipping plan
  • We have retrained our outbound staff


Take a look at all the feedback you have been receiving for the de-listed item, customer’s complaint, and other pertinent information to better understand what caused the complaint to occur. 

If the listing was shut down for this reason, you have to copy and paste the bad feedback and say that you have addressed this.

Use This Template With CAUTION

If you don’t change and rephrase this Amazon plan of action template I’m sharing, that is on you.

Countless others have found this page, my template (and Amazon reinstatement letter), and used them. Imagine all those people sending the same template.

If you don’t want to get in further trouble, do not copy and paste the template and reuse it. If you do, no wonder you got your listing yanked.

Think about your product, customer, business and use the structure.

Amazon Plan of Action Template

This appeal POA (Amazon Plan of Action) is for a “sold used as new” complaint. It can be adjusted for your situation.

The issue(s) that led to the complaints 

A customer stated they received the product in used condition for ASIN B01JDUEK242.

Customers purchasing B01JDUEK242 have complained that the items listed below appear to be used.

  • Condition Guidelines (

The actions you have taken to resolve the issue(s) that caused the complaints about the product condition or description of your items.

  1. We have reviewed reviews, feedback, return reasons to understand the complaint
  2. We have reviewed our account history and shipments to determine the cause of the complaint
  3. We have checked the listing and images for any ambiguity or issues that may not be compliant with the guidelines and expectations
  4. We have closed the listing immediately upon request
  5. We have recalled all inventory for physical checks
  6. We have verified and gone through QA of the inventory at our location
  7. We have requested inventory bin check requested to Amazon
  8. We have confirmed with the manufacturer about the condition of the product when purchased and to verified authenticity of the product
  9. [edit and add more of yours]

The steps you have taken to prevent future complaints about the condition of your items.

  • We have checked all items in inventory to ensure the product is in its original packaging and packed properly
  • We will change our shipping materials for stronger versions
  • We will reinspect all returned items to verify condition and potential issues with shipping and condition
  • Product Condition Complaints have been reviewed company-wide.
  • We will retrain employees to ensure all items are packed and shipped in the best and safest condition.
  • Process has been documented for training purposes within our company.
  • [edit and add more of yours]

Sourcing and other questions

  1. Sourcing: Are you sourcing the product from a trusted supplier that sells items in condition?
    > YES, we have contacted the supplier to confirm everything is in new condition.
  • Listing: Is the product accurately described on Amazon? Have you ensured that there is no ambiguity and the customer is well informed?
    > YES, the listing is updated to remove any misunderstandings about the condition.
  • Packaging: Is the product in its original manufacturer packaging as listed on Amazon?
    > YES, the packaging is the original from the manufacturer.
  • Shipping: Have you taken all appropriate steps and quality checks to ensure that the product is stored, packed, and shipped appropriately, and will not be damaged when shipped?
    > YES, we have added additional steps to improve the shipping process. Materials have been upgraded for stronger and safer versions.
  • Review your communications, reviews, and feedback from buyers to better understand the issues.
    > YES, we have reviewed the feedback from buyers and understand the issue.

Attached manufacturer invoice as proof.

Supplier information:


P.O. BOX 12115


(523) 455-2192

Buyer information:

[your company name]

[your address and phone]

Item descriptions:


Invoice date: August 18th, 2020 and September 8th, 2020.


[your name on file]

[your main Amazon seller central email]

[your phone]

Amazon Policy Changes

As you’re all painfully aware, Amazon has the right to modify its policies at any time.

In an effort to help sellers understand why their account has been suspended, Amazon has begun sending them notices for 30-days in addition to more longer explanations since 2019.

Amazon is becoming more careful when it comes to suspending users. Particularly for merchants who have attempted to exploit the circumstances by employing unethical methods.

Make sure you’re knowledgeable about every aspect of the policy if you want your appeal to be successful.

Google Docs Version of the Appeal Letter Template

download button Gorilla ROI

Summary of Writing a Plan of Action Letter

  • When sending your Plan of Action, always send it in email form rather than as an attachment
  • Amazon could call your supplier
  • You should not use any software to alter invoices in any way. You will be flagged for forgery.
  • Print all invoices, scan, and attach them to your email. 
  • Read the letter Amazon sent you several times to understand what is being asked of you. Make sure that you address what is needed. 
  • Any information that you will add should be written in plain sentences to be concise. 
  • Use bullet points when writing your Amazon Plan of Action. This makes it easier to see your response
  • You should take a look at your Account Health tab where any product complaints will be listed. They will be stored there for six months before being removed. 
  • Amazon doesn’t care about and the only way to get through is to admit and take the blame for everything they say.
  • You need to wait around 24 to 48 hours to receive a response to your letter. 

Amazon will send a response to you after reviewing your Appeal Letter. Either they will ask for further information or they will update your account based on the details that you have provided. 

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    Can you send it to my email. I am a Chinese person, and if we use conference calls, there may be some language barriers

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    Thank you for being a beacon of knowledge and support during my Amazon suspension ordeal. Your blog and guidance are invaluable to anyone facing similar challenges.

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