How to Be an Amazon Product Tester: Write Reviews, Get Rewarded

Trying to be an Amazon product tester?

Or just looking to get a variety of free products? (Not to mention that these are Amazon product review jobs from home with an Amazon product tester salary)

A lot of people ask and want to get in on the action of “product testing” or Amazon tester jobs because it’s a win-win for both the seller and tester if done correctly.

What’s the hiring process for these desirable Amazon product testing jobs?

Is Being an Amazon Product Tester Legit? Is a Product Tester Job Legit?

amazon product tester

Ever wondered what it is like to get free stuff on Amazon, or how to be an Amazon product tester?

Did you know that Amazon customer service representatives don’t get free stuff as much as product testers (for Amazon product testing or otherwise)?

One way to experience this is by becoming an Amazon product tester. Companies are looking for people like you to test the products, leave a review on what you think and to get feedback on improving the product, and also spread the word about the item.

If it’s a new product launch, companies are eager to seek new and reliable testers.

Your job as a product tester is to review Amazon free samples as well as purchase them at a discounted rate to provide an unbiased review.

There are several sites and groups to join to start getting products for testing.

But becoming a product tester is not that easy. There’s a lot of work involved, but as you get better and build your process and reputation, you will be reaping plenty of rewards.

Knowing What an Amazon Product Tester Does

Understanding the duties and expectations associated with being an Amazon Product Tester is crucial before beginning the application process.

Your main duty as a product tester is to test out different products and give thorough comments so that Amazon sellers can enhance their offerings.

Your opinions on the functioning, design, packing, and general user experience of the product can all be included in your comment.

It is expected of you as an Amazon Product Tester to evaluate the products you get in-depth and provide helpful feedback. To keep the product testing program’s credibility intact, reviews must be objective and truthful.

You should also be able to express your ideas clearly and succinctly while expressing your opinions and suggestions. This guarantees that vendors can quickly comprehend criticism and implement the required changes.

How to Become an Amazon Product Tester

become an amazon product tester

How do I become a product tester? Can anyone become a tester?

Amazon is always changing policies regarding its product testing program or how sellers can get reviewers to test drive their products in exchange for reviews and feedback.

This means that the product companies and reviewers will have limited options available.

Fortunately, there are other avenues that you can try out on how to become an Amazon product tester.

So let’s discuss alternate ways on how to be an Amazon product tester.

Join a Facebook Review Group

Facebook review groups for Amazon exist as they become the middle ground for sellers and testers (primarily Amazon testers) to trade services.

Amazon can’t control or run Facebook groups, so that’s an avenue of how to become an Amazon product tester they can’t contain.

A seller can approach reviewers and offer them discounts or freebies in exchange for a positive review. Many times a free refund via PayPal is offered during an Amazon product test.

This is quite different from Amazon’s current policies where sellers are prohibited to give items for free in exchange for a review.

But it’s a loophole none the less that Amazon won’t be able to close easily as it isn’t traceable. Hence the problem with many fake product reviews too.

Note: If you’re a seller and need to track Amazon review and ratings in Google Sheets to see how effective your promotions and marketing campaigns are, check out our Google Sheets function to get this data.

Inside Facebook groups, you’ll be able to meet like-minded reviewers and sellers and even get to choose a specific niche that you are familiar with.

The downside, however, is that most people in the groups just want free stuff and put up fake reviews and hurt sellers and buyers alike.

Be Part of Amazon Vine

Being an Amazon Vine product tester and an Amazon Basics product tester are often confused.

There isn’t a dedicated program for evaluating just Amazon Basics items. You use the same procedure as described here for testing any product to test Amazon Basics products.

Amazon Vine is an invite only reviewer program. You need to build up your ranking first as a reviewer before you are invited to join.

As a reviewer for Amazon, you are given a rank depending on how many quality reviews you have written and how other customers find your feedback too.

The more “helpful” likes you get, the better your rank becomes.

If you’ve been consistent with the quality of reviews that you have been writing, and that you have become an expert in certain categories, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll get invited to become part of the Amazon Vine program to test Amazon products.

Once you become part of this group, you’ll be able to post both positive and negative reviews about the product without affecting your ranking.

This truly is the most accurate and legitimate product reviewing program.

Check Review Sites

If you’re interested in free product testing to write a review, there are Amazon review sites that you can sign up for to get coupon codes, which you will use upon checkout.

The coupon code will discount the item to free or very close like a couple of dollars. Shipping fee is paid for by the seller because Prime members get it shipped for free anyways.

Here are a few examples of review sites or Amazon Vine alternatives that you might wanna check out.

  • The Crown Choice FREE Testing Program. Home cleaning and accessories category. Submit your info and request to review. The perfect launch pad to becoming an Amazon product tester.
  • VIP Power Club. This is a good place to start as it is free to sign up. You will then receive notifications on coupons available that you can use to buy the item and get around 20% to 99% discount.
  • Snagshout. Customers can find a range of rebates and discounts on Amazon purchases by using Snagshout.
  • TestZon. Product review sites like TestZon lets you test out products without being forced to write a review about them. There are tons of items that you can choose from where the seller will decide if they have enough coupons to offer. Once you have received your coupon, you’ll need to check out the item from Amazon then leave your feedback there if you like.
  • iReviewHome. Users of iReviewHome can obtain reduced (and occasionally free) products in return for reviewing them in the future.
  • Home Product Testing. For free product testing sites, Home Product Testing is where you should be. Signing up for this site means that you’ll be able to access products that you can get for free or for huge discounts from Amazon. There’ll be steps included on how you will post your feedback too.
  • Rebaid. Rebaid provides a plethora of Amazon promotions and rebate (money-back) offers that let you buy, test, and possibly resell things at a reduced price.
  • Vipon. For those who want to do product testing USA and internationally, Vipon is a wonderful review site to join. Vipon will show you available coupon codes where you can get the product for half its price off or for free depending on the seller. This is for selected items only, but it will be worth checking out if you want to get huge savings. The best part is that the coupon codes and deals will be available for international markets too.

Build Your Social Media Page

For those who want to get paid to test products, then the best path for you to take is to set up your own blog and improve your social media presence. This is a quick and easy initial step on how to be an Amazon tester.

Vloggers and bloggers today are considered micro-influencers and many companies want to gain attention by hiring individuals who have an existing fanbase to test their products.

An example would be Epic Aquairum website, an authority website which test and review different aquarium equipment.

After all, those who follow the influencer may be more inclined to purchase the product since it came from a person that they follow and believe in.

If this is your first time to set up a page, know that you will need to work hard to gain fans, but if you do manage it, it is likely that sellers will approach you to test their products out (or to become an Amazon product tester).

Remember, you can always speed up the process of creating social media content with design tools and ensure your posts always have that “wow” factor.

Steps to Start Reviewing on Amazon

Start Reviewing on Amazon

Now that you know how to become an Amazon product tester, the next step is to learn how to review products on Amazon.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Create your account in Amazon which should be linked to your email address. You can shortlist the niches that you consider yourself as an expert.

Step 2: Start writing your reviews. Keep in mind that the more you leave your feedback on purchased items, the better your visibility as a reviewer will be. Avoid flooding your profile with reviews.

Note: Keep your reviews concise and unbiased because your goal is to help give other buyers a better understanding of the product and your experience with it.

Step 3: Keep an eye on launch dates of new products on Amazon. Once you have posted your review, it will appear among the top five review sites which can be voted on by customers.

Step 4: Explain your own experience with the product. Write any advantages and disadvantages that you have to help other customers decide whether the item is good for them or not.

Step 5: Review Amazon products that you really want. If you have a specific niche in mind, stick with it.

Step 6: Look at any existing reviews. If a product is loaded with reviews, it will be hard for others to notice what you have written. On the other hand, items that do not have much reviews can make it easier for others to see your opinion about the product.

Step 7: Always update and optimize your own page as an Amazon reviewer. Make sure that your account has your details and your preferred niche so sellers can find you easily.

Step 8: It is always a good idea to start reviewing items that you have already purchased. If you want to increase your chances of receiving an invite from Amazon Vine, then you need to start writing reviews. It would be better to add videos or photos of the product and be as thorough as you can be with your reviews.

Advantages of Testing Amazon Products

Before, Amazon allowed sellers to give customers coupon codes to get free stuff on Amazon in exchange for their reviews.

However, due to all the fake 5 star reviews of people just wanting free stuff, the online retail giant has changed its policies where sellers can provide coupon codes, but not for gathering reviews.

This move changed the environment online with many review sites shutting down as the loophole was closed. But more loopholes appeared in the process. (I’ll get to that later).

Still, there are several advantages to becoming a product tester for Amazon. Among these are:

  • Free Shipping. If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime as a reviewer, you will get free shipping for the items that you bought.
  • Assist Buyers. Your feedback on Amazon products can help others know more about the item sold based on your review. Since most buyers, like yourself, want to know other people’s experiences prior to buying an item, you are contributing to the information that buyers need while they are shopping.
  • Free Items and Gifts. The biggest and obvious benefit to becoming a product tester is working your way up to a top reviewer. Sellers will want to send you free items and gifts in exchange for your review.

Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Ranking as an Amazon Reviewer

Amazon has its own algorithm in determining how many times you have posted a review, the number of votes they have received, and even sorts them out according to when they were put up on the site.

These listings are updated every few days which means that your ranking will change from time to time.

The better you get at reviews, the more demand and planning will come with it.

If you want to become a trusted reviewer in Amazon, these “best practices for Amazon product testing” can help you, such as:

  • Start writing detailed and helpful reviews on products you have bought already from Amazon as well as other stores which you can post on the same platform.
  • Your review (especially when Amazon product testing) should have a professional tone to it. Avoid using informal phrases or using cuss words and insults too.
  • Make it a point to write a detailed review complete with photos or videos even so that others can understand the product better. Avoid divulging confidential information about the sellers or products.
  • Before you write, consider what other customers will want to know about the product that you have bought and tested and include it in your review.
  • Put the pros and cons of the product in a bulleted form so that they will be easier to digest.
  • Write your own idea whether to recommend the product or not. Keep in mind that customers will be relying on your own experience of the item you bought from Amazon so make sure that your goal here is to help others make a better decision.

Ready to Test Products on Amazon?

ready amazon testing Gorilla ROI

Learning how to become a product tester for Amazon is one of the best ways for you to get some free stuff on Amazon that you can test out while giving a review afterwards.

You can find sellers on Amazon that is an equal opportunity employer so you’ll be hired if you’re a good tester.

Sellers are always in need of people who will be willing to give their products a try, whether it be through groups, videos, photo retouching services and so on.

But since Amazon has already prevented them for giving freebies in exchange for reviews, you will need to know the ins and outs of the product testing world to gain access to these sellers for coupon codes.

If you have already made a name for yourself as a blogger or as an influencer, chances are, that the sellers themselves will approach you to get paid to test products.

This is not a bad deal considering that you’re influencing others to check these sellers’ products out and get paid for your reviews.

Becoming part of the product testing USA group can be challenging and tedious at first, but it does have great rewards if you are considered as among the top reviewers of the site.

You can glean more information from Amazon’s message center.

Not only will you receive gifts and other coupon codes, but many will be relying on your own experience and observation for them to decide whether the product is right for them or not.

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