Ecommerce Tools for Online Sellers

Our trusted list of best ecommerce tools for your online store

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If you have experienced a hacked website, it is a nightmare. Stressful and very costly. We've had 3 of our websites hacked simultaneously. Protect your sanity and the costly mistake of thinking your website is safe from hackers.

Simple to use100%

Quick summary of Stackpath

  • Best ecommerce tool package for security and speed for small to medium sized websites .
  • Best solution for 99% of all Amazon sellers who run an online store.
  • Unlimited number of sites for your account.
  • Use the firewall to protect and the CDN to speed up your site.
  • No brainer pricing and easy to use.


  1. Simple to use and set up for Firewall, CDN and DNS
  2. Much better than Cloudflare
  3. Strong features for 99% of Amazon seller stores
  4. Add unlimited websites on your plan
  5. Simple and affordable pricing


  1. No free plan
  2. Not superman speeds (but doesn't cost 10x as much)
  3. Not many cons.

Why security should be your number 1 priority

ecommerce tools

Backup tools are not security tools.

We've been hacked on 3 of our websites and it is not a pleasant experience. Think you are safe with backups? Wrong.

Backups require downtime and making sure that it can be restored. It is expensive because you have to pay for developers and if it happens on the weekend or in the middle of the night, it's a nightmare.

Even if you know how to restore backups, if the restoration fails (which it does more than you think) your website can be further corrupted and broken.

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Protect your website investment and loss of revenue.

Learn from our mistakes and apply a firewall to your websites.

Stackpath offers a WAF or Web Application Firewall which protects your website by filtering and monitoring traffic between your sites and the internet.

If there is suspicious traffic, it immediately blocks them out before the attacker can do harm.

It's as easy as adding your site and then turning on/off which rules you want to apply to your sites.

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Googles loves fast sites

Stackpath includes a CDN to boost your website loading speed which Google loves.

Our website went from scoring in the low 50-60's to the 90's.

Most people use the free Cloudflare version, but because it is free and so many people use it, the resources are limited and the speed improvement is not great.

Security AND speed for a low price from a single service?

What are you waiting for?


Sleep well. Protect your sites from malicious attacks.

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We use UpdraftPlus for WordPress and WooCommerce. Free plan offers a lot, backup multiple times per day to external sources, restore functionality makes it easy. No need to pay for every app like shopify.

Simple to use100%
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If you run Shopify, this backup app is the best bang for your buck and gets the job done.

Rewind Backups is another great alternative, but expensive and suited for high volume stores.

Simple to use100%

Quick summary of backup tools

  • Updraft is for WordPress+Woocommerce, ShopifyBackup is for Shopify.
  • Best to use a backup tool that backs up multiple times a day.
  • High volume stores must be backing up at least 3 times a day, minimum, to prevent data loss.
  • Use a backup tool that backs up your entire website. Not just the theme or database.
  • Back up to external sources. Not to your server.


  1. Simple to install and use immediately
  2. Free offers most features you need
  3. Backup as many times as you want
  4. Automatic scheduled and manual options
  5. Backup to remote data storage options


  1. Restore is not guaranteed to work. Test on a demo site first.
  2. Restore process takes a while for big databases.


  1. Simple and to the point
  2. Recoveries with single clicks
  3. Easy to install and set up
  4. Pricing based on number of SKUs, not orders


  1. One automatic backup per day
  2. Cannot save to remote data storage
  3. Lack of features

You never need backups... until you need it

Important backup features most sellers ignore

If you are using backups as your security tool, get Stackpath from above.

Backups are needed in case your system is corrupted, bad changes are made.

Make sure of the following with backup ecommerce tools:

  • Speed and ease of restoration
  • Number of backups per day (more for larger sites)
  • Backups to remote storage
  • Restore to another site to test

Ecommerce tools for online sellers 6


Roll back changes if anything breaks

AppSumo marketing ecommerce tools

Looking for quality web based tools for ecommerce at crazy deals? AppSumo has been our go to place to get some killer deals for a single, heavily discounted lifetime price. Majority of tools focus on marketing, productivity

Customer support100%

Quick summary of AppSumo

  • Best source of one time payment lifetime deals for marketing and productivity tools
  • Awesome customer service and refund policy
  • Benefit from startup SaaS companies who offer steep discounts for exposure
  • The tools you purchase have not reached maturity. Some are start ups.


  1. Lifetime deals on any product
  2. One time payments. Not recurring.
  3. Range of tools from ecommerce, marketing, productivity.
  4. Superb customer service.


  1. All tools are offered as limited specials
  2. Tools are not mature products. Lacks features.
  3. Need to buy multiple codes to upgrade your plans

Crazy deals on ecommerce, marketing, productivity tools

Ecommerce tools for online sellers 7

Lifetime deals for one payment

That's the biggest draw to AppSumo. You get lifetime access for a single payment.

We've purchased great software for SEO, marketing, images and more at unbelievable prices. If we had to purchase it from Adobe or other big software companies, it would have cost us thousands.

But being small and running lean, AppSumo offers great alternatives if you are will to live with features that come later.

Ecommerce tools for online sellers 8

Examples of web based tools for ecommerce sellers

One software we missed out on was BotStar, an alternative to ManyChat to create bots and Facebook campaigns.

BotStar was offered at a lifetime price of a single $49 payment. Current price on their website is now $100/mo for what we would need.



Crazy lifetime one time payment deals for software to run your business.

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We've used freshdesk as our helpdesk for 7 years and it is still going strong. Most small businesses don't even need the paid plan. The free plan is that good.

Simple to use90%
Customer service80%

Quick summary of Freshdesk

  • Get rid of trying to handle customer service tasks and issues via email
  • Free plan is enough for most small businesses with 1 or 2 support staff
  • Automation to assign tickets to the right person and category
  • Straightforward to use and does the basics very well
  • Higher plans unlock more enterprise-like features


  1. Free plan is so good
  2. One of the strongest players in the helpdesk field
  3. Automation included with free plans
  4. Easy to set up and use for any level user
  5. Seamless mobile app


  1. Pricing is based on per user
  2. Logging in process is annoying

The golden standard for helpdesk software tools

Ecommerce tools for online sellers 10

We used to manage support tickets via email.

If you've tried it, you know what a mess it is.

Hard to track what has been answered and what is pending

Can't work with teams

No way to quickly assign a ticket to another team member

Lots of mistakes and missed replies

We keep it simple and use Freshdesk as our ticketing system for all inquiries and emails.

You can see that we also use it here on Gorilla ROI. Our email is

Any email that is sent to this address automatically creates a ticket. A notification is sent to the person in charge and the ticket is answered.

There are other no-brainer features that we cannot live without anymore.

  • Simple dashboard showing the status of tickets.
  • Creating canned responses to one click reply frequently asked questions.
  • Assigning a user to a ticket and not having to send an email or ask if the ticket has been done.
  • Not having to use outlook or gmail but still having the flexibility to reply via email to respond to the tickets.
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More than a helpdesk tool

Although we mainly use Freshdesk, if we continue growing and need more ecommerce tools, it is easy to stay within the platform.

Other tools are available and integrate with one another which make it easy to scale without having to learn the ins and outs of another software tool to integrate.


Simplify your customer service and helpdesk with Freshdesk