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Is there a free trial?

If you wish to test it out first, a free version is available. No sign up needed.

Download the add-on from the chrome store and enter your account info to get started for free.

Open up any Google sheet, then go to the menu > addons > get add-ons
And search for “Gorilla” to install the addon.

Once installed, add your 3 free SKUs by going to menu > addons > Gorilla Sheets > subscription status.


The trial will only work for a max of 3 SKU’s that you enter. Trials do not come with any of our spreadsheet library packages.

All sign-ups for Gorilla ROI comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Access to our spreadsheet libraries do not have a refund due to the nature of digital products.

Refer to our refund policy for more details.

What is Gorilla ROI?

Gorilla ROI automatically pulls Amazon data into Google sheets for you to make sense of the data without the inconvenience of manually downloading, sorting and updating spreadsheets.

Learn how you can centralize your data and use it to increase your ROI.

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