Amazon Seller Central Down? What To Do When it Is

As an Amazon seller, there’s nothing worse than having your entire business interrupted because Amazon seller central is down. The reality is that all websites and services have downtime.

It could be accidental, attacks or maintenance.

sellercentraldown Gorilla ROI

Is Amazon Seller Central down?

Here are two sites that check downtime statuses and will show the status of Amazon seller central and whether the AWS servers and system are up or down for you.

amazon seller central down checker

amazon down status checker

How to access your seller data when Amazon is down?

If you find Amazon seller central going down at the worst possible time when you need to:

  • know what to replenish
  • give info for your 3PL or warehouse workers to ship to Amazon
  • calculate the velocity and what to reorder
  • sales for the past few days to make ordering and inventory decisions

You can access all of this information and more with Gorilla ROI straight into your Google Sheets.


Our service connects your seller central account and Google sheets, so you can load and sync Amazon data directly into your spreadsheet.

  1. Connect your seller central account to our software
  2. Open up Google sheets and install the Sheets extension
  3. Wait to import and sync your data
  4. Load your data inside Google sheets by using spreadsheet formulas.
asinlist function box 2104 Gorilla ROI
ASINLIST – Bulk load asins

This formula will load your entire list of ASINs inside your seller account.

Here’s a quick video of how it works.

Can I check my sales during downtime?

Even when seller central goes down, our data is updated because we don’t use Amazon servers for our software.

Your sales data is updated behind the scenes at Amazon via their Marketplace API data connection. We get those updates and continue to provide it when sellers are running around not knowing what to do and falling behind a whole day.

That’s one day of wasted resources, wasted time, wasted employee cost, wasted shipping times – simply because Amazon is down.

With Gorilla ROI, you don’t have to run a reactive business, but stay proactive.

Here’s a screenshot of a custom template that we created and you can download from your account showing the month by month sales per ASIN or SKU.

sku monthly sales profit loss
sku monthly sales profit loss

If you need a better Amazon sales dashboard, then you can create something like this, or use our template which shows you detailed sales over various periods and other actionable items like what the best sellers are, worst sellers are, slow movers and so on.

FBA sales performance dashboard
FBA sales performance dashboard

Can I check my inventory when Amazon is down?

Inventory also works the same way. We continue to get the data even if you can’t log into seller central.

Here’s a look at our inventory template that everyone downloads and uses.

detailed inventory status report
detailed inventory status report

We update the data every 1-2 hours so that even if Amazon goes down, you have access to data to get work down and know what to reorder or replenish.

Get detailed inventory management data like our custom created 30 day velocity, days left, reserved_transfer, inboundworking, reserved and more.

Avoid disruptions to your Amazon business

For a day of downtime, how much time, money and hidden expense does it incur from potentially missing sales, not shipping on time, not shipping enough, no knowing what to order?

$100? $500? $2000?

This is why our users average 7 figures in sales, are advanced and sophisticated users who understand the value of their business, time and getting data quickly. A single down day at Amazon could cost several hundreds or thousands for larger businesses.

Try Gorilla ROI and see how you can sync and get access to your Amazon data into Google sheets.


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