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GORILLA_PRODUCT() – Get product info such as title, image, weight


Get product information for a SKU or ASIN such as title, image URL, weight, color and other supported attributes.

GORILLA_PRODUCT(sku, attributes, [marketplace])

SKU or ASIN of the product. Can be an array of strings like {“SKU12345″,”ASIN12345”} or a string.

Product’s attribute to retrieve shown below.

OPTIONAL – Marketplace filter. Use Default for the seller default. Other valid values are country codes US, IT, etc. or Amazon Marketplace ID like ATVPDKIKX0DER.

Use ranges (e.g.A2:A100) in your formula wherever possible for quicker results and to prevent Google blocking your account for 24 hrs due to overloading their resources.

=GORILLA_PRODUCT(“IPHONE7382”, “SmallImage_URL”, “US”)
This formula will pull the main small image URL of SKU IPHONE7382 from the US marketplace. You can then combine it with the regular IMAGE( ) to display it as an image.

=GORILLA_PRODUCT(“B03H39FJ32”, “Scent”)
Displays the scent name for ASIN B03H39FJ32. If no marketplace is assigned, it will grab the data from the main marketplace.

Supports 2 dimensional ranges. Bulk return an array of values by assigning the range of the SKU. In this example the SKU or ASIN is listed in A2:A10 and returns all values at once. Can also work for rows and ranges like A1:Z1 or D3:G37.


  • Binding
  • IsAutographed
  • ItemDimensions_Weight
  • ListPrice_Amount
  • Model
  • PackageDimensions_Weight
  • ProductGroup
  • Size
  • SmallImage_Width
  • Brand
  • ItemDimensions
  • ItemDimensions_Width
  • ListPrice_CurrencyCode
  • PackageDimensions
  • PackageDimensions_Width
  • ProductTypeName
  • SmallImage
  • Studio
  • Color
  • ItemDimensions_Height
  • Label
  • Manufacturer
  • PackageDimensions_Height
  • PackageQuantity
  • Publisher
  • SmallImage_Height
  • Title
  • IsAdultProduct
  • ItemDimensions_Length
  • ListPrice
  • MaterialType
  • PackageDimensions_Length
  • PartNumber
  • Scent
  • SmallImage_URL
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