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GORILLA_INVENTORY() – Get quantity and status of inventory


Get inventory movement status of a product such as how many is in stock, transfer or inbound.

GORILLA_INVENTORY(sku, [marketplace], [status])

SKU or ASIN of the product. Can be an array of strings like {“SKU12345″,”ASIN12345”} or a string.

OPTIONAL – Marketplace filter. Use All for all marketplaces and Default for the seller default. Other valid values are country codes US, IT, etc. or Amazon Marketplace ID like ATVPDKIKX0DER.

OPTIONAL – Supply status. Valid values are:

  • All
  • InStock
  • Inbound
  • Transfer

Use ranges (e.g.A2:A100) in your formula wherever possible for quicker results and to prevent Google blocking your account for 24 hrs due to overloading their resources.

=GORILLA_INVENTORY(D2, “ALL”, “instock”)
Uses the ASIN or SKU entered in cell D2 and shows the total number of instock units across all marketplaces.

=GORILLA_INVENTORY(“B00YD545CC”, “EU”, “transfer”)
Gets the total number of units for ASIN B00YD545CC that are in transfer status for Italy marketplace.

=GORILLA_INVENTORY(A2:A10, “ALL”, “inbound”)
Supports 2 dimensional ranges. Bulk return an array of values by assigning the range of the SKU. In this example the SKU or ASIN is listed in A2:A10 and returns all values at once. Can also work for rows and ranges like A1:Z1 or D3:G37.

GORILLA_INVENTORY Attributes:Status Attributes

  • All
  • InStock
  • Inbound
  • Transfer
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