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Do you use the tools yourself? Are you a seller on Amazon?

Yes. We use it daily to help us make decisions.

Here’s how we use Gorilla ROI and Gorilla Sheets.

  • Track inventory levels by comparing 7 day, 14 day, 30 day trends and other seasonal factors to determine when, what and how much to send of our products.
  • Know when to order more inventory to keep levels at optimal levels. We no longer over or under order.
  • Accurately calculate our product pricing. Our pricing has drastically improved. We no longer lose money when we think we are making profits.
  • See and compare sales performance of each SKU to stay on top of the business.
  • and more

We started selling on Amazon in 2013 and with the growth that we have experienced, this was a tool that we developed and used internally.

After speaking with many sellers and their interest when we explained how we do things in our business, we decided to create a version so that all sellers can benefit by automating and streamlining they number updating and business analyzing.

What is Gorilla ROI?

Gorilla ROI automatically pulls Amazon data into Google sheets for you to make sense of the data without the inconvenience of manually downloading, sorting and updating spreadsheets.

Learn how you can centralize your data and use it to increase your ROI.

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