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How to Use COGS Feature

How to use the COGS feature in your account

Adding a Cost

1. Go to Manage COGS

2. Under the Add/edit column, click the yellow box 0 for whichever SKU you want to add the cost for.

3. Enter cost and date info it takes effect and click the small check/tick icon to save.

4. The cost is now saved, and will be reflected in the COGS functions as well.

Editing/Deleting Costs

1. Go to Manage COGS section.

2. Click the small pencil icon to edit, or the bin icon to delete the particular COGS. This will start reflecting in the COGS functions as well.

Updating costs in bulk using CSV upload

1. Use the Download blank template (.csv) to download a template to update your costs in bulk.

2. This is a screenshot of the blank template. Enter your cost info in the matching column and the date.

3. If you already have prices and don’t want to overwrite existing data, download the csv file that is not blank.

3. Once the file is ready to be uploaded, choose the file and then upload.
4. Verify the date format and values match before confirming.

See change activity

1. COGS History is the tab/page where you will see the App and Upload activity for any cost edits.

  • Date Updated (UTC): The time the activity took place.
  • Updated By: The main account that was used to make any changes to the Manage COGS section.
  • Updated via App: COGS changed using the ‘Manage COGS’ tab.
  • Updated via Upload: COGS changed using the ‘Upload COGS’ tab.
  • SKUs marked as Zero: SKUs that have a value of 0.
  • SKUs without Cost: SKUs that do not have any cost associated, not even 0. Make sure these values are updated with a value to get accurate COGS calculation.
  • Total SKUs: Total number of SKUs in your account.
  • Export: Use to download the CSV file generated for this activity.