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Free Unlimited Gorilla Sheets Demo Instructions

Gorilla ROI is a freemium FBA product.

Getting Started

Get the Add-on

  1. Get the add-on for free from the Chrome Webstore.
  2. OR get it directly from within Google Sheets.
    Click on Add-ons>get add-ons.
  3.  Click on “+ FREE” and you’ll see this. Just hit continue.
  4. Then choose your account and allow Gorilla ROI some limited access to your Google account.

  5. Enable the add-on.
  6. Connect your Amazon Seller Central main account.
  7. Input your Amazon Seller Central MWS Auth Token and you’re ready to add the SKU’s. Enter your main marketplace. In this example, UK is used.
    mws auth token
  8. Go to Menu > Add-ons > Gorilla sheets, then click on “4. check subscription info“. When the sidebar opens, there are boxes where you can enter any 3 SKU’s.
    subscription id
  9. Enter your SKU’s exactly as it is entered on Amazon. Save and test the add-on
  10. Try entering the following formulas anywhere in an empty cell in your spreadsheet.
  2. =GORILLA_SALESCOUNT("last year","default",A2:A4) – where A2:A4 contains the 3 SKU’s you entered into the sidebar.

gorilla test


asin list2. SALES COUNT
sales count3. RANKING

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