Best Amazon Seller Blog List

This is the link if you’re looking for the official Amazon blog.

BUT, if you are a seller and looking for a deep and knowledgeable Amazon seller blog written by a real seller and veteran, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our articles are not outsourced or written by people who have never sold. We share our deep experiences as 7 figure sellers.

There are also other Amazon seller blogs worth reading. Lots of great information because sellers use different strategies.

Depending on your strategy, the margins, process and marketing is all different.

In no particular order, here are the best Amazon seller blogs for FBA or FBM that I recommend.

The best FBA blogs to follow

1. Gorilla ROI Amazon seller blog and income reports

amazon seller blog

We publish epic articles on how to run an Amazon business, strategies on how to operate and maneuver with the market, discussions on trends, as well as marketing and efficiency know how’s.

It’s written by an Amazon seller, for Amazon sellers without any of the bull.

It’s an honest take on the real struggles and victories of an FBA seller. It’s also beefed up with Amazon workflow optimization tips and how to use Gorilla ROI to pull Amazon data to Google Sheets automatically.

Why we like it:

✔️ In-depth take on the Amazon functions and features that matter to your business
✔️ Detailed income reports show transparency on what it’s like to be an FBA seller
✔️ Candid and relatable writing style
✔️ Optimization tips and productivity tricks for Amazon sellers
✔️ How to semi-automate Amazon FBA with available tools

2. Full-Time FBA blog

full time fba

Run by Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman who are active FBA sellers. Aside from the informative blog they also have a regular podcast chock full of information and advice to FBA sellers big and small.

Their focus is on reselling rather than creating your product from scratch. As I said, each seller uses a different strategy. We do everything custom from start to finish. Nothing from Alibaba.

Check out their course if you are wanting to learn. Good information from honest people.

Why we like it:

✔️ Stephen’s inspiring story before becoming an Amazon seller
✔️ Tips and tricks to grow your FBA business
✔️ Puts a spotlight on wholesale more than any other blog that I’ve read so far
✔️ Tool reviews
✔️ Podcast giveaways for listeners

3. The Selling Family

the selling family

I came across The Selling Family site through the Smart Passive Income podcast. Another inspiring story of Amazon FBA success.

The unique thing about this site is that they carved a niche as teachers for beginners and veteran sellers alike. They have Amazon FBA courses but that doesn’t mean that they hold back on their articles.

They have plenty of detailed guides on their blog. One of the earlier Amazon seller blogs and they keep it real.

Why we like it:

✔️ For beginner and old-timer FBA sellers
✔️ Great courses for beginners and veteran sellers
✔️ Detailed guides in the blog
✔️ Product research tips
✔️ Sourcing tips
✔️ Ultimate lists and case studies

4. Jungle Scout blog

jungle scout blog

We’re not big fans of scouting software but Jungle Scout do have an established Amazon FBA blog with great information.

Their marketing and content is awesome.

The blog is extensive. The focus is obviously Amazon, but they’re not afraid to skirt the edges by writing about Walmart and other e-commerce alternatives. They also blog about how to boost sales.

Why we like it:

✔️Jungle Scout is a trusted brand
✔️Articles are in-depth and relevant
✔️Content caters to intermediate to expert FBA sellers
✔️ Content exploring other e-commerce solutions
✔️Extensive articles on how to grow your FBA business

5. Amazon SEO Consultant

amazon seo consultant

This site is an Amazon SEO consultation business first, but they do have a great blog as well. They write about ranking products on Amazon, even the European version.

The key for small to medium Amazon sellers is to be discovered in the platform. That’s what this blog is all about. They write about proper keyword research and listing optimization in order for sellers to improve visibility on Amazon.

Example articles like this keyword research post are pure gold if you’re a beginner in SEO and keyword research for Amazon. That’s not all, they also write about competition analysis, copywriting techniques, and advocacy for user intent thinking.

Why we like it:

✔️Superb SEO content
✔️SEO content explained to non-technical people
✔️Keyword research fundamentals
✔️What’re the best tools to use for Amazon SEO
✔️Great copywriting content to use on your listings

6. My Wife Quit Her Job

my wife quit her job

This site started by an Apple engineer was one of the first blogs I’ve ever read when it comes to e-commerce and Amazon. Their e-commerce story about profiting millions by selling wedding handkerchiefs is inspirational and uplifting.

I have to admit that I’ve not checked the site for years now, but the site and the community are still as vibrant as ever looking at it today. The blog is still ongoing and still written by Steve. The podcast is still going strong.

They write about all the e-commerce platforms under the sun. From print-on-demand, Shopify, and of course, Amazon.

Why we like it:

✔️ This site is a pioneering e-commerce blog
✔️ Very experienced author
✔️ They test different e-commerce platforms
✔️ Entrepreneurship topics
✔️Productivity and efficiency topics

7. Feedback Whiz blog

feedback whiz blog

Feedback Whiz is great to automate feedback answering automation for Amazon. It’s a great tool if you want to pull Amazon reviews and feedback into their dashboard seamlessly.

Their blog is great with lots of information rather than mostly fluffy stuff that you find on the internet. They tackle topics from feedback management to email automation.

They also have a monthly Amazon news roundup in case you missed crucial and important Amazon seller updates.

What we like:

✔️ News roundup is handy
✔️ Amazon metric analysis
✔️ Tons of email marketing automation content
✔️ How to increase Amazon profits
✔️ Extensive sellers tips

8. Sellics blog

sellics blog

Sellics claims to be the all-in-one SaaS solution for Amazon sellers. They handle Amazon SEO, inventory management, Amazon PPC, and reviews.

In effect, they also have content about PPC, SEO, and the rest of what they support. Their tagline on the blog is “master the Amazon marketplace” and looking at the content, they do teach a lot.

They have free educational content with webinars, AMZ academy, case studies, and whitepapers.

Why we like it:

✔️ A library of helpful free resources for Amazon sellers
✔️ Case studies are inspirational and instructive
✔️ AMZ university is great for beginner sellers
✔️ Blog articles have ultimate guides to relevant Amazon topics
✔️ They also write about important news that can affect sellers

9. Supplyspy blog

supplyspy blog

Supplyspy is another great Amazon sourcing and product research service.

They have a great blog and free resources for Amazon FBA beginners, how to find the perfect niche and case studies. They also have guides for selling wholesale on Amazon.

Looking at the articles they seem to lean more in teaching beginner FBA sellers. They have great articles on FBA acronyms, finding a niche and how to start an Amazon business guide.

Why we like it:

✔️ Blog seems to cater to new FBA sellers
✔️ Finding your niche articles
✔️ How to land a distributor content
✔️ Starting with wholesale articles
✔️ How to stay on top of your seller fees

10. Tamebay

Tamebay used to be an eBay news blog, now they’re also focused on all e-commerce platforms aside from eBay and Amazon.

It’s a great marketplace news, tips, and advice site. That and the regular industry insider columns.

It’s a great daily read if you’re an e-commerce aficionado.

Why we like it:

✔️ Endless content of e-commerce news and tips
✔️ Vibrant community in the comments section
✔️ Regular industry insider columns
✔️ Great international flavor to the content
✔️ Quick look at new e-commerce platforms

That’s our list of great Amazon FBA seller blogs. Did we miss anything or do you have your own top 10 list?

If you have a recommendation, drop a comment or contact us and let us know what should be included.


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